Birthday Mom

Mom's aren't celebrated enough, so on their birthdays, they should be spoiled rotten by their families. Today is a great day to tell mom what a great mother she has been over the years. This poem does exactly that.

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Another year at being the perfect mother,
One I love and continue to adore.
May your days be filled with joy and happiness,
And may you have many, many more.

May this celebration be everything wanted,
And nothing wished away.
May it be filled with those who love you,
And you feel thankful on this day.

Only a wonderful mother,
Could have so many love her so.
With many wishful people by her side,
To watch the candles you will blow.

Before you blow out the candles,
May the wish you make be grand.
May God hold it dear to his heart,
And grant you every strand.

Thank you for another wonderful year,
With a mother oh so dear.
May God keep you here with us a little longer,
So we can celebrate you many more years.
Julie Hebert

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