Birthday Poems For Mom

Share our birthday days with your Mom! Mom's aren't celebrated enough, so on their birthdays, they should be spoiled rotten by their families. Today is a great day to tell mom what a great mother she has been over the years.

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  1. Happy Birthday Mother
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    Another year at being the perfect mother,
    One I love and continue to adore.
    May your days be filled with joy and happiness,
    And may you have many, many more.

    May this celebration be everything wanted,
    And nothing wished away.
    May it be filled with those who love you,
    And you feel thankful on this day.

    Only a wonderful mother,
    Could have so many love her so.
    With many wishful people by her side,
    To watch the candles you will blow.

    Before you blow out the candles,
    May the wish you make be grand.
    May God hold it dear to his heart,
    And grant you every strand.

    Thank you for another wonderful year,
    With a mother oh so dear.
    May God keep you here with us a little longer,
    So we can celebrate you many more years.

  2. We Wish You
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Mom we wish you a Happy Birthday
    From the bottom of our hearts
    We couldn't have asked for a better Mother
    From you, we would never part
    We love you Mom
    And all you do
    For us and for others too.
    This is your special day
    May it bring you happiness in every way.

  3. You Deserve
    Poet: Tom S. Gold

    You deserve the best birthday
    You are loved in every way
    Thank you Mom for all you do
    We will always love you.

    Thank you Mom for all the care
    Always willing to do more than your share
    Your love for us we have always felt
    Even when a mess we dealt.

    May this birthday be a joyous one
    And may it hold great memories when done
    You have given so much to us all
    Great birthdays we do recall.

    So Mom on this your day
    Sit back, relax, let us make the way
    To celebrate you on this special day.
    May God bless you that we pray.

  4. A Great Mother
    Poet: B. R. Clement

    There has never been another
    Whom we consider a great Mother
    We think you are the best,
    You're better than all the rest.

    We wouldn't trade you for a dime
    That is why we wrote this rhyme
    We want to say enjoy your day
    For our great Mom, we wish you great birthday.

  5. Blessings To You
    Poet: Samatha C. Ringle

    Growing up you were always there
    Always loving, full of care
    Love you Mom and all you do
    Never doubt my love for you.

    So on this birthday I pray
    Your birthday is a happy day.
    And may the coming year bring
    Blessings and all happy things.

  6. The poem below, My Mother, is a great one to put in Mom's birthday card to let her know how special she is to you!

  7. My Mother
    Poet: Thomas W. Fessenden

    You painted no Madonnas
    On chapel walls in Rome;
    But with a touch diviner,
    You lived one in your home.

    You wrote no lofty poems
    That critics counted art;
    But with a nobler vision,
    You lived them in your heart.

    You carved no shapeless marble
    To some high soul-design;
    But with a finer sculpture,
    You shaped this soul of mine.

    You built no great cathedrals
    That centuries applaud;
    But with a grace exquisite,
    Your life cathedraled God.

    Had I the gift of Raphael
    Or Michelangelo
    Oh, what a rare Madonna
    My mother's life should show!

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