6 Funny Valentines Day Poems

Use one of our funny valentines day poems to express your love with a smile. Send a poem that will make them grin but also make them feel loved.

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  1. You're My One And Only
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    My Valentine, you're the bee's knees,
    Your love has me floating on a breeze.
    No other love could ever compare,
    You're my one and only, beyond compare.

    Like a love-struck puppy, I'm all a-flutter,
    My heart races, my words start to stutter.
    You're my everything, my shining star,
    A love like ours, truly bizarre.

    No Valentine in the world could make me feel like you do,
    With a love that's unique, and completely true.
    So here's to us, my dear Valentine so fine,
    Forever together, our love will always intertwine.

  2. A Dream Come True
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    My Valentine, you light up my sky,
    No comparison can describe how high.
    You're my dream come true, my only destiny,
    With you, life feels like a joyous melody.

    Like a shooting star, you dazzle and gleam,
    In my heart, you reign supreme.
    No words or measure can truly impart,
    The depth of love that fills my heart.

    So my dear Valentine, let's celebrate this day,
    In your arms, forever I'll stay.
    With you, my love, life feels so complete,
    No comparison can capture our love's sweet beat.

  3. Just You And Me
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Oh my Valentine, my love for you is quite a scene,
    My heart flutters all day long, like a caffeine machine.
    I long for your presence, to have you by my side,
    With you, my dear Valentine, my love cannot hide.

    From morning till night, my heart skips a beat,
    Your smile, your touch, they make my world complete.
    I daydream of moments, just you and me,
    Oh, Valentine, I'm head over heels, can't you see?

    So, my love, let's celebrate this Valentine's Day,
    Together we'll laugh and make memories in our own special way.
    With every flutter in my heart, I know it's true,
    My longing for you, my Valentine, you are my heart's glue.

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  5. On This Valentine's Day
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    On this Valentine's Day, the hours feel like they drag,
    Longing for your presence, it's such a nag.
    Each minute without you feels like a year,
    Oh, my love, I need you near, it's so crystal clear.

    The clock ticks slow, like it's stuck in time,
    I can't wait for the moment when you'll be mine.
    Hours crawl by, as I count down the day,
    When I'm finally with you, my heart will sway.

    So, my dear Valentine, let's make the most,
    Of the time we have together, hold me close.
    For in your presence, time seems to fly,
    And my days are filled with love, oh so high.

  6. The clock ticks slow, like it's stuck in time, I can't wait for the moment when you'll be mine.

  7. I Miss You
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    My Valentine, when I'm on the road,
    I miss your kisses like a squishy toad.
    Without your smooches, life feels quite dull,
    It's like eating plain toast without any butter at all!

    Your kisses, my love, they're a delightful treat,
    They make me feel all warm and neat.
    So, Valentine, I can't wait to be back,
    To have a kissing marathon; our lips will surely smack!

  8. Your Love Guides Me
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    My Valentine, your love has powers untold,
    It fills me with courage, making me bold.
    With you as my cheerleader, I am ready to conquer,
    Like a superhero, my confidence grows stronger.

    Each day your love guides life's challenging game,
    Empowering me, like a wild burning flame.
    With your support as my shield and your love as my guide,
    I feel invincible, with you by my side.

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