15 Poems about Giving

Be inspired by these poems about giving. We all have the ability to help others, and to give back. We all give gifts for special times but do we consider what the most important gift we can give is? Many times the gift of time - just being there, lending a listening ear or a helping hand can be a gift worth more than any financial gift. We hope these poems about giving give you thoughts about the practice of giving.

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  1. A Giving Heart
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    A giving heart is a treasure to hold,
    It warms the spirit and makes the soul bold.
    In caring for others, our joy grows,
    We build friendships and foster kinship flows.

    Through kindness and generosity, we find,
    Our well-being is enriched, our hearts aligned.
    Giving helps create a world that shines,
    Where love and compassion intertwine.

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    Be inspired by the wise words from the poet, John Kendrick Bangs. Helping others can bring us more joy than the person we are helping. Giving to those who need our help leaves us with a feeling of satisfaction. And in life, we never know when the tables will be turned, we may need a helping hand at some point in our lives.

  3. The Greatest Joys
    Poet: John Kendrick Bangs

    Amid our sunny hours
    In quiet, fragrant bowers,
    Where roses bloom,
    And happy birds are singing
    Their measures sweetly ringing,
    Dispelling gloom.

    Let's not forget those others
    The Children of our Brothers
    In cities gray.
    Where trouble, toil, and sorrow,
    Are found today, tomorrow,
    As yesterday.

    The greatest joys of living
    Are found in freely giving,
    And paying heed
    Out of our present treasure
    In full and lavish measure
    To them in need.

  4. Helping another helps yourself more than it helps the man you are helping

  5. Givng Is The Key
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In a world where giving is the key,
    A tale unfolds of generosity.
    A heart that beats for more than just its own,
    In the act of giving, seeds of love are sown.

    Not confined by the bounds of self,
    A soul that seeks to share its wealth.
    In unselfish deeds, a beauty shines bright,
    Illuminating the darkest night.

    A helping hand, a gentle smile,
    Can stretch across a weary mile.
    For in giving, we truly receive,
    A joy that words can never deceive.

  6. Taking The Time
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Life: filled with doubt and confusion,
    Oppressed by the pressing illusion.
    Sometimes all it takes is care,
    Extending kindness beyond compare.

    Taking the time to be there,
    Showing that someone does care.
    A gesture of love so sincere;
    This can help soften fears.

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  8. Tapestry Of Goodwill
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In the tapestry of goodwill, threads we weave,
    By giving to charities, hearts relieve.
    A ripple of change, starting from a choice,
    To lend our hands, to amplify the voice.

    Through kindness sown in the fertile ground,
    Charities bloom, and joy resounds.
    A world transformed by hands that care,
    For every gift, a legacy to bear.

    So, let us give, let generosity reign,
    For in the act of giving, we break the chain.
    Charities amplify our shared humanity,
    A chorus of change, a symphony of unity.

  9. A Giving Person
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    To be a giving person is a gentle art,
    A heart that seeks to play a selfless part.
    It's sharing with open hands and open heart,
    And sowing seeds of love in every part.
    For giving is not just about what we give away,
    But the warmth, the care, and the light we display.

  10. Friends Give
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    A friend gives encouragement, understanding, and support
    Extending love and compassion that always brings comfort.
    Uplifting the spirit of a friend in need.
    Some say it doesn't matter but I say it's a good deed.

    A priceless gift comes back to you when friendship you do show.
    For when we give out of love, it returns and overflows.
    A friendship demonstrates the true meaning of giving
    Thinking of others first, is a great way of living.

  11. A priceless gift comes back to you when friendship you do show.

    The poem,Offer Time, emphasizes the profound value of sharing time with others, portraying it as a priceless gift more precious than gold. Through metaphors and vivid imagery, the poet describes companionship as a beacon that dispels darkness and illuminates hearts. The simplicity of gestures, such as a listening ear and a comforting smile, is portrayed as magical, fostering connections and making life more meaningful. The poem encourages the reader to recognize the rarity of shared moments and emphasizes the emotional richness of creating bonds "beyond compare." Overall, the poem celebrates the joy found in human connection and the beauty of giving time selflessly.

  12. Offer Time
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In moments shared, a gift untold,
    The value of time, more precious than gold.
    Companionship's warmth, a beacon bright,
    Illuminating hearts, dispelling the night.

    A listening ear, a comforting smile,
    Time given freely, making life worthwhile.
    In simple gestures, the magic lies,
    Supporting each other, where kindness ties.

    So, let's offer time, a treasure so rare,
    A bond created, beyond compare.
    For in giving moments, we truly find,
    The joy of connection, in hearts entwined.

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  14. In Giving
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    A gift of love, a heartfelt share,
    In giving, we show how much we care.
    With grateful hearts, we now bestow,
    The joy of giving, a bond aglow.

    For every gesture, big or slight,
    I appreciate your shining light.
    In giving grace, we find our way,
    A priceless treasure that will stay.

  15. Kindness Whispered
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In gestures small, a magic unfolds,
    Kindness whispered in stories untold.
    A smile that brightens the darkest day,
    Simple acts, weaving love's gentle sway.

    A helping hand, a comforting word,
    In these moments, true kindness is heard.
    Tiny ripples in life's vast sea,
    Creating waves of joy for you and me.

    So, let's scatter kindness, like seeds in the wind,
    For in every small act, a big heart is thinned.
    In the dance of compassion, together we find,
    The power of little things, forever intertwined.

  16. let's scatter kindness, like seeds in the wind

    Christmas, birthdays, graduations, and weddings are all times when we give gifts. But our culture is so commercialized we sometimes find we are under stress to find the right gift or stress to afford a gift. The Poet is found wishing for simpler times when expectations we not so high. We hope this poem has given you thoughts to think about.

  17. Simple Times
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    I did it it's done, the decision has been made.
    Hours and hours of searching, now seem so overplayed.

    But regardless it is done, the obsession can conclude.
    The perfect gift has been chosen, but what else can I include?

    Oh, here I go again, feeling the need to give more.
    This world has us brainwashed, giving is not like it was before.

    There was a simpler time when giving was less the point.
    The importance was placed on one another, with fewer ways to disappoint.

    Expectations were lost in laughter, and gifts were bought for fun.
    But now things have gotten complicated, it has all come undone.

    We are expected to buy for everyone, with the perfect gift of mind.
    Anxiety over if they'll like it, instead of taking time to unwind.

    I want to go back to the simpler times when giving was much more fun.
    When the focus was on spending time with loved ones and giving was not overdone.

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  19. Love Given Freely
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Love given freely, a radiant sun,
    No strings attached, a kindness spun.
    In selfless giving, a bloom so rare,
    A symphony of heart, a melody to share.

    No ledger kept, no debts to weigh,
    Love's currency is joy in the giving way.
    A tapestry woven, colors so bright,
    In selfless affection, purest light.

    So let love flow, a boundless stream,
    A gift that turns the ordinary into a dream.
    In selfless giving, we find our grace,
    A celebration of love's endless embrace.

  20. The poem, Did You?, addresses the importance of offering assistance and support to those facing challenges. Through a series of questions, it explores various ways one could have provided help, emphasizing the significance of simple acts of kindness. The central theme revolves around empathy and the shared humanity of individuals. The poem challenges the reader to reflect on their actions, emphasizing the moral responsibility to be aware of others' burdens and to extend compassion.

  21. Did You?
    Poet: Unknown

    Did you give him a lift? He's a brother of man,
    And bearing about all the burden he can,
    Did you give him a smile? He was downcast and blue,
    And a smile would have helped him battle it through.
    Did you give him your hand? He was slipping downhill,
    And the world, so I fancied, was using him ill.
    Did you give him a word? Did you show him the road,
    Or did you just tell him, go on with his load?

    Did you help him along? He's a sinner like you,
    But the grasp of your hand might have carried him through.
    Did you bid him good cheer? just a word and a smile
    Were what he most needed that last weary mile.
    Did you know what he bore in the burden of cares,
    That is every man's load and that sympathy shares?
    Did you try to find out what he needs from you,
    Or did you just leave him to battle it through?

    Do you know what it means to be losing the fight,
    When a lift just in time might set everything right?
    Do you know what it means-just the clasp of a hand,
    When a man's borne about all a man ought to stand?
    Did you ask what it was-why the quivering lip,
    And the glistening tears down the pale cheek that slip
    Were you brother of his when the tune came to be?
    Did you offer to help him or didn't you see?

    Don't you know it's the part of a brother of man
    To find what the grief is and help when you can?
    Did you stop when he asked you to give him a lift,
    Or were you so busy you left him to shift?
    Oh, I know what you meant-what you say may be true-
    But the best of your manhood is - What Did You Do?
    Did you reach out a hand? Did you show him the road,
    Or did you just let him go on with his load?

  22. Did you reach out a hand? Did you show him the road, Or did you just let him go on with his load?

  23. If You
    by William Arthur Ward

    If you would be interesting,
    be interested:
    If you would be pleased,
    be pleasing;
    If you would be loved,
    be loveable;
    If you would be helped,
    be helpful.

  24. If you would be helped, be helpful.
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  25. Generosity Blooms
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Generosity, a light within,
    A kindling flame that glows, akin.
    From hearts that overflow, sincere,
    Positive energy, spreading near.

    Goodwill like sunshine, warm and bright,
    Ignites the world, dispelling night.
    In giving freely, we truly find,
    A boundless spirit, generous and kind.

    So let the well of generosity spring,
    A harmonious melody, let hearts sing.
    In every act, in every share,
    Generosity blooms, beyond compare.

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