I Miss You So, Sometimes

This poem is a reminder of how much a person can be missed and in how many different ways too. Missing someone dearly is a horrible thing to go through especially when you have no time frame for when you will be reconnected, in this life or the next. The nice thing is that poems like this can be comforting. We are never alone in these feelings of despair.

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When weighty problems
Vex and frets my mind.
And hands grow tired of reaching
For the things they never get,
And my dry eyes are hot with unshed tears.
I miss you so!

I miss you so, sometimes
When at the ending of the day,
As twilight falls, I seem to catch
The scent of roses from an old dead May,
And seem to hold again your hand
I miss you so!

I miss you so, sometimes
When I awaken from some fitful dream,
Wherein you come
As in the long ago,
Just mind alone, and when I seem to feel your lips again-
And then-I miss you so!

I miss you so, sometimes -
And all of life seems want and pain,
While in the turmoil and the strife
I try to pray for your dear arms again
To hold me as no others can
I miss you so!

I miss you so, sometimes-
That nothing else seems worth the while;
I long so for your dear, dear clinging lips,
Your gentle eyes and the bewitching smile
They used to hold before
I came to miss and want you so!
Writer Unidentified

We've all been there, when we can't help missing someone so much. Whether that person is here still with us or off to a better place, never forget to remind those who are missing loved ones that someday we will all be reunited. Its a comforting though that should be passed on in a card or read during a memorial or funeral service.

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