Father Of The Year

Nobody is perfect, but to some of us, our dads are pretty close. The poem reminds us that we know our fathers are human beings and sometimes lose to our human reactions but how they deal with it afterward teaches us as children. If your dad is like this poem describes, and always quick to make up for his wrongs and teaches us to the same thing, this fathers day poem may be exactly what you are looking for to accompany a card or gift.

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A fathers day tribute,
To the man of the hour.
Always happy and willing,
Never angry or sour.

Okay, that may be false,
A little far from the truth.
A great father you are,
But still human since youth.

Even though natural human reactions,
Can side tract you at times.
It doesn't take you very long,
To repent for your crimes.

You always say your sorry,
When it counts and means the most.
You teach us to do the same,
And to never ever boast.

A hypocrite you are not,
You practice what you preach.
Always a leading example,
And always within reach.

A happy fathers day it is,
To the father of the year.
So thankful for all of you,
You bring my life so much cheer.
Julie Hebert

Be sure to tell your dad how much he means to you no matter the type of father category he falls under. Parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world and some of us do it better than others, but I think most of us do the very best we can with the skills we were taught.

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