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We all need to inspire others and be inspired at some point in our life. Let these poems motivate and encourage you. The words of the poets are inspiring ones that can help us look at a situation in a different light. May you be persuaded to find the positive in anything that life throws your way! Share them with others who need a positive thought for their day!

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    Our world has been plagued by evil deeds for centuries and when we are the victim of one of them we sometimes do not deal with it in the right way.
    The poem, Re-Calibrate The World, gives helpful ideas on how you can change your mind frame and give back to the world in a more positive light than keeping the darkness going.

  1. Re-Calibrate The World
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    This world can be many things,
    Amazing, beautiful, and filled with light.
    But darkness lives among us too,
    Causing havoc, sorrow, and fright.

    Many out of anger and humiliation,
    Keep the darkness rolling along.
    ďIt was done to me, so Iíll do it to him,"
    And the darkness stays pretty strong.

    But what we really need to do is snuff the dark out,
    Find ways to spread light instead of dark.
    Let's make this darkness inspire love and joy,
    A new way of life we should all embark.

    Anger is passed on in many ways,
    Impatience and yelling to name a few.
    Donít spout anger and be unkind as you walk through the door
    Spread love and kindness to the next person in view.

    Deception can come from the young to the old,
    Causing mistrust and feelings of defeat.
    Donít try and fool or take advantage of the next,
    Be honest with everyone you meet.

    Items are stolen every day,
    With great losses and violated thoughts.
    Donít look to replace what was lost by taking another,
    Instead, donate to charity spots.

    If illness pangs you or someone you love,
    Donít get angry or feel all alone.
    Find ways to give back and help others get through,
    Even if it's just on the phone.

    I pray that you never have to go through a loss,
    But in life, this is unlikely true.
    If it's possible and the choice is up to you,
    Why not donate organs to save a few.

    There are many ways to take the bad,
    And flip it into something good.
    Imagine if we all changed our ways,
    Spreading light to our neighborhood.

  2. Be encouraged by this poem. How do you get people to like you - well, the verses in this poem are ones that will give you answers.

  3. A Funny Thing
    Poet: Unknown

    It is a funny thing, but true,
    That folks you donít like, donít like you;
    I donít know why this should be so,
    But just the same I always know
    If I am "sour," friends are few;

    If I am friendly, folks are, too.
    Sometimes I get up in the morn
    A-wishiní I was never horn;
    I make of cross remarks a few,

    And then my family wishes, too,
    That I had gone some other place
    Instead of showing them my face.
    But let me change my little ďtune,"

    And sing and smile, then pretty soon
    The folks around me sing and smile;
    I guess ítwas catching all the while.
    Yes, ítis a funny thing, but true,
    The folks you like will sure like you.

  4. Need inspiration to smile? Read this poem!

  5. Boost And Make'er Go
    Poet: David V. Bush

    Don't have a face so glum and long
    You look like a baboon,
    But have a grin around your chin
    Like the smile upon the moon.
    So with a smile meet every foe;
    Just boostíer up and makeíer go.

    Donít wear a grouch about the times
    Or business poor and dull;
    But have a grin around your chin
    Away up to your skull.
    Donít you pull back, or donít go slow,
    Just boost away and makeíer go.

    Donít prophesy and always say,
    ďThe jobís too big for us."
    Donít always kick and play "Old Nick"
    Donít growl and carp and fuss.
    The one who makes the coin - the "dough"
    Must boost away and makeíer go.

    Don't criticise and shake your head;
    Don't stamp and storm around;
    Don't block the wheel because you feel
    A little blue or down.
    Do not retreat and don't say, "no;"
    Just boost away and makíe'er go.

  6. May this inspiring poem influence and prompt you to use kind words.
    As they say, think before you speak.

  7. Nay, Speak No Ill
    Poet: Unknown

    Nay, speak no ill; a kindly word
    Can never leave a sting behind;
    And oh! to breathe each tale we've heard
    Is far beneath a noble mind.

    Full oft a better seed is sown
    By choosing thus the kinder plan;
    For if but little good be known,
    Still let us speak the best we can.

    Give me a heart that fain would hide,
    Would fain another's faults efface;
    How can it pleasure human pride
    To prove humanity is base?

    Then, speak no ill, but lenient be
    To others' failing as your own;
    If you're the first the fault to see,
    Be not the first to make it known.

    For life is but a passing day;
    No lip may tell how brief its span;
    Then, oh! what little time we stay,
    Let's speak of all the best we can.

  8. May this short inspiring poem be one that motivates you to take challenges and turn them into stepping stones.
    Your attitude will determine your success in life.

  9. A Bag Of Tools
    Poet: R. L. Sharpe

    Each is given a bag of tools
    A shapeless mass
    A book of rules;
    And each must make
    Ere life is flown,
    A stumbling block
    Or a stepping-stone.

  10. This inspiring poem is one that may make you smile, but also will influence you to look at the positive side of things.
    Stay optimistic, life is much easier with this type of outlook on life.

  11. An Open Letter To The Pessimist
    Poet: Nixon Waterman

    Brother - you with growl and frown
    Why don't you move from Grumbletown,
    Where everything is tumbled down
    And skies are dark and dreary?
    Move over into Gladville where
    Your face will don a happy air;
    And lay aside that look of care
    For smiles all bright and cheery.

    In Grumbletown there's not a joy
    But has a shadow of alloy
    That must its happiness destroy
    And make you to regret it.
    In Gladville they have not a care
    But what it looks inviting there
    And has about it something fair
    That makes you glad to get it.

    'Tis strange how different these towns
    Of ours are! Good cheer abounds
    In one, and gruesome growls and frowns
    Are always in the other.
    If you - your sides of ashen gray
    Would change for sunny smiles of May,
    From Grumbletown, oh! haste away;
    Move into Gladville, brother.

  12. May this poem inspire you to use your time wisely.
    We are all given the same amount of minutes each day, the difference between us is how we use them.

  13. Time
    Poet: Unknown

    A minute,--how soon it is flown!
    And yet, how important it is!
    God calls every moment His own,--
    For all our existence is His:
    And tho' we may waste many moments each day,
    He notices each that we squander away.

    We should not a minute despise,
    Although it so quickly is o'er;
    We know that it rapidly flies,
    And therefore should prize it the more.
    Another, indeed, may appear in its stead;
    But that precious minute, for ever, is fled.

    'Tis easy to squander our years
    In idleness, folly, and strife;
    But, oh! no repentance nor tears
    Can bring back one moment of life.
    Then wisely improve all the time as it goes,
    And life will be happy, and peaceful the close.

  14. Wishing And Working
    Poet: Willis Warren Kent

    I wish for such a lot of things
    I know I can't possess;
    It sometimes seems my thoughts have wings
    Toward naught but idleness.
    I guess I'd better harness them
    And make them do some work,
    For that's the only way to stem
    My tendency to shirk.
    I wished to be a man, but now
    I'll work to be a man;
    It may be hard, but anyhow
    I'll do the best I can.
    I'll help whenever Mother asks;
    I'll heed what she may say;
    I'll find my little homely tasks
    And do them now, today.

    I wished for wisdom; now I'll take
    My books from off the shelf
    And study very hard, and make
    A wise man of myself.
    I wished for this, I wished for that,
    I dreamed of wealth and fame,
    And never knew what I was at
    Was very poor and tame.
    I tell you, boys, a wish or sigh
    Will never bring you far;
    But if you work, and if you try,
    You show what man you are;
    Then all that hinders seems to aid
    In such a wondrous wise,
    You quite forget to feel afraid
    Through all your glad surprise!

  15. Out In The Air
    Poet: Unknown

    Out in an air where fresh breezes blow
    Away all the cobwebs that sometimes grow
    In the brains of those who turn from the light
    To all gloomy thoughts instead of the bright.
    Contend with such foes and put them to rout;
    Get out!

  16. Talent vs Tact
    Poet: Unknown

    Talent is power;
    Tact is skill

    Talent is weight;
    Tact is momentum.

    Talent knows what to do;
    Tact knows how to do it.

    Talent makes a man respectable;
    Tact will make him respected.

    Talent is wealth;
    Tact is ready money.

    Talent is pleased that it ought to have succeeded;
    Tact is delighted that it has succeeded.

    Talent toils for a posterity which will never repay it
    Tact throws away no pains, but catches the passions of the passing hour.

    Talent builds for eternity;
    Tact for a short lease, and gets good interest

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