Blessings To Come

Guests and family who are about to witness a marriage wish nothing but many blessings for the new couple, leading up to the wedding, during the wedding and for their marriage afterwards. This poem describes those wishes all in one poem.

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I feel excitement in the air tonight,
For what will be quite soon.
An evening not too far away,
You'll be married under the moon.

Everything you've ever dreamed,
Will come true on that starry night.
And you'll be dancing with the man you chose,
Dressed beautifully all in white.

May your future right in front of you,
Be filled with wonderous things.
But nothing will beat the moment when,
You chose to exchange wedding rings.

Surrounded by all those you love,
Many wishes will come your way.
May you receive many blessings and feel all the love,
On this marvelously special day.

Wedding blessings to come for you and your groom,
A day this will be to remember.
Marriage blessing to come from that moment on,
All your January's through to December's.

And if God wills it, the years will pass,
And some day you will look back with love.
Many wonderful memories made hand in hand,
A good life together blessed by God above.
Julie Hebert

With so many blessings given in the writing of this poem, we certainly hope this poem hits everything you are looking for in a blessing poem.

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