11 Love Poems For Her

Make her feel special by sending her love poems. Poetry is a romantic way to express your love for her and make her feel special!

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  1. Can I Forget Thee?
    Poet: Carolus

    Can the sun forget his rising?
    Or the moon her silver ray?
    Can the birds forget their praising?
    Can the wheels of time delay?

    Can death forget the rending
    Of hearts, with murderous hands?
    Can angels cease descending,
    To accomplish God's commands?

    Then may all else forgotten be,
    But, Carra, I'll forget not thee.
    Should I think to breathe a prayer
    For the suffering every where?

    Should I think to shed a tear
    'Side a mother's lonely bier?
    Would sink my soul in sadness?
    Or swell my heart in gladness?

    Should I think to rest at even?
    Should I think of God in Heaven?
    Then cherished deep in memory,
    Dear Carra, should I think of thee.

  2. My Heart
    Poet: William Shakespeare

    So long as I can breathe
    or I can see so long lives your love which gives life to me.
    When you depart from me sorrow abides,
    and happiness takes his leave.
    Love looks not with eyes, but with the mind.
    Love is the most beautiful of dreams
    and the worst of nightmares.
    Love is a spirit of all compact of fire.
    My heart is ever at your service.

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  4. Roses Are Red
    Poet: Robert R. Rivers

    Roses are red, violets so blue,
    I can't express how much I love you.
    Your smile lights up my every day,
    In your arms, I want to stay.

    Your laughter brings me endless cheer,
    With you by my side, I have no fear.
    So grateful for the love we share,
    You're my joy, my light, my answered prayer.

  5. My Sweetheart
    Poet: Robert R. Rivers

    My sweetheart, you're the light in my darkest night,
    Together we soothe each other's fears with delight.
    Encouraging dreams, we chase them with glee,
    In each other's arms, the best we two can be.

    Hand in hand, we dance through life's bright schemes,
    With you by my side, my heart forever gleams.
    Joyful and blessed, our love knows no seams,
    My sweetheart, together we conquer all things.

  6. I Adore You
    Poet: Robert R. Rivers

    Oh, to the woman I adore, you light up my world,
    With your love and laughter that's unfurled.
    You bring such joy and happiness to my days,
    In every little thing, you always amaze.

    I never knew that love could feel this strong,
    But with you by my side, I can't go wrong.
    No wonder I love you so much, my dear,
    For you make me happier more than I could ever imagine here.

  7. Roses For You
    Poet: Robert Argyle Campbell

    Dearest, let these roses
    In their purity,
    Be a present symbol
    Of my love for thee.

    Underneath the blossom
    Thorns are sure to grow;
    Take heed lest you touch them,
    They would pain you so!

    Ah! my faults like thorns are,
    But cannot they be
    Hidden 'neath the flower
    Of my love for thee?

  8. let these roses In their purity, Be a present symbol Of my love for thee.
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  9. Love
    Poet: C. K. Smith

    If you love me tell me so;
    It is what I like to know
    Like the sunshine, love is warm,
    And it never doeth harm.

    Love is what the world now needs;
    It would stimulate good deeds,
    And it would eradicate
    All the vestiges of hate.

    Wrong we never those we love;
    Rather do we from above
    Call the richest blessings on
    Every weak or erring one.

    Then let loving thoughts be sent
    Till they fill the firmament;
    Would not then "life's troubled sea"
    Always calm and peaceful be?

  10. A Diamond In The Sun
    Poet: J. S. Ogilvie

    Like the unsullied little dew-drop,
    Shining brightly in the sun.
    With heaven�s brightest colors,
    Softly blending into one,
    A pure and spotless woman
    Man�s love has always won;
    The blending of her virtues
    Is a diamond in the sun.

  11. Love From The Depth Of My Heart
    Poet: Charlie Mard

    I look forward to being with you
    We have many things to discover and do
    I promise to be there when trials get you down
    On days you are sad, I will play the clown

    I shall never be deceitful or lie in anyway
    But strive to show you that you're special everyday
    I will protect you and love you and never depart
    Because my love for you comes from the depth of my Heart.

  12. Dost thou know, love, that thy smile Makes the whole world bright for me
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  13. Thy Smile
    Poet: J. S. Ogilvie

    Dost thou know, love, that thy smile
    Makes the whole world bright for me
    Just as sunrise pours a sudden
    Purple glory on the sea.
    Ah! had I that power, ever
    Should the world look bright to thee.

  14. My Everything
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    To me you are my everything,
    The one I have always adored.
    I would fight till death to protect you,
    Then hand on over my sword.

    I'd spoil you with romance,
    Flowers, gifts and more.
    I'd climb to the highest mountain,
    Or swim to the furthest shore.

    Whatever you needed you'd have,
    You'd never be without.
    You'd have everything you've dreamed of,
    And you'd never have to shout!

    What I am trying to say,
    Is something I hope you know.
    I love you now and forever,
    This developed so long ago.

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