14 Poems about Success

We all want to find success in life. Let these poems about success give you thoughts on how to succeed. Life at times can be full of challenges and what may appear to be failures, but success may be just around the corner, it all depends on how you look at it and what you do about it. We hope the verses in these poems inspire and encourage you in your goals for success in life.

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  1. Success Is A Journey
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    Success is a journey
    that has a key.
    It's made of hard work
    and an attitude of glee.

    You strive to reach goals
    Make those dreams come true
    Setting yourself up for
    A bright future view.

    Doing your best
    And sticking to your plan,
    Helping others along
    The best way that you can.

    No one said it would
    Be easy or quick
    But every effort is worth it
    In the end, so don't quit.

    Working hard
    And enjoying each day,
    That's how success
    Will come your way!

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  3. Success And Integrity
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    Success is an
    Ever-changing game,
    Acting with integrity is
    The only fame.

    Working hard,
    Doing your best,
    Staying true to your values
    Will pass the test.

    Though money's nice
    And it helps the cause,
    Goals of compassion
    Achieve them, do not pause.

    Expect nothing in return
    And you'll be free,
    Then you'll know true success,
    You will see.

  4. Success is an ever-changing game, acting with integrity is the only fame.

  5. In Moments Of Defeat
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In moments of defeat, a truth unfolds,
    Every failure holds the key to triumph untold.
    With every stumble, we find strength anew,
    Each setback brings us closer, this I now view.

    Stay focused on the end, with unwavering sight,
    For each misstep, one step closer to the light.
    Tread onward boldly, through shadows and strife,
    The path to success lies within a resilient life.

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  7. The Old Man's Advice To His Son For Success
    Poet: Edgar A. Guest

    My Boy, you're eighteen years today, and I am seventy-two,
    As you're the youngest of the flock, some words I'll say to you;
    You're going out into the world where everything looks bright.
    The sun is shining high today, the stars come out at night;
    But o'er the road you'll travel I have been and know the way,
    I know the difficulties you'll encounter day by day.
    You'll meet a heap of trouble, but the surest way to fall
    Is just to hold your head up high and claim to know it all.

    Before a plant bears blossoms it has first to sprout and grow.
    It can't burst forth in beauty with the going of the snow.
    Before a little baby walks it has to learn to crawl,
    The cow is first a wobbly calf, a hopeless thing and small.
    An actor that's a star today was yesterday a supe,
    Learning his art by toiling hard with some uncertain troupe.
    The greatest men on earth today were once unknown and small,
    They never acted in their youth as though they knew it all.

    My boy, there's one way to succeed, yes, there is just one way.
    Give up the best that's in you to the minor part you play;
    Don't think you ought to be a boss before you've learned to serve,
    But still aim high - the world will give to you what you deserve.
    Despise not little things, nor yet despise the humble heart.
    The ones that are beneath you now may pass you when they start.
    Be ever faithful, doing well whatever tasks befall,
    Learn something useful every day, but never know it all.

    Do not attempt to leap to power, use well what power you've gained,
    Remember that success by work, by hard work is attained.
    Be never discontented with your lot, for that shows pride.
    You've got to learn by easy steps the way to strike your stride.
    Know well yourself what you can do; your limitations know.
    And thus from doing little things to larger tasks you'll grow.
    To your employers loyal be, always at duty's call.
    And when success is yours at last, don't think you know it all.

  8. Never Give In To Despair
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    Though the journey could be grueling,
    Never give in to despair.
    Put in work each and every day,
    And climb the ladder that leads you there.

    Persistence is a key to success,
    Many trials were overcome with strive.
    The path to honor and recognition
    Can only be done by having a "can do" drive.

    So hunker down and knuckle up,
    Work hard and take pride in your soul.
    You�ll have nothing to regret in time,
    For success will become your goal.

  9. Success And Determination
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In the depths of dreams, where aspirations soar,
    Success awaits the hearts that crave it more.
    For talent may flicker with a fleeting spark,
    But it is determination that ignites the arc.

    With steadfast will and unwavering might,
    Obstacles crumble at the touch of this light.
    Through trials and tribulations, one must persist,
    To be successful, determination shall assist.

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  11. Keys to Success
    Author Unknown

    When one wills anything persistently, unconsciously he has gained concentration of purpose.
    All his thoughts tend toward the subject for which he is striving.

    It is almost impossible for a person having one aim in life and a strong will to fail to bring that about.
    Without conscious thought, all the influences about him tend toward the end he has set for himself.

    Therefore, say to yourself that you will succeed; say it again and again,
    Until you are certain in your own mind that, whatever comes, success shall be yours.

    Never, never say, if a disappointment come to you,
    "I am the unluckiest person alive,
    And I knew nothing so good could ever happen to me."
    Never allow yourself to think such a thought for an instant.
    If you find a thought of failure coming into your mind,
    Immediately drive it out by a thought of success.
    There is the soundest sense in this.

    Your attitude carries with it failure or success when you meet others.
    If you have not confidence in yourself or in your ability, why should others have
    Who do not know as much about you as you do about yourself?

    This world is too busy to stop to investigate merits which you are not conscious of possessing.
    Study yourself and know what you can do - and believe that you can do it.
    Believe it with all your heart and work to prove that you can do it,
    And you will find no lack of those who will believe with you.

    This is the true philosopher's stone,
    Because with it comes all knowledge and all success.

  12. Success
    Poet: Luella Clark

    It does not come by wishing,
    It does not come by prayer;
    But in the doing of thy task
    Thy fate pursues thee fair.

    Luck grants no blindfold favor
    No dreamy drone he crowns;
    But slow and sure persistence
    He always greets and owns.

    Success is not a blunder
    A blessing by mistake
    Complain not if you miss it,
    It comes not for your sake.

    Well, do your work and rest not,
    Give, asking not again;
    The universe will widen
    Unto your narrow ken.

    Give love and life and labor,
    And seek not but to bless.
    Defeat and loss will teach you
    Far more than mere success.

  13. A man should have the aim and the determination to be honest and upright and sincere in all that he undertakes. If he adds persistency to this he can hardly help being successful L. R. Ellert
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  14. The Climb To Success
    Poet: Nixon Waterman

    Men seldom mount at a single bound
    To the ladder's very top;
    They must slowly climb it round by round,
    With many a start and stop.

    And the winner is sure to be the man
    Who labors day by day,
    For the world has found that the safest plan
    Is to keep on pegging away. . . .

    And so, though skies may frown or smile,
    Be diligent day by day;
    Reward shall greet you after a while
    If you just keep pegging away.

  15. Success Equals Hard Work
    Poet: Eben E. Rexford

    The "luck" that I believe in
    Is that which comes with work;
    And no one ever finds it
    Who's content to wish and shirk.
    The men the world calls " lucky "
    Will tell you, every one,
    That success comes not with wishing,
    But by hard work, bravely done.

  16. success comes not with wishing, but by hard work

  17. Not Just Wealth
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    Success isn't just wealth,
    It�s understanding and good health.
    Making a difference where you go,
    Helping those whom life has laid low.

    The journey of life can be tough,
    Sometimes it gives the heart enough gruff,
    But with true success comes great reward,
    In helping others you will always afford.

    Success takes courage and strength that's clear,
    To have an impact is why you�re here!

  18. Two Keys To Success
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    There are many keys to life and success,
    Your attitude and your education are the top two I profess.
    Choose your outlook each day, and choose the courses you take,
    Set yourself up for success and don't overlook taking a break.

    Train your mind for understanding and wider comprehension,
    Push like never before with unwavering dedication.
    You will find yourself living with success even more.
    With a positive attitude and education as a base, life has much for you in store!

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  20. Success Is Sweet
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Success is sweet, all have we found,
    A mark of achievement without bounds.
    Obstacles come to define and test,
    Challenges to pass with much zest.

    Let determination be the strength we shall find,
    To get around what comes from behind.
    Do not accept defeat or give in
    Endurance is key if you want to win.

  21. Steps to Success
    by Author Unknown

    "Today is yesterday's pupil."

    "Taking a chance will work every time but the last time."

    "Tell Sonny that the key to success fits the school house door."

    "The brook of kindness is apt to flow into the river of success."

    "When you are tempted to buy something you can't afford, go by it."

    "Success consists not so much in sitting up nights as being awake in the clay time."

    "To speak wisely may not always be easy, but not to speak ill requires only silence."

    "To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity."

    "You can't go, out and buy happiness for yourself. You buy happiness for yourself only when you buy it for others."

    "Doing an injury puts you below your enemy; revenging one makes you but even with him; forgiving it sets you above him."

    "The world reserves its big prize but for one thing, and that is Initiative. Initiative is doing the right thing without being told."

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