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When you are celebrating special occasions throughout the year, it is helpful to have many options to find a wish, poem, or quote, to celebrate the special day. Find just the right words for all occasions throughout the year.

So whether it be occasions like Christmas or Easter or a wedding or birthday, find all words that can express your thoughts. You can include them in a card or just write a note. Greetings sent to acknowledge and recognize the day is remembered long after the day has passed.

Best Wishes - all occasions


Specific Holidays
Happy New Year

new year wishes
New Year Wishes

new year poems
New Year Poems

new year quotes
New Year Quotes

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day Messages
Happy Valentines Day Messages

Poems About Love
Poems About Love

Love Poems For Her
Love Poems For Her

Love Poems For Him
Love Poems For Him

I Love You So Much Quotes
I Love You So Much Quotes

Cute Love Quotes
Cute Love Quotes

Love Sayings
Love Sayings

St. Patricks Day

poems for St. Patrick's Day
Poems For St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day Blessing
St. Patrick's Day Quotes Blessings

Irish Blessing
Irish Blessing


Easter Wishes
"Whether it be Easter egg hunts or Jesus's resurrection or both, my Easter wishes are sent with love and blessings on this marvelous of holidays."

Easter Poems

Christian Poems
God is good, we all know this,
Yet some of us still don't believe.
It's hard to understand why this might be,
Unlike others, once accepted, He will never leave.

Christian Quotes
"We are building our lives on the promises of God. Because his Word is unbreakable, our hope is unshakable."  Max Lucado, Unshakable Hope

Mother's Day

Mother's Day Poems

Mom Poems

Quotes About Mom

Father's Day

Fathers Day Poems


Thanksgiving Poems
For flowers so beautiful and sweet,
For friends and clothes and food to eat,
For precious hours, for work and play,
We thank Thee this Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Blessing
"I am thankful for all occasions but especially this Thanksgiving for all the blessings in my life which you are one of many!"

Thanksgiving Day Quotes
"Thanksgiving is a once a year holiday, be we should give thanks each and every day of the year."

Thankful For Poems
Be thankful that you donít already have everything you desire,
If you did, what would there be to look forward to?
Be thankful when you donít know something
For it gives you the opportunity to learn.


Merry Christmas Wishes
"A wish sent from far and wide to wish you a Merry Christmas! Hoping you receive so many greetings you don't know what to do with them all."

Funny Christmas Wishes
"For most Christmas is an exciting time anticipating what they are going to get for Christmas,
but I know how for someone like you who will most likely receive coal, anticipating may not be your think!
Wishing you receive the very best coal around!"

Christmas Poems
"Christmas comes and goes so fast,
So enjoy it best you can.
Don't let the craziness of this world,
ruin your amazing plans."

Christmas Sayings
"Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night." Santa Claus

Other Occasions

Birthday Wishes
"On occasions such as these, I find it impossible not to reach out with open arms and wish you the happiest of birthdays!"

Birthday Sayings
Birthdays are days in which we all feel a little older yet happier at the same time."

Funny Birthday Poems
"Don't let your birthday fade away,
For all occasions are worth something great.
Just think of the wisdom you are gaining each year,
Especially at this rate!"

Happy Birthday Greetings
"May this little birthday greeting be only one in a flurry of greetings that blow your way."

Happy Birthday Quotes
"Happy Birthdays are the only way birthdays should be. Filled with happiness."
Julie Hebert

Happy Birthday Blessings
"May the many blessings of your life currently be only the beginning of the blessings this birthday will bestow upon you."

Happy Birthday Messages
"Another year has passed you yes, but think of the wisdom that you have been blessed!"

Birthday Blessings For A Friend
"Many birthday blessings to a friend who has always been a blessing in my life."


Congrats On Your Graduation

Graduation Wishes
"When life takes us to the end of something great,  remember just because this door closes doesn't mean something even better isn't just around the corner."

Graduation Poems
We are so proud of you
Success to you in what you do.
On this your graduation day
We wish you best wishes in every way.

Engagement, Wedding, & Marriage

Congratulations on your wedding

Engagement Wishes
"Your life together is already blessed with so much. I am so excited to see what life has in store for this beautiful union."

Wedding Wishes
"May the beauty of this big day be a precursor to married life and all the occasions you will celebrate together."

What To Write In A Wedding Card
"I hope when you look back at these cards, years from now, you can see how many people in your lives are routing for your lives and your marriage. You both deserve so much happiness and this marriage can bring you that if you let it!"

Wedding Blessings
"Many blessings for a strong and loving marriage made with an understanding of each other, a want to please each other, and humor that can help you get through times of trouble."

Wedding Phrases
"Very soon now, you will be driving away with only the words just married seen from the distance. May the feelings you feel during this time ride with you during your entire marriage."

Wedding Card Messages
"Wishing that your big day goes as planned, your marriage be a happy one, and growing old together is the end result."

Wedding Poems
"Today is your day,
filled with loved ones and a sky so blue.
May the day be filled with happiness,
And your love be all so true."

Wedding Quotes
"Occasions such as weddings are a place where true love wins and rejoicing is heard from miles away."

Wedding Messages
"Sending messages of good times to come to you from this point on. Happy getting hitched!"

Wedding Toasts
"I toast to this union in good faith.  I wish you nothing but happiness in the darkness and wit in times of despair but mostly I wish you a marriage far from either of those things. A marriage filled with love and laughter!"

Bridal Shower Wishes
"As we look forward to your big day, we hope that you will not be nervous but excited, not be stressed but laid back and most of all not be tired because a big night of dancing, hugging, and well-wishers will be waiting for you.
Not to mention what happens after the ceremony!"

Bridal Shower Poems
"Excitement is felt from the rooftops today,
As we look forward to your big day.
A day filled with happiness and love for you both,
Many smiles along the way.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes
"There is no more special occasion than the one I'm celebrating with you tonight.
Happy Anniversary to a couple all should aspire to be. You are true to each other in every way that counts."

Marriage Wishes
"I can only hope your marriage is stronger than most these days.
Don't let society tell you when to quit.
Go into this marriage with hard work in mind and the ability to make each other happy."

Marriage Quotes
"Marriage is hard, there is no doubt about that.
Too many people think quitting is easier than putting in the hard work.
But a marriage made from hard work is the best relationship two people can have.
Nothing great is easy!"

Marriage Poems
Two people come together in marital bliss,
Because they want their lives to never be missed.
They want to share in each other's plans,
To be one another's biggest fans.
Their marriage is made from a friendship so true,
Keep each other balanced and from becoming blue.
Life can be tough but when your better half is around,
There is nothing in the world that can tear you down.


Happy Retirement

Retirement Wishes
"From this moment on your life will never be the same! So make each moment count. Life is too short to waste a single second of your retirement!"

Funny Retirement Quotes
"Retirement can bring out the worst in people! Be careful you don't turn into one of those 'can't get anywhere on time anymore because I've got too much time on my hands' people."

Retirement Poems
"You've worked and woke earlier than you'd have liked,
Listened and did as you were told.
But no more do you need to do these things,
You no longer will be so controlled.
From this point on you will feel so free,
Freer than you've ever been.
Do whatever you would like,
You are now a retirement machine!"

Retirement Sayings
"I say if you can retire early, do it. If you can't, well it'll eventually come and it just gives you more time to plan out how to do nothing all day long!"

Sympathy, Condolence, & Funerals

 My Condolences

Condolence Message
"Losing someone is always hard to deal with and I often wish we never had to. In cases like these our wishes don't usually come out on top, so we have to believe there is a good reason for all of this.
Its the only thing that makes any sense."

Funeral Poems
"Our God has taken you home for the last time,
A truth that is hard for us to bear.
Thorough knowledge of our everlasting home,
Leads me to this prayer.

Loss Of A Pet Poem
"Only another pet owner can understand this type of loss. Family is family and a loss in our family feels all the same. Sorry for your loss.

Memorial Poems
"I don't want to know where I am if I don't have you with me.
You have always been my compass leading and loving me.
My memories will have to suffice until the day we meet again.
The day that happens I will know I am exactly where I am meant to be.

Sympathy Quotes
"May sympathies from people around you not make you sadder but lift you up remembering you are not alone in this."

I Miss You Quotes
"Missing someone is heart wrenching, leaving a void to never fully be filled. Somewhat healed but never fully."

I Miss You Poems
"I miss everything about you, even the things I always said I wouldn't miss.
What I wouldn't give to complain about those things just one more time!"

Wish You Were Here
"Life goes on even when you aren't around, but I sure prefer life when you are in it."

Thank You

Thank You

What To Write In A Thank You Card
"This thank you card is only a sliver of the thanks you deserve! Owe you one big time!"

Thank You Quotes
"To give thanks is to appreciate the things and people God has put in your life.
So say thank you even when you feel it may not be necessary!"

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