11 Attitude Poems

Be encouraged with these attitude poems to keep your attitude upbeat and positive. Your attitude makes a difference in not only in your life but in the lives of the people around you. Your attitude can be one that will contribute to your success or it will contribute to your unhappiness. You have a choice every day as to the type of attitude you will have for the day! We hope these poems encourage and inspire you!

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  1. Attitude Is The Key
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In the realm of joy, where spirits dance,
    Attitude is the key to life's grand chance.
    For in gratitude, contentment thrives,
    Unveiling happiness with grateful dives.

    Blessings bestowed big or small,
    Captivate hearts with a grateful call.
    Our attitude can lift us to higher altitudes,
    Embracing each moment with gratitude.

  2. Attitude Makes A Difference
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In each precious moment, let empathy shine,
    With understanding hearts, let's intertwine.
    For through compassion, a difference we'll make,
    In the lives of others, our light will awake.

    A smile bestowed can chase away the gray,
    With open minds, we'll brighten their way.
    Optimistic souls embracing every hue,
    Our attitude empowers, love shines through.

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  4. Attitude Prevails
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In every trace of sunlight's golden gleam,
    A call to welcome grace, a jarring theme.
    With humble hearts, we bear our daily cross,
    With meekness, kindness- hope is never lost.

    For in this earthly realm, attitude prevails,
    To forgive and love when bitterness assails.
    So let us choose the path that Jesus trod,
    And show the world the beauty of our God.

  5. Choose To Wear
    Poet: J. A. Butler

    With the morning sun, a new day gleams,
    A day to work on our dreams.
    A positive attitude we can choose to wear,
    Greeting each moment with gracious care.

    Let gratitude fill our hearts, shining bright,
    For blessings around, both big and slight.
    In this dance of life, we have a chance,
    As each day we choose our attitude in advance.

  6. In this dance of life, we have a chance, As each day we choose our attitude in advance.
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  7. Change Your Thoughts
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Change your thoughts, change your life's course,
    Embrace positivity as your guiding force.
    Attitude, the crowning pill of bliss,
    Bringing happiness with each gentle kiss.

    Thoughts possess the power to transform,
    Shaping the world where dreams are born.
    With a positive mindset, you hold the key,
    Unlocking potential, setting yourself free.

    The simple act of shifting your view,
    Can open doors to a life that's new.
    Don't let doubt enter your mind,
    Positive thoughts create the life you find.

    Embrace the wisdom, let negativity fade,
    For in optimism, true joy is made.
    Change your thoughts, change your perception,
    Unleash the beauty of your soul's reflection.

  8. Rise Above It All
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    When work feels like a challenging sight,
    A key to soaring, shining bright,
    Is not just skill, but attitude's might,
    A beacon guiding through day and night.

    Remember in each and every role you play,
    There is a chance to learn, to grow each day,
    To mold success in your unique way,
    With a positive attitude that always pays.

    So when work seems steep and tall,
    And shadows dance upon the wall,
    Seek the silver lining, stand up tall,
    With a good attitude, you'll rise about it all.

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  10. A Positive Attitude
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    A positive attitude, the catalyst of joy,
    Spreads its spark to all you employ.
    It's the mainstay of a life well lived,
    Where cherished results are truly sieved.

    Like a chain reaction, it ignites,
    Positive thoughts, events it incites.
    With extraordinary outcomes, it's graced,
    A catalyst that leaves hearts embraced.

    Your attitude impacts both self and others,
    Spreading warmth to sisters and brothers.
    When you're upbeat, the world feels bright,
    A beacon of positivity shining light.

    Cheerfulness, the goal of life, they say,
    A positive attitude helps in many ways.

  11. Inner Strength
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Natural ability is a valuable trait, no doubt,
    But with focus, drive, and desire, you can go about.
    A positive attitude, the key to success,
    It propels you forward, no matter the duress.

    External motivation may fade away,
    But inner strength keeps doubts at bay.
    Approaching life with positivity in mind,
    Opens doors and opportunities you'll find.

    Believe in yourself, unleash your might,
    With determination, you'll reach new heights.
    Natural ability is a plus, it's true,
    But with focus, drive, and a positive view,
    You can conquer challenges and make dreams come true.

  12. Shift Your Attitude
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    If unhappy about something, make a change,
    But if change isn't possible, don't feel estranged.
    Shift your attitude, alter your view,
    See the circumstance as a challenge anew.

    Instead of seeing it as a problem or strife,
    Seek out solutions to transform your life.
    Embrace the power of a positive mind,
    For it can bring solutions you'll surely find.

  13. Embrace the power of a positive mind, For it can bring solutions you'll surely find.
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  14. Decide What Attitude
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In hearts divided, choice is held,
    Each dawn a canvas for hope to unfold.
    To don a cloak of joy or pain,
    Decide what attitude shall reign.

    For we, the architects of our minds,
    Can build towering walls or bridges aligned.
    Dare seize the power with every breath,
    A conscious choice in life's eternal breadth.

  15. Unlock The Door
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In darkness's embrace, don't be discouraged,
    Don't let hope's flame become dimly urged.
    For an attitude of strength, vibrant and true,
    Unlocks the doors to dreams for you.

    Tread lightly with resolve, cast away the gloom,
    Embrace the challenges, let your spirit bloom.
    With perseverance as your armor, steadfast and bright,
    Your dreams shall soar on wings of might.

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