My One and Only

If we are one of the lucky ones, and we will be lucky enough to find someone to be apart of our lives that can be discribed as this poem does, life will be wonderful. This poem would make a great addition to any anniversary card or Valentines day card as well as a great addition to any wedding or marriage vows.

You are my one and only,
One I care to love.
The one and only person,
The one I hold high above.

The one and only person,
I give everything to.
The one and only person,
I know will be true.

You are a person,
I know everything about.
Yet you are a person,
I'm always trying to figure out.

You are my person,
Who I can always count on.
Someone who will never,
Turn around and be just be gone.

I've always hoped to find,
A person just like you.
And I'm thankful that I found,
Someone who always comes through.
Julie Hebert

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