At Easter Time

This peppy little Easter poem is just what is needed to celebrate Easter with excitement and joy. It not only discusses Easter as a meaning of Jesus Christ's resurrection but also describes springtime as both spring and Easter coincide with the same time of year. Spring is a new beginning for many cold-climate areas around the world and Easter was a new beginning for Christ-followers. This poem's author did well to incorporate both celebrations.

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The little flowers came through the ground,
At Easter time, at Easter time:
They raised their heads and looked around,
At happy Easter time.
And every pretty bud did say,
"Good people, bless this holy day,
For Christ is risen, the angels say
At happy Easter time!"

The pure white lily raised its cup
At Easter time, at Easter time.
The crocus to the sky looked up
At happy Easter time.
We'll hear the song of Heaven!" they say,
"Its glory shines on us to-day.
Oh! may it shine on us alway.
At holy Easter time!"

'Twas long and long ago,
That Easter time, that Easter time:
But still the pure white lilies blow
At happy Easter time.
And still each little flower doth say
"Good Christians, bless this holy day,
For Christ is risen, the angels say
At blessed Easter time!"
Laura E.Richards

We hope you enjoyed this poem. I've seen this poem used as a song as well, so if you're musically inclined that may work for you in a different way than you had originally intended. Either way, we hope it is useful.

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