6 Merry Christmas Poems

Use a Merry Christmas poem in your cards or emails to wish friends and family a Merry Christmas. It's one of the busiest seasons in the year, but taking time to send a greeting will mean more than you may realize.

The Christmas season is filled with many things to do and things happening all around. And getting messages for a great Christmas adds to the delight of the season.

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  1. Merry Christmas One And All
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    Christmas time is here,
    Once again, this year.

    Many shoppers search,
    For the very best merch.

    Decorations galore,
    Are seen from door to door.

    Singers fill the air,
    In many market squares.

    Children gleam with excitement,
    Emotions are very heightened.

    The countdown is on,
    It will be here soon then quickly gone.

    Take a moment to soak it in,
    Allow yourself to fully grin.

    Remember what its all about,
    This is not the time to doubt.

    Merry Christmas one and all,
    May this season be nothing small.

  2. The Delights of Christmas
    Poet: Unknown

    When Christmas approaches, each bosom is gay.
    That festival banishes sorrow away;
    While Richard he kisses both Susan and Dolly,
    When tricking the house up with ivy and holly;
    For never as yet it was counted a crime
    To be merry and cherry at that happy time.

    Then comes turkey and chine, with the famous roast beef.
    Of English provisions still reckoned the chief;
    Roger wishes the cook-maid his wishes to crown,
    "0h, Dolly! pray give me a bit of the brown;"
    For never as yet it was counted a crime
    To be merry and cherry at that happy time.

    The luscious plum pudding does smoking appear,
    And the charming mince pie is not far in the rear;
    Then each licks his chops to behold such a sight,
    For to taste it affords him superior delight;
    For never as yet it was counted a crime
    To be merry and cherry at that happy time.

    Now the humming October goes merrily round,
    And each with good humor is happily crown'd,
    The song and the dance, and the mirth-giving jest,
    Alike without harm by each one is expressed,
    For never as yet it was counted a crime
    To be merry and cherry at that happy time.

    Twelfth Day next approaches, to give you delight,
    And the sugar'd rich cake is display'd to the sight;
    Then the sloven, and the King and the Queen,
    Alike must be present to add to the scene;
    For never as yet it was counted a crime
    To be merry and cherry at that happy time.

    May each be found thus as the year circles round,
    With mirth and good humor each Christmas be crown'd,
    And may all who have plenty of riches in store
    With their bountiful blessings make happy the poor;
    For never as yet it was counted a crime
    To be merry and cherry at that happy time.

  3. The Holly Berry
    Poet: Thomas Miller

    Then drink to the holly berry,
    With hey down, hey down derry;
    The mistletoe we'll pledge also.
    And at Christmas all be merry.

  4. Let Us All Be Merry
    Poet: George Wither

    Lo now is come our joyful'st feast;
    Let every man be jolly.
    Each room with ivy leaves is dress'd,
    And every post with holly.
    Though some churls at our mirth repine,
    Round your foreheads garlands twine,
    Drown sorrow in a cup of wine.
    And let us all be merry.

    Now all our neighbors' chimneys smoke.
    And Christmas blocks are burning;
    Their ovens they with baked meats choke,
    And all their spits are turning.
    Without the door let sorrow He,
    And if for cold it hap to die,
    We'll bury it in a Christmas pie,
    And evermore be merry.

    Now every lad is wondrous trim,
    And no man minds his labor;
    Our lasses have provided them
    A bagpipe and a tabor.
    Young men and maids, and girls and boys,
    Give life to one another's joys.
    And you anon shall by their noise
    Perceive that they are merry.

    Then, wherefore, in these merry days
    Should we, I pray, be duller?
    No; let us sing some roundelays
    To make our mirth the fuller.
    And, whilst inspired thus we sing,
    Let all the streets with echoes ring;
    Woods and hills, and everything,
    Bear witness we are merry.

  5. Merry Christmas, Every One!
    Poet: Unknown

    In the rush of the merry morning.
    When the red burns through the gray,
    And the wintry world lies waiting
    For the glory of the day.
    Then we hear a fitful rushing
    Just without, upon the stair.
    See two white phantoms coming,
    Catch the gleam of sunny hair.

    Are they Christmas fairies, stealing
    Rows of little socks to fill?
    Are they Angels floating hither
    With their message of good-will?
    What sweet spell are these elves weaving,
    As like larks they chirp and sing?
    Are these palms of peace from heaven
    That these lovely spirits bring?

    Rosy feet upon the threshold,
    Eager faces peeping through,
    With the first red ray of sunshine
    Chanting cherubs come in view;
    Mistletoe and gleaming holly,
    Symbols of a blessed day,
    In their chubby hands they carry,
    Streaming all along the way.

    Well we know them, never weary
    Of their innocent surprise;
    Waiting, watching, listening always
    With full hearts and tender eyes,
    While our little household angels,
    White and golden in the sun.
    Greet us with the sweet old welcome -
    "Merry Christmas, every one!"

  6. Merry Christmas Morning
    Poet: Edwin Waugh

    For all poor souls we'll strew the feast,
    With kindly heart and free;
    One Father owns us, and at least
    To-day we'll brothers be.
    Away with pride
    This holy tide.
    For it is Christmas morning!

    So God bless us one and all,
    With hearts and hearthstones warm
    , And may He prosper great and small,
    And keep us out of harm;
    And teach us still
    His sweet good-will
    This merry Christmas morning.

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