3 Funeral Poems For Dad

How difficult the words are to find to say goodbye to our Fathers. Let these funeral poems for Dad give you verse to use. Our Dads are people we look up to all of our life and when they pass it is difficult. We hope these poems express thoughts about your Father.

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  1. To My Departed Father
    Poet: D. Jaques

    Father - a name forever dear -
    Held in affection's spell:
    They who have known a Father's care,
    The loss can only tell!

    My father! - thou wast far away
    When I presaged thy death;
    Had I been there thy frame to stay
    And watch thy passing- breath!

    The tidings came - and then to me,
    The charms of life were o'er!
    My father, when deprived of thee,
    The world could charm no more!

    The die was cast - and I must bear
    What orphans only know!
    A. father's love no more to share,
    Exposed to every woe!

    My father, since I saw thee last,
    Oft I have wept in vain:
    For life has roughly with me past;
    But we shall meet again!

    There in that bright and happy place,
    With joys forever blest,
    Where tears are chased from every face,
    We shall forever rest.

  2. Miss You Dad
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    I know where you are Dad
    In heaven and for that I am glad
    But oh I will miss you so
    Losing you is a blow.

    I am grateful for the years we had
    Even the times where you made me mad
    The laughter and the memories I'll treasure
    No one will ever measure.

    Even though you are not here
    I feel like you are near.
    Watching over me from above
    Always surrounding me with love.

    You will always be in my heart
    Even though we are apart
    You have left a legacy in me
    I will make you proud as can be.

    And in God's timing I will see
    You again, and I will be so happy.
    Miss you Dad, love you more
    You're in heaven that's for sure.

  3. Pass Over to Thy Rest
    Poet: H. Bonar

    From this bleak hill of storms,
    To yon warm, sunny heights,
    Where love forever shines.
    Pass over to thy rest,
    The rest of God!

    From hunger and from thirst.
    From toil and weariness,
    From shadows and from dreams,
    Pass over to thy rest.
    The rest of God!

    From weakness and from pain.
    From trembling and from strife.
    From watching and from fears,
    Pass over to thy rest.
    The rest of God!

    From vanity and lies,
    From mockery and snares,
    From disappointed hopes.
    Pass over to thy rest,
    The rest of God!

    From unrealities,
    From hollow scenes of change,
    From ache and emptiness,
    Pass over to thy rest,
    The rest of God!

    From this unanchored world.
    Whose morrow none can tell.
    From all things restless here,
    Pass over to thy rest,
    The rest of God!

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