Birthday Greeting Poems

Send one of our birthday greeting poems to the person who is celebrating their birthday. A poem is a great way to let them know you are thinking of them and that you wish them well on this special day. You can include one of the poems or verses in your birthday cards just to add a special touch.

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Happy Birthday Greeting To You
Poet: M. E. B.

It is with pleasure I sit down
To write a line or two to thee.
To express my hearty wish that thou
May'st many happy birthdays see.

May each new year fresh gladness bring.
And heavenly blessings on thee smile;
And time, which flys with silken wing.
Cast peaceful beams around the while.

Fair virtue, which I know is prized
By one so kind and mild as thou.
Will lead thee in the perfect way.
And shed its lustre on thy brow.

The little trifle here enclosed,
I beg thee dear to kindly take;
And trust, altho' the gift is small,
Thou wilt not scorn it, for my sake.

Again I say may happiness
Be thine, wherever thou may'st dwell;
And now conclude imperfect verse.
By wishing thee a fond farewell.

Birthday Morn Greeting
Poet: John Stuart Ogilvie

On this Birthday morn arise
From thy placid slumber!
Soon to meet love's longing eyes
And greetings without number.
Heavens dearest gifts be thine
To crown all earthly treasure,
For gifts that God gives unto thee
Know neither stint or measure.

To You
Poet: B. R. Clement

This birthday greeting is sent to you
Hoping the day is full of happiness too
And may the coming year be filled
With surprised that will see you thrilled.

So celebrate the day of your birth
Never doubt how much you're worth
We are so blessed to celebrate with you
You deserve the best that is so true!

Forget the Candles
Poet: Tom S. Gold

Forget the candles on the cake
Your age is no mistake
But focus on the blessings that abound
That we all feel with you around.

Age is often overrated
Don't let the candles make you dated
Accept the greetings with a smile
Celebrate this birthday in style.

A Birthday Greeting
Poet: Samatha C. Ringle

A birthday greeting sent to you
Wish I was closer I really do
I miss seeing your smiling face
Full of love and of grace.

But know on this your special day
I am writing just to say
May happiness and joy follow you this year
Remember in thought I am near.

The birthday greeting, Youth Is The Time, was sent to Mrs. C. K. Smith on her birthday.
Then the poem, Response, is what she sent as a thank you to the writer.
Some lovely writing between two poets back in the late 1800s.

Youth Is The Time
Poet: Dr. C C. Parry (March 13, 1883)

Youth is the time of buds and flowers
Nurtured by sunshine and by showers,
Age with its golden tinted leaves,
Garners ripe fruit within its sheaves.

All that is rich and sweet remains
Through summer's heat and autumn's rains*
And holds within its close embrace,
Germs of the new-born living race.

May this and future birthdays prove
Rich with such fruits of hope and love,
And all, harmoniously combine
To crown with joy this life of thine!

Poet: Mrs. C. K. Smith

Thanks, my friend, for this bright lay,
Written upon my natal day;
'Tis fresh and sweet as if for youth,
And not for age as 'tis in truth.

And why not hope for future hours,
As well as early youthful powers?
'Tis good to have increase of years,
When not accompanied with fears.

With fears of what there may await
The passage through death's open gate,
And can we not almost discern,
Or rather, previously learn

By noting, what today has wrought,
Perceive with what the morrow's fraught.
So would I thus return to thee
Good wishes now expressed for me,
And may your hundredth birthday be
Pleasant as is this day to me!

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