A Poem For Thee

Everyone loves poems, at how they creatively discuss how we are feeling. When someone goes out of their way to write a poem for you to celebrate your achievements, that means a lot. This poem does exactly that. It reminds us that sometimes it can be difficult to express our feelings and sometimes honesty is the best medicine.

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I love to write poems,
So I wrote you a few poems you see.
But I found it hard to choose which one,
I would express my feelings for thee.

My poems should share my congratulations,
And how excited I am for you.
My poems should tell you how proud I am,
Without the overdue.

So here's my poem to you.
All my poems wrapped up into one.
Congratulations on your retirement,
May it be filled with adventure and fun.

May it be a retirement dreams are made of,
A retirement filled with love.
May you be able to wear different hats,
And if you choose different gloves.

May you have money to spare,
And friends and family galore.
You deserve nothing but the best,
To someone special who is loved and adored.
Julie Hebert

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