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Send a poem for you to a person who is retiring. These poems were written with wishes for a happy retirement and congratulations. People are often touched when they receive a poem written just for them. To personalize the poem you can insert the retiree's name. Many times they will save the poems and look back on them years later with fond memories.

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  1. A Poem For Thee
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    I love to write poems,
    So I wrote you a few poems you see.
    But I found it hard to choose which one,
    I would express my feelings for thee.

    My poems should share my congratulations,
    And how excited I am for you.
    My poems should tell you how proud I am,
    Without the overdue.

    So here's my poem to you.
    All my poems wrapped up into one.
    Congratulations on your retirement,
    May it be filled with adventure and fun.

    May it be what a retirement dream is made of,
    A retirement filled with love.
    May you be able to wear different hats,
    And if you choose different gloves.

    May you have money to spare,
    And friends and family galore.
    You deserve nothing but the best,
    To someone special who is loved and adored.

  2. As You Retire
    Poet: Tom S. Gold

    May this poem be
    Filled with good wishes for thee:
    Wishes for relaxing days
    Wishes for happiness always
    Wishes for hobbies to come alive
    Wishes for you to thrive.

    As you retire
    Remember  you are no longer required:
    To fight the traffic each day
    To meet the deadlines that go array
    To answer to the higher ups
    To work extra hours or wash the coffee cups.

    Congratulations to you
    Retirement you are due
    You have worked hard and
    Met the demands
    This retirement you are due
    Congratulations to you!

  3. Wishing You Happiness
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    A retirement poem just for you
    Wishing you happiness in all you do
    Enjoy your days of retirement
    With no longer any work requirements.

    May you find new roads to travel on
    May you enjoy the sunrise at dawn.
    Now you have the time to do
    The things you always wanted to.

    We will miss you but you deserve the best
    Retirement will be the greatest.
    Happy days, happy trails,
    Just have fun, don't worry about the details.

  4. Every Day
    Poet: B. R. Clement

    A poem to remind you
    Every retirement day can be:

    Every day can be a snow day
    Every day can be a vacation
    Every day can be relaxing
    Every day can be lazy
    Every day can be full of sun
    Every day can be full of fun

    Every day can be,
    Just what you want!

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