A Good Wedding Cake

In every situation, it takes a good recipe for things to turn out properly. In this poem, A Good Wedding Cake, the right ingredients are listed with the best attributes and below that are the instructions on putting those ingredients together for a great marriage outcome.

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4 lb. of love.
1 lb. butter of youth.
1/2 lb. of good looks.
l lb. sweet temper.
1 lb. of blindness for faults.
1 lb. of self forgetfulness.
l lb. of pounded wit.
l lb. of good humor.
2 tablespoons of sweet argument.
1 pint of rippling laughter.
1 wine glass of common sense.
1 oz. modesty.

Put the love, good looks and sweet temper into a well furnished house. Beat the butter of youth to a cream, and mix well together with the blindness of faults. Stir the pounded wit and good humour into the sweet argument, then add the rippling
laughter and common sense. Work the whole together until everything is well mixed, and bake gently forever.
Author Unknown

This poem is a great poem for anyone getting married or thinging of getting married. It can easily be personialized for the receiver if you are looking at changing ingredients or directions. It could be made into a plaque, or added to any card. This could be made into a puzzel as well which would make a nice personalized wedding gift or even anniversary gift if the wedding has already taken place. This poem has so many options, so get creative! Below you'll find another recipe for a happy marriage. Take a read.

Recipe For A Happy Marriage
Take plenty of Patience,
Blend smoothly with Love;
Fold enough Humor To season above.
Then sprinkle with Laughter,
And stir in some Praise;
Add Kindness and Tact for Those difficult days.
Mix warmly together With Trust, Faith, and Cheer;
Makes one Happy Marriage That mellows each year.
Author Unknown

Another good poem but on the shorter side. Depending on what you are looking for, we hope one of these poems works for you.

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