Congratulations To The Bride

Send a poem to offer congratulations to the Bride. Wishes of happiness and love are seen in these verses. You may want to include one of our poems in your bridal shower card.

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Congrats To You
Poet: Julie Hebert

The day you stand in front of him,
And pledged you will be with him,
Is the day you will change your life,
Happiness will spilled from every limb.

You decided he was worth it all,
And the two of you should be one.
He slipped that ring onto your finger,
Instant lotto you had won.

We will hear the excitement in your voice,
And knew this was a great thing.
A love as great as yours is,
Definitely not just a fling.

I must say I am amazed,
He was able to sweep you off your feet.
A great guy he is, so sweet and warm,
But wasnt sure he could take the heat.

But now we celebrate at this shower,
To celebrate great news.
So raise your glass, lets make a toast,
To you both, together you cannot loose.

To A Bride
Poet: Hannah M. Bryant

Blessings attend thee ! May's thou ne'er
Be called to shed the sorrowing tear.
Nor ever mourn
O'er youth's sweet hopes, too bright to last,
O'er morning dreams, fled quickly past,
O'er fond hearts torn.

May thy pure spirit never grieve
O'er hopes that flatter to deceive
A heartless form;
But may thy heart's star bum still true,
And safely guide thy spirit through
Each wintry storm.

Be happy! Though dark hours may come.
Yet ever, through the misty gloom.
You still may sec
Hope's radiant finger pointing high
To a bright home beyond the sky
A rest for thee.

Be happy! Though misfortunes lower,
Let no dark cloud thy mind e'er sour.
But every day
Greet thy loved partner with a smile.
And with fond words of hope beguile
The weary way.

May your life together Be one that is  forever May the love you feel today Stay with you when you're gray.

We Celebrate
Poet: C. A. Lynch

Today we gather and celebrate
Your upcoming wedding to your soulmate
We bring you gift, good wishes too
We wish only happiness for you!

We were happy to hear of your engagement
The two of you making the commitment.
You will be a beautiful bride
You fill us with such pride.

The planning for your special day
Is almost complete in every way.
This shower is full of support and love
And we pray for blessings from above.

May happiness and sunshine follow you
Down this marriage road and all you do
Congrats we send, and wishes too
May your love for each other always be true.

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