Blaming God

When things go wrong blaming God is not the answer. This is a great poem for wrestling with how to deal with bad things coming your way and how not to shut out or push away a loving and kind God. Many people want to blame God - how could He let this happen. The Poet points out that God gave us freedom of choice.

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Blaming God
Poet: Julie Hebert

Whenever bad things happen,
And you dont know what to do,
You may find yourself angry,
And feeling pretty blue.

You may want to cry and scream,
And take it out on God.
But Im telling you right now,
Your plan is pretty flawed.

This is an important time,
You should call out to Him.
Ask Him to comfort you,
In times you feel very grim.

God made a promise to you,
Many, many years ago.
A controlling God he would not be,
So you have freedom to grow.

Though with control we all will agree,
Some use it in the wrong ways.
These choices impact many of us,
Leaving hurt and pain in His gaze.

People pray and beg for things to change,
Ask Him why would He let it occur.
His plan for us may not be clear,
But I promise he is no amateur.

He performs miracles and answers prays,
And sometimes He does this for you.
But can we expect it every time?
Wouldnt freedom no longer be true?

We also wonder why it had to be us,
Why not someone other than I.
Surely bad things shouldnt happen to good people!
But is it really our place to decide?

This judgmental thinking should be left to God.
It is His Will, not our own.
Have faith that things are meant to be this way,
One day God will make this known.

Until this day makes its way to you,
Ask for comfort and love in prayer.
Place your faith and trust in Him alone,
And I promise He will always be there.

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 Another poem about not blaming God but trusting in His plan, realizing He knows best:


Poet: May Riley Smith

Sometime, when all life's lessons have been learned,
And sun and stars forevermore have set,
The things which our weak judgments here have spurned,
The things o'er which we grieved with lashes wet,
Will flash before us, out of life's dark night,
As stars shine most in deeper tints of blue;
And we shall see how all God's plans are right,
And how what seemed reproof was love most true.

And we shall see how, while we frown and sigh,
God's plan goes on as best for you and me;
How, when we called, he heeded not our cry,
Because his wisdom to the end could see.
And even as wise parents disallow
Too much of sweet to craving babyhood,
So God, perhaps, is keeping from us now
Life's sweetest things because it seemeth good.

And if, sometimes, commingled with life's wine,
We find the wormwood, and rebel and shrink,
Be sure a wiser hand than yours or mine
Pours out this potion for our lips to drink.
And if some friend we love is lying low,
Where human kisses can not reach his face,
Oh, do not blame the loving Father so,
But wear your sorrow with obedient grace!

And you shall shortly know that lengthened breath
Is not the sweetest gift God sends his friend,
And that sometimes the sable pall of death
Conceals the fairest boon his love can send.
If we could push ajar the gates of life
And stand within and all God's workings see.
We could interpret all this doubt and strife,
And for each mystery could find a key!

But not today. Then be content, poor heart!
God's plans, like lilies pure and white, unfold;
We must not tear the close-shut leaves apart;
Time will reveal the calyxes of gold.
And if, through patient toil, we reach the land
Where tired feet, with sandals loose, may rest,
When we shall clearly see and understand,
I think that we shall say, "God knew the best!"

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