5 Perseverance Poems

Be encouraged by these poems about perseverance. The poems show us the difference between success and failure through our ability to persevere and not give up.

A person who perseveres exhibits qualities such as:
- an unrelenting drive that fuels their actions and propels them forward, even in the face of daunting obstacles.
- an unwavering faith in their abilities, they find the resilience to rise above setbacks, viewing them as stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks.
- they embody the essence of courage, pushing past their comfort zones and embracing the discomfort that accompanies growth.
- they embrace the notion that failure is not the end but rather a valuable lesson that paves the way for future success.
- their persistence is accompanied by adaptability, as they adjust their strategies and approaches, always seeking the best path forward.

These poems will remind you that within each and every one of us lies an untapped reservoir of strength and determination, ready to be harnessed when faced with life's obstacles. May these poems be a source of encouragement, and inspiration, reminding you that the power of perseverance resides within your very being. You may also be inspired by our collection of

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  1. Perseverance Is Trying Each Day
    Poet: F. M. O�Rouke

    Perseverance is trying and trying,
    And trying again each day;
    Even though failures and disappointment
    Come thick and fast our way.

    But if we press on with a purpose
    That is always steadfast and true,
    With the "star of hope" to guide us
    And the goal kept ever in view,
    We will surely at last attain to the height
    That belongs to those who try to do right;

    So let us, then with a song in our hearts,
    And on our lips, a cheer, adopt for life�s slogan �
    "Let�s Persevere."

  2. The Key
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Let determination guide our way,
    Pray and work, no time to delay.
    We can't afford to sit and wait,
    Perseverance is the key to unlock fate.

    Let our actions speak, not just words,
    Earn the praise that success affords.
    Claim what we desire, seize the prize,
    Perseverance will lift us to the skies.

    Be encouraged, be undeterred,
    With perseverance, our spirits stirred.
    Through every challenge, we'll persevere,
    Always, in pursuit of what we hold dear.

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  4. Seek Perseverance
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    When doubts surround us and we feel weak,
    It's perseverance we must seek.
    With resolute hearts, we must persist,
    Never surrendering to fear's dark twist.

    For in the face of challenges, we grow,
    Each step forward, progress begins to show.
    With unwavering spirit, we carry on,
    Until every obstacle is finally gone.

    Success beckons, in fragments and shards,
    Through perseverance, we claim our rewards.
    Little by little, we pave the way,
    With perseverance, we'll seize the day.

    So let us embrace the power we hold within,
    The strength to rise when hope wears thin.
    With grit and courage, we shall prevail,
    For perseverance is the wind in our sail.

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  6. Persevere Unafraid
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Ignore their words, let them say what they may,
    Persist and endure, success comes your way.
    Whining and sitting won't aid in your quest,
    Through perseverance, you'll outshine the rest.

    A challenge, an obstacle does not mean you're nearing your end,
    Smile at danger, with resilience defend.
    Many give up too soon, their spirit decayed,
    But you're the one who perseveres unafraid.

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  8. Every Day Persevere
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Every day let's persevere,
    In work and play, without a fear.
    With sincerity in our hearts, we'll shine,
    Every day, a chance to align.

    To achieve victory, we must persist,
    There's a path, if we persistently insist.
    With unwavering effort, success will bloom,
    Through the noise, our dreams will loom.

    We must be agile, sharp, and keen,
    Fighting for triumph, fierce and serene.
    As we come closer, be it gold or tin,
    With perseverance, we'll emerge and win.

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