To Mother

Sharing how wonderful a mother you have with the world and your mother is a wonderful way to celebrate mom! This poem would be a great addition to any celebration like Mothers Day or a birthday.

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Some years ago a poem I read,
And I classed it with any other,
Just a poem, the title read -
“What a wonderful thing – a Mother!"

I tossed it aside like a story book,
Never gave it another look;
But today through my mind like a babbling brook -
“What a wonderful thing – a Mother!”

She raises her boy, for what today?
For the hellish din of the battle fray;
Her hope, her joy, she gives away,
And she stays at home to hope and pray. -
“What a wonderful thing – a Mother!”

Her heart is sore, but she wears a smile;
She’s glad to know her boy’s worth while;
That’s he’s being a man, and in manly style,
He’s doing his bit in the rank and file, -
“What a wonderful thing – a Mother!”

It’s easy enough for a man to die,
But the brave one is she who stiffles a sigh;
Who ears a smile that hides a cry
As she bids her very all – good-bye, -
“What a wonderful thing – a Mother!”

I’ve got a mother with a heart that’s true;
Who does the things that mothers do;
And her for, God, I do thank you - -
“What a wonderful thing – a Mother!”
Author Unknown

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