7 Poems On Faith

Christian poems on faith that can uplift and inspire you to strengthen your faith in God. You can sense the Poets faith as you read the verses. Share these poems with others to give them words to reflect on.

The best description of faith can be found in 2 Corinthians 4:18: "So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal."

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  1. Faith Shall Come
    Poet: Ella Wheeler Wilcox

    Talk happiness. The world is sad enough.
    Without your woe. No path is wholly rough.
    Look for the places that are smooth and clear,
    And speak of them to rest the weary ear
    Of earth; so hurt by one continuous strain
    Of mortal discontent and grief and pain.

    Talk faith. The world is better off without
    Your uttered ignorance and morbid doubt.
    If you have faith in God, or man, or self,
    Say so; if not, push back upon the shelf
    Of silence, all your thoughts till faith shall come.
    No one will grieve because your lips are dumb.

    Talk health. The dreary, never-ending tale
    Of mortal maladies is worn and stale;
    You cannot charm or interest or please
    By harping on that minor chord, disease.
    Say you are well, or all is well with you,
    And God shall hear your words and make them true.

  2. Faith, Hope And Love
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    When life around you falls apart,
    And sorrows fill your heart,
    Be of courage and don't forget to keep
    The faith, have hope and love each day.

    For it's not just mere advice
    Jesus said that long ago.
    So cling to this dear faith of yours
    And never let it go.

    Show loving kindness
    Both in work and play,
    For in love, good deeds
    Are done each day.

    We can conquer anything
    With hope in our hearts,
    And when obstacles come,
    Just believe from the start.

    For God does indeed
    Have plans for us all,
    Let us remember faith,
    Hope, and love will never fall.

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  4. Simple Faith
    by Chauncey M. Depew

    The simple gospel of the humble carpenter,
    Preached by twelve fishermen,
    Has survived the centuries,
    And outlives all other philosophies
    Of eighteen hundred years.

    I am not versed in the terminology of philosophies.
    I believe them to be of little use to reach the hearts,
    And to influence the action of simple men.

    The simple faith of my mother is good enough for me.
    If we believe this faith, what harm?
    If we disbelieve it, and thereby do wrong,
    What of our future?

  5. Our Hope In Him
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    Though there are trials in life we must face,
    With faith and hope, life we embrace.
    Holding love in our hearts throughout all time,
    The Lord will bring us joy and shine divine.

    Cling to His Word for peace of mind,
    For when we trust Him, blessings are aligned;
    Understanding He�s always listening near
    Our hope in Him will never disappear.

  6. Faith
    Poet: Kate Louise Wheeler

    Faith is needed every day,
    Faith to work and faith to pray;
    Faith to learn and faith to teach,
    Faith to practice, faith to preach;

    Faith to love and faith to charm,
    Faith to quicken, faith to calm;
    Faith to bless and faith to chide,
    Faith to follow, faith to guide;

    Faith to prove and faith to know,
    Faith to stay and faith to go;
    Faith to urge and faith to keep,
    Faith to waken, faith to sleep;

    Faith to do and faith to dare,
    Faith to bear and faith to share;
    Faith to bind and faith to break,
    Faith to give and faith to take;

    Faith to stand and faith to yield,
    Faith to heal, faith to be healed,
    Faith to pardon, faith to seek,
    Faith to listen, faith to speak;

    Faith to wait and faith to try,
    Faith to live and faith to die.

  7. Faith is needed every day

  8. God's Will
    Poet: Jean Sophia Pigott

    Take thine own way with me, dear Lord,
    Thou canst not otherwise than bless.
    I launch me forth upon a sea
    Of boundless love and tenderness.

    I could not choose a larger bliss
    Than to be wholly thine; and mine
    A will whose highest joy is this,
    To ceaselessly unclasp in thine.

    I will not fear thee, O my God!
    The days to come can only bring
    Their perfect sequences of love,
    Thy larger, deeper comforting.

    Within the shadow of this love,
    Loss doth transmute itself to gain;
    Faith veils earth's sorrow in its light,
    And straightway lives above her pain.

    We are not losers thus; we share
    The perfect gladness of the Son,
    Not conquered--for, behold, we reign;
    Conquered and Conqueror are one.

    Thy wonderful, grand will, my God,
    Triumphantly I make it mine;
    And faith shall breathe her glad "Amen"
    To every dear command of thine.

    Beneath the splendor of thy choice,
    Thy perfect choice for me, I rest;
    Outside it now I dare not live,
    Within it I must needs be blest.

    Meanwhile my spirit anchors calm
    In grander regions still than this;
    The fair, far-shining latitudes
    Of that yet unexplored bliss.

    Then may thy perfect glorious will
    Be evermore fulfilled in me,
    And make my life an answering chord
    Of glad, responsive harmony.

    Oh! it is life indeed to live
    Within this kingdom strangely sweet;
    And yet we fear to enter in,
    And linger with unwilling feet.

    We fear this wondrous will of thine
    Because we have not reached thy heart.
    Not venturing our all on thee
    We may not know how good thou art.

  9. With Faith
    Poet: Wesley K. Burr

    When Fate her gloomy mantle spreads
    O'er future prospects bright,
    'Tis then I feel like one who dreads
    The ocean gale at night.

    But with one ray of light to shine,
    My drooping heart to cheer,
    With Faith, that always brings success,
    I'll hope and persevere.

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