10 Poems About Sisters

Find a collection of inspiring poems about sisters that capture the essence of this special relationship. Sisters share a unique bond! Whether you have a sister or are simply touched by the unbreakable bond that sisters share, these poems are sure to move and uplift you.

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  1. Like Flowers In A Garden
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    Sisters are like flowers in a garden,
    Like sunshine to the morning dew.
    Each unique and beautiful in their own way,
    Evermore wondrous for us to view.

    Unique petals, colored hues of dawn, �
    Revealing their beauty to all that pass on. �
    Reminding us each day of beauty�s play, �
    Every sister brightens up our days.

    Through countless life's ups and downs, �
    With a smile still, they uphold the crown. �
    Just like flowers, they will always be there,
    And evermore sisters will remain so dear.

  2. A Forever Friend
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    A sister is a forever friend,
    Loving from beginning to end.
    Protecting one another, through thick and thin,
    Cheering on each other with hopes to win.

    Sharing hopes and dreams,
    Having fun and planning schemes.
    Caring and sharing throughout the years
    A sister is one who is dear.

    A sister is a forever friend,
    A special bond that doesn't end.

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  4. Sisters Are
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Sisters are for lending a shoulder when it's too hard to bear,
    For giving comfort and support through days of doubt and fear.
    We give each other courage to help face what lies ahead,
    A heart that listens kindly and holds us while we fret.

    Instead of judgment or critique, we share laughter, joy, and smiles,
    And when tears well in our eyes they're there to see us through the miles.
    For no matter near or far our sisterhood still remains true,
    We will be here always ready to help bring hope anew.

  5. Sister And Brother Bonds
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Dear sister, as time has flown,
    Decades passed, but love has grown,
    Though paths diverged, our hearts have shown,
    Our bond as siblings, brightly sown.

    Through highs and lows, we've found our way,
    Side by side, each passing day,
    In memories dear, our spirits play,
    Brother and sister, in every way.

    Though miles apart, our souls entwine,
    In every thought, your love I find,
    The bond we share, forever kind,
    Brother and sister, intertwined.

    So here's to you, my sister dear,
    Through the years, your presence near,
    In my heart, you'll always appear,
    Brother and sister, forever clear.

  6. By My Side You Stand
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In times of joy or sorrow, by my side you stand,
    A faithful beacon, guiding with a steady hand.
    Through trials and triumphs, your presence ever true,
    My sister, constant companion, I deeply value you.

    In bonds of sisterhood, unwavering and strong,
    Your support sustains me when things may go wrong.
    Grateful for your love that knows no end,
    My sister dear, my cherished friend.

  7. A Lifetime Companion
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    A sister is a companion who will stay through life,
    A confidante and friend in adversity or strife.
    She's there when you cry and she'll laugh with you too,
    This soul mate connection provides comfort always true.

    Never far apart; she echoes thoughts we share,
    The closeness of our bond strengthens over time so rare.
    With honest understanding, she carries part of our load,
    Her guidance endures despite circumstances forebode.

    A lifetime companion and loyal friend till the end,
    Our sisterly relationship will never have to amend.

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  9. A Piece Of Childhood
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    A sister is a bit of childhood, forever to save and keep,
    She�s filled with joy, laughter, and love that�s so deep.

    A childhood partner in crime, always staying close at hand,
    To offer shelter and comfort when times get out of hand.

    She�s your companion on life's voyage, she�ll see you through.
    Her smiles can brighten up even your darkest day blue.

    No matter how much time may pass or how distance may part us,
    My sister will always be the person I�ll be proud of, for her I'll make a fuss.

    For our bond is strong like an unbreakable tether, �
    A piece of our childhood with us forever.

  10. I Am Blessed
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    God gave me a gift so special and true,
    A cherished sister, oh, how I love you.

    Sometimes life may be hard for us both,
    But with each other, we can cope.

    No matter our highs or our lows, we stand together, �
    God blessed us with each other forever.

    We have shared both laughter and tears,
    But always, with God's love, we never fear.

    God, I thank you in all earnestness,
    For giving me a loving sis, I am blessed.

  11. A Sister Is
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    A sister is a friend, forever near,
    A soul that understands, always clear.
    With laughter and love, she lights the way,
    In times of joy or in dismay.

    Kindness and support, in her embrace,
    A sister's presence, a comforting grace.
    So grateful for the bond we share,
    For my dear sister, I'll always care.

  12. Count On Her
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    A sister is like a calm oasis,
    In the raging seas of life,
    Invincible bond no matter what befalls us,
    Even though our moments might grow strife.

    She knows my deepest secrets and fears,
    Yet she still loves me at the core,
    Her shoulder when I need it most for comforting
    I can always implore.

    In every situation with each other
    We connect and understand,
    No single criticism goes unheard
    From her mouth or from my hand.

    Resourceful wisdom she grants me
    With a grace that I just could not find,
    With her by my side forever
    With hope in our hearts, oh so kind.

    My sister my friend forever,
    I can count on her whenever.

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