11 Birthday Poems for Grandma

Share these birthday poems for Grandma with your Grandmother. Celebrate this special day with her. Every year we have with our Grandmas is truly a gift from God.

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  1. Happy Birthday Grandma
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Happy birthday to you, our dear Grandma,
    A day that's full of happiness and no blah.
    You are so very wise and strong,
    We can rely on you when things go wrong.

    You make us laugh with your funny jokes,
    Your love is shown to all folks.
    Itís your special day and we wish
    That the coming year is full of bliss!

  2. Happy Birthday To Our Role Model
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Today we celebrate a special day,
    For it's your birthday Grandma, hooray!
    A guiding star in our life's quest,
    A role model, we're truly blessed.

    With grace and wisdom, you lead the way,
    Teaching us to be kind every day.
    You've shown us strength in times of strife,
    How to embrace each precious life.

    On this day, we honor you,
    A role model, faithful and true.
    Happy birthday, Grandma dear,
    Thank you for a love so sincere.

  3. Special Day Of Yours
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    On this special day of yours, words come softly spoken,
    For my dearest Grandma on your birthday, we've awoken.
    We cherish the moments that you give to us each season,
    Appreciating all the kind things done without a reason.

    Your years add up to an age that can only be admired;
    The wisdom in your heart no one else can acquire.
    We give our heartfelt wishes and love as you look on;
    So we honor you today and forever beyond!

  4. We Raise A Cheer
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Grandma, Grandma we raise a cheer
    Another birthdayís here!
    Youíve seen many years, I guess thatís clear
    On this special day, let us show our care.

    When it comes to the wisdom that you share
    Incredibly valuable and rare
    We want to celebrate you and let it be known
    Happy Birthday, Grandma, from us all at home.

  5. Celebrate You Grandma
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Grandma, you are so special to me,
    I celebrate you with joy and glee,
    You're the one who has loved me since I was young,
    Your affection is so strong it canít be undone.

    You always bring happiness bright and sweet,
    I wish you love on this day that's so neat.
    Happy Birthday, Grandma, I send you cheer,
    May all your wishes come true this year!

  6. Birthday Wishes For Grandma
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Birthday wishes for beloved Grandma,
    A day filled with joy for you.
    So much to be grateful for,
    And plenty of love too!

    Time together that we adore,
    Making memories anew.
    Every day is special, as it is with you!
    Happy Birthday, Grandma, cherish this day itís true!

  7. Happy Birthday Grandma You are the sunshine in our lives, You warm our hearts And brighten our days.

  8. Happy Birthday To You
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Happy birthday to you Grandmother,
    Your smile shines so bright,
    A lifetime of memories,
    Within our sights.

    Your love and warmth a comfort,
    Your wisdom is so sage.
    Weíre humbled to be blessed,
    By your age.

    Stay strong and gracious,
    As we strive together.
    Happy Birthday, Grandma!
    Our hearts will be filled with joy forever.

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  10. This Is Your Day
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Happy Birthday to you, Grandma so dear
    Weíre celebrating today your special year
    Your spirit and love forever weíll keep
    In our hearts a reminder, no matter how deep.

    Time with you is cherished until the very end
    In laughter and tears, days spent with kind friends.
    Letís raise a glass of cheer when in each other's sight!
    This is your day to shine so let loose tonight!

  11. You're One Year Older
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Happy Birthday, Grandma! You're one year older so hooray!
    We're so happy to have you, your spirit is here to stay!
    We'll all celebrate together, there's a cake just fit for a queen!
    Your timeless wisdom and love make everyone's hearts beam.

    Time continually passes but your grace will always be here.
    You still give us joy and laughter throughout all of the years.
    Let's raise our cups and laugh out loud because it's your special day-
    Happy Birthday, Grandma, we hope it is the best one yet!

  12. Celebrate
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Happy birthday to you, dearest Grandma,
    We take time to celebrate and share this day.
    For your special day brings peace and joy
    Your kin sends hugs and well wishes across the miles.

    Wishing you cheers now and through your entire life,
    May the sunshine of happiness never leave your side.
    You are an inspiration that radiates love
    Happy Birthday, Grandma - we treasure you so dearly!

  13. Grandma
    Poet: Edgar A. Guest

    There's a twinkle in her eye,
    O, so merry! O, so sly!
    That you never see the wrinkles in her face;
    She's so full of fun and play
    That you never see the gray
    In her tresses, and you never see a trace
    Of the feebleness of years,
    Born of heartaches and of tears;
    She's the youngest of the children still today.
    All the charm of youth remains,
    All her beauty she retains.
    O, she's right up to the minute in her way.

    Just because she's seventy-two
    Any old thing will not do,
    She believes that she must always look her best;
    Though her gowns are mostly black,
    She was never known to lack
    A little dash of color at her breast.
    'Just because I'm old,' says she,
    'Do not think I'm going to be
    Out of style and frumpy looking, for I'm not!
    And when folks come in to call,
    I'm not going to wear a shawl
    And cover up the splendid things I've got.'

    O, dear grandma, let me say,
    As I look at you today,
    In your stylish gown of satin with its little touch of blue;
    As I see your merry eye,
    When the years have wandered by
    May I only be as happy and as lovable as you.
    May I come from out the gloom
    Of my troubles with the bloom
    Of a heart that's ever youthful still in view,
    With a dash of color gay
    To relieve the somber gray,
    May I be as young as you at seventy-two.

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