7 I Miss You Poems

When you are missing someone you love, sometimes reading an I Miss You poem is exactly what you need. You also may find these useful to express your thoughts.

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  1. No One Knows
    Poet: Unknown

    No one knows how much I miss her,
    No one knows the bitter pain;
    I have suffered since I lost her,
    Life has never been the same.

  2. My Son
    Poet: Unknown

    Dearest son how I miss you.
    Miss you more than tongue can tell,
    But in Heaven we hope to meet you,
    There Jesus does all things well.

    The blow was hard, the loss severe.
    To part with one we loved so dear.
    Why did he have to go when life seemed fair.

  3. I miss you so...

  4. Missing You
    Poet: Unknown

    I miss you so, sometimes
    When weighty problems vex and frets my mind.
    And hands grow tired of reaching for the things they never get,
    And my dry eyes are hot with unshed tears. I miss you so!
    I miss you so , sometimes When at the ending of the day,
    As twilight falls, I seem to cathc the scent of roses from an old dead May,
    And seem to hold again your hand I miss you so!
    I miss you so, sometimes When I awaken from some fitful dream,
    Wherein you come as in the long ago,
    Just mind alone, and when I seem to feel your lips again-and then-I miss you so!
    I miss you so, sometimes - And all of life seems want and pain,
    While in the turmoil and the strife I try to pray for your dear arms again to hold me as no others can I miss you so!
    I miss you so, sometimes-That nothing else seems worth the while;
    I long so for your dear, dear clinging lips,
    Your gentle eyes and the bewitching smile they used to hold before I came to miss and want you so!

  5. I miss you like the earth would miss the sun, the moon, the stars...

  6. Miss You Sweetheart
    Poet: Unknown

    I miss you like the roses miss the dew,
    Like the child misses its mothers breast,
    its kisses and its love.
    Like the field the sunshine its warmth, its caress.

    I miss you like the field
    and forest would miss the birds,
    And beasts which penetrate its solitude,
    and give the one link of like to its vast quietness.

    I miss you like the mother bird who in quest of food,
    finds on its return its young stolen, and who,
    like some great grief wanders
    this vast world from tree to tree, to find relief in its seeking.

    I miss you like the wild fields would
    miss the hand of man,
    that gives it birth to the noble powers that lay within its bosom,
    and swell every impulse of Gods creative power.

    I miss you like I would miss the song of this world,
    its sweet music vibrating every cord of our soul;
    thrilling our centers of life
    and laying our hearts open to its destiny.

    I miss you like the world would miss its post-its
    glorious past-its memories that lie buried deep in the hearts of men,
    and all the wonderful achievements that crowned the heads
    that lie buried long-oh, so long ago.

    Like the saint I miss you,
    who traveled hand in hand
    with the world above,
    and awakened to the reality of earthly beings.

    Or like the wanderer far from home,
    misses his homestead
    and the kiss of his mother there.
    Or the lonely child who yearns for a sister hand.

    Or as faith yearns
    for a Christian land.
    The brook for its creative life,
    or the fields the warmth of life.

    I miss you like the vast ocean
    would miss its deep-its power,
    its mighty strength,
    that holds the world at its fingers length.

    I miss you like the earth would miss the sun,
    the moon, the stars, the blue depth of the heaven,
    and the mind of its imaginative power
    to dream of the worlds beyond.

    Then I miss you the best would miss the field,
    whose heart cries for hunger,
    or like the meadows for rain,
    or mountains for sunlight.

    I miss you like old age misses youth,
    who listens with yearning to every voice of the young.
    I miss you like the raging river misses its quiet,
    and yearns for the rest therein.

    I miss you like the prison bird misses its freedom,
    whose cry for the wooded hills throbs its every thrill.
    I miss you like the blind miss the sunshine,
    the hope of the past. Oh!

    I miss you, miss you like a human its heart,
    its beating, its joy, its sensations.
    I miss you in every nook, in every path,
    in every shadow that has held you there.

    I miss your smile, your glance,
    the reflection of your heart whos beating gave warmth to my soul.
    I miss the touch of your hand,
    whose thrills vibrated every atom of my being.

    I miss you like a fish its water,
    which being taken therefrom,
    breathes for it in silent despair. Oh!
    I miss you, miss you now, I miss you evermore.

  7. Miss You
    Poet: Unknown

    I miss you now, I miss you
    At evenings calm, thoughtful hour;
    I miss you when the morning dew
    Lies sparkling on the flower.

    I miss you when the bright sunbeams
    Inflame the deep blue sky above;
    I miss you when midnight dreams
    Recall the forms of those I love.

    I miss you in the crowded town,
    Where we meet to talk of news;
    I miss you in the forest, down
    Where roams the woodland muse.

    I miss you in the festive halls,
    When the heart beats to music gay,
    I miss you within the temple walls,
    Where choirs chime the sacred lay...

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