4 Anniversary Poems For Wife

Expressing your feelings is sometimes hard to do. Use these anniversary poems for your wife to help you tell your sweetheart how much you love her each and every day!

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  1. The Years
    Poet: Tom Gold

    My darling, the years have gone by so fast
    With each year my love for you continues to grow
    The memories, the things we have done
    And the future what it holds who knows.
    But as long as we are together dear
    We can face what the future holds.
    Together, we truly have no fear.

    Our wedding day seems like yesterday
    But we know the time has slipped away
    We faced each challenge with a smile
    We have done better than okay.
    Life with you has been a blessing
    I thank God above for you
    It is hard to express my feelings
    But always know I love you.

  2. My Sunshine
    Poet: B. R. Clement

    You are my sunshine each day
    Even on cloudy days, I say!
    You are like the flower in bloom
    With you, I never feel gloom.

    Happy Anniversary my Sweetheart
    From you, I will never part.
    Love you today, and tomorrow
    I am such a lucky fellow.

  3. From you, I will never part. Love you today, and tomorrow

  4. Let Us Forget
    Poet: A. M. F. Robinson

    Let us forget we loved each other much,
    Let us forget we ever have to part,
    Let us forget that any look or touch
    Once let in eidier to the other's heart.

    Only we'll sit upon the daised grass
    And hear the larks and see the swallows pass;
    Only we'll live awhile, as children play,
    Without tomorrow, without yesterday.

  5. A husband's reflection of his marriage.

  6. A Happy Choice
    Poet: Crocket McElroy

    We met at a party,
    The greeting was hearty.
    And her conduct was lady-like and kind,
    I noticed her reserve,
    And quickly did observe,
    That she was educated and refined.

    She was dressed so neatly,
    And she smiled so sweetly,
    And her manners were so pleasing to me,
    That I felt enraptured,
    And was fairly captured,
    And I wondered what the result would be.

    My plans were helped along,
    By some who did belong,
    By friendship and relation to her side;
    They called me a good catch,
    And sought to make a match,
    And see their friend become a happy bride.

    Then I aimed to acquire,
    The one I did admire,
    And to make her my partner for life;
    I did not have a doubt,
    That she would carry out,
    Ev'ry duty that belongs to a wife.

    I told her my intent,
    And asked her to consent,
    And promised I would love her evermore;
    And then she did reply,
    She was pleased to comply,
    And love me as she never loved before.

    Now we are man and wife,
    Have entered married life.
    And are settled in a sweet little home;
    I always do my best,
    My wife does all the rest,
    And neither one has any wish to roam.

    We have a little boy,
    Our greatest source of joy,
    Of sweet disposition like his mother;
    He is a darling pet,
    And we will not forget,
    Is a tie that binds us to each other.

    We work well together,
    Serve and please each other,
    And do not know of any better plan;
    Our home is one of peace,
    And we will never cease,
    To make it as attractive as we can.

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