17 Poems On Life

Life with all its ups and downs is amazing. Let these poems on life inspire you to live your life to the fullest. The poets express their experience with life in their verses may they give you inspiration and encouragement. Share these poems with others who could benefit from their wisdom.

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  1. Selfishness
    Poet: C.K. Smith

    You live for self and nothing more,
    You'll find yourself alone, before
    You fairly realize the fact
    That you are thus, by your own act.

    We cannot live to ourselves alone,
    This everyone will have to own ;
    Independence is not for man,
    Nor was it the Creator's plan.

    Interdependence is the word,
    By which the sluggish pulse is stirred ;
    Selfishness the one-man power
    Will thrive hereafter not one hour.

    The Golden Rule at once forbids
    The selfsame motive Nature aids,
    A barren waste, no verdure green
    By this lone wanderer is seen.

    Build your mansions while here you stay,
    By doing good as yet you may,
    What you deserve you will receive,
    Let not your works cause you to grieve.
    But let the heart and hand employ
    The things that will result in joy.

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  3. The Important Things
    Poet: Unknown

    Remember the important things in life,
    Love, happiness, and prayer.
    Don't get caught up in the material things,
    Without the important things, it wouldn't be fun to be a millionaire.

  4. Remember the important things in life, Love, happiness, and prayer.

  5. Life Is Short
    by Grace Gold

    This life is so short, and time so precious,
    I wish I could make you see and feel
    The importance of improving each moment for securing
    Some benefit either for yourselves or those around you.

    So many have good resolutions
    They intend to carry out
    Sometime in the future,
    But how few are doing their best today.

    Many neglect present duties and spend their time
    Building for the future castles without foundations.
    Dear ones I entreat you to attend to the duties of today,
    Which if faithfully performed will make a foundation
    So strong no misfortune can sweep it away.

    Self-sacrifice at first seems hard,
    But becomes at last a pleasure by continued practice,
    So then, "'weary not in noble doing."

  6. Over And Over Again
    Poet: Josephine Pollard

    Over and over again,
    No matter which way I turn,
    I always find in the book of life
    Some lesson I have to learn.
    I must take my turn at the mill,
    I must grind out the golden grain,
    I must work at my task with a resolute will,
    Over and over again.

    We can not measure the need
    Of even the tiniest flower,
    Nor check the flow of the golden sands
    That run through a single hour;
    But the morning dews must fall,
    And the sun and the summer rain
    Must do their part, and perform it all
    Over and over again.

    Over and over again
    The brook through the meadows flows,
    Over and over again
    The ponderous mill wheel goes;
    Once doing will not suffice,
    Though doing be not in vain;
    And a blessing failing us twice
    May come if we try again.

    The path that has once been trod
    Is never so rough to the feet,
    And the lesson we once have learned
    Is never so hard to repeat.
    Though sorrowful tears must fall,
    And the heart to its depths be driven
    With storm and tempest we need them all
    To render us meet for heaven.

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  8. Choices in Life
    Poet: Unknown

    Some people might think life is all about luck,
    I surely disagree.
    Life is filled with many choices to choose from,
    Choose the right ones and you'll be free.

  9. What Is Life?
    Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

    And what is life, if we alone
    Live to promote vile, selfish ends?
    If our ambition is a throne,
    Regardless of our foes or friends?
    It is not worthy of the name,
    And better that we perish now,
    Than kindle Honor's lurid flame,
    Or to the god of Passion bow.

    'Tis only real life, when we
    Fill up our days with noble deeds;
    Pluck from the breast of Poverty
    Dark Melancholy's fruitful seeds;
    And, where the hand of Sorrow pressed,
    Put efforts forth to cheer and heal,
    And plant within the torpid breast
    A lively faith a holy zeal.

    They who the mandate of the great
    Upon a trembling throne obey,
    Who for his beck and nodding wait,
    From fiery youth till life is gray,
    Are abject slaves, and never know
    The glories of a freeman's life;
    The joy and peace and love that flow
    In vales secure from pain and strife.

    Oh! wouldst thou live, and living bless
    The sons of woe? and pour within
    The lonely heart of deep distress
    The oil of joy? to virtue win
    The men of crime? turn straight away
    From gilded honors, worthless fame;
    For these but crumble to decay
    Before the light of Virtue's flame.

  10. Here's to the one who smiles 	When life rolls along like a song, 	And here's to the one who can smile When everything is going dead wrong.
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  11. Smile
    Poet: Unknown

    Here's to the one who smiles
    When life rolls along like a song,
    And here's to the one who can smile
    When everything is going dead wrong.

  12. Let Us Live
    by Charles Wagner

    Let us sometime live - be it only for an hour,
    And though we must lay all else aside -
    To make others smile.

    The sacrifice is only in appearance;
    No one finds more pleasure for himself
    Than he who knows how,
    Without ostentation, to give himself that he may
    Procure for those around him a
    Moment of forgetfulness and happiness.

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  14. Life
    Poet: Unknown

    Man comes into the world without his consent and leaves it against his will.
    During his stay on earth his time is spent in one continuous round of contraries and misunderstandings.
    In his infancy he is an angel.
    In his boyhood he is a devil.
    In his manhood he is everything from a lizard up.
    In his duties he is a durned fool.
    If he raises a family, he is a chump.
    If he raises a check, he is a thief, and the law raises cain with him.
    If he is a poor man, he is a poor manager and has no sense.
    If he is a rich man, he is dishonest but smart.
    If he is in politics, he is a grafter and a crook.
    If he is out of politics, you can�t place him, and he is an "undesirable citizen."
    If he goes to church, he is a hypocrite;
    If he stays away from church, he is a sinner.
    If he donates to foreign missions, he does it for show.
    If he does not, he is stingy and a "tight wad."
    When he first comes into the world everybody wants to kiss him;
    Before he goes out they want to kick him.
    If he dies young, there was a great future before him.
    If he lives to a ripe old age, he is in the way, only living to save funeral expenses.
    Life is a funny proposition after all.

  15. I Look At Life
    Poet: Loretta F. Snyder

    Sometimes I think that God in His love
    Looks down from His throne in heaven above;
    And if He weren�t so wise and so true
    Would almost laugh at the things that we do -

    Taking and giving with never a thought
    Of a price we must pay for what we have bought;
    How all our struggles for that thing and this
    Could, at His summons be thrown amiss.

    I�m certain, were He a less kindly Lord
    Would long ages since, have grown very bored
    And possibly could have set up a stand
    And charge for a �peek� at this funny old land.

    But, no, He just nods and says with a smile -
    They�ll all stumble back here - after a while.

  16. A Better World
    Poet: Unknown

    Wouldn�t this old world he better,
    If the folks we meet would say,
    �I know something good about you,�
    And then treat us just that way?

    Wouldn�t it be fine and dandy,
    If each handclasp was warm and true,
    Carried with it this assurance,
    �I know something good about you?�

    Wouldn�t life be lots more happy
    If the good that�s in us all
    Were the only thing about us,
    That folks bothered to recall?

    Wouldn�t life be lots more happy
    If we praised the good we see?
    For there�s such a lot of goodness
    In the worst of you and me.

    Wouldn�t it be nice to practice
    That fine way of thinking, too?
    You know something good about me;
    And I know something good about you.

  17. If Every Wish Were Granted
    Poet: Unknown

    If none were sick and none were sad,
    What service could we render?
    I think if we were always glad
    We scarcely could be tender.
    Did our beloved never need
    Our patient ministration,
    Earth would grow cold and miss indeed
    Its sweetest consolation.
    If sorrow never claimed our heart,
    And every wish were granted,
    Patience would die and hope depart -
    Life would be disenchanted.

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  19. The Tissue Of Life
    Poet: John Greenleaf Whittier

    We shape ourselves the joy or fear
    Of which the coming life is made,
    And fill our future's atmosphere
    With sunshine or with shade.

    The tissue of the life to be
    We weave with colors all our own,
    And in the field of destiny
    We reap as we have sown.

  20. The Bright Side of Life
    Poet: Mary D. Brine

    If one looks upon the bright side
    It is sure to be the right side;
    At least, that's how I've found it as I've journeyed through each day;
    And it's queer how shadows vanish.
    And how easy 'tis to banish
    From a bright-side sort of nature every doleful thing away.

  21. If We Try Again
    Poet: Unknown

    Over and over again,
    No matter which way I turn,
    I always find in the book of life
    Some lesson I have to learn.
    I must take my turn at the mill;
    I must grind out the golden grain;
    I must work at my task with a resolute will,
    Over and over again.

    Over and over again
    The brook through the meadow flows,
    And over and over again
    The ponderous mill-wheel goes.
    Once doing will not suffice.
    Though doing be not in vain;
    And a blessing failing us once or twice
    May come if we try again.

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  23. Live Your Own Life
    Poet: William S. Shurtleff

    Live your own life as conscience moves,
    And heart and brain define you,
    Resolved to fill alone the grooves
    Your attributes assign you;
    Not heeding much, if self approves,
    That all the world malign you.

    Be grand in purpose, brave in act
    As you and truth decide it;
    Swift in defence, slow in attack;
    Then what the issue, bide it!
    If opposition bar your track,
    Don't turn, but override it.

    Stand close to all, but lean on none,
    And, if the crowd desert you,
    Stand just as fearlessly alone
    As if a throng begirt you.
    And learn, what long the wise have known,
    Self- flight alone can hurt you.

  24. A Better Way
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    There are many different ways to live your life, and many will lead it in different ways.
    This results in different paths taken, it also paints us with shades of gray.
    There was a time when people chose, to follow good or to follow bad.
    The in between was less likely taken, but now this world follows fads.

    Being in the gray is considered cool, being mean is considered tough.
    If you are kind, you are a softy, when did this world get so rough?
    No matter the fad's of this world, some of us know a better path.
    We will be considerate in all we do, and not hide our intentions in the aftermath.

    We will show goodness to even the toughest, and show them a better way.
    They don't need to follow the fads to be happy, and not everyone is there to betray.
    They will see through our actions and words, that love is the way to go.
    And if this world could turn from bad to good, we can live as we did long ago.

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