18 Poems About Today

Be inspired to live today by the positive verses in these poems. This day is the only day we are guaranteed. No one knows what tomorrow will bring. And, no one can change what happened yesterday. We all have today, do not waste it!

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  1. Today
    Poet: Thomas Carlyle

    So here hath been dawning another blue day;
    Think, wilt thou let it slip useless away?

    Out of eternity this new day is born;
    Into eternity at night will return.

    Behold it aforetime no eye ever did;
    So soon it forever from all eyes is hid.

    Here hath been dawning another blue day;
    Think, wilt thou let it slip useless away?

  2. Today Is Yours
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    Today is yours to own and shape,
    Be the one that leads and helps,
    This day brings opportunity,
    If you lend your hand with grace and glee,

    Others will be uplifted too,
    So show some kindness through what you do.
    Smile and love will surely spread,
    Bringing a great day in store for you!

  3. Each New Dawn
    Poet: J. A. Butler

    With each new dawn that breaks the night's embrace,
    Today unfolds, a canvas filled with grace.
    Potential glimmers in every golden ray,
    Opportunities beckon, calling us to sway.

    Moments of happiness await our seize,
    But in pursuit, this solemn truth we tease:
    Time slips away, like sand clutched in our hand,
    So let us not waste this day's precious strand.

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  5. The Water That Has Passed
    Poet: Sarah Doudney

    Listen to the water-mill,
    Through the live-long day;
    How the clanking of the wheels
    Wears the hours away!
    Languidly the autumn wind
    Stirs the greenwood leaves;
    From the fields the reapers sing,
    Binding up the sheaves;
    And a proverb haunts my mind,
    As a spell is cast:
    "The mill will never grind
    With the water that has passed."

    Take the lesson to thyself,
    Living heart and true;
    Golden years are fleeting by,
    Youth is passing too;
    Learn to make the most of life,
    Lose no happy day;
    Time will never bring thee back
    Chances swept away.
    Leave no tender word unsaid;
    Love while life shall last.
    "The mill will never grind
    With the water that has passed."

    Work while yet the daylight shines,
    Man of strength and will;
    Never does the streamlet glide
    Useless by the mill.
    Wait not until tomorrow's sun
    Beams upon the way;
    All that thou canst call thy own
    Lies in thy today.
    Power, intellect, and health,
    May not, can not last;
    "The mill will never grind
    With the water that has passed."

    Oh! the wasted hours of life
    That have drifted by;
    Oh! the good we might have done,
    Lost without a sigh;
    Love that we might once have saved
    By a single word;
    Thoughts conceived, but never penned,
    Perishing unheard.
    Take the proverb to thine heart,
    Take, oh, hold it fast! -
    "The mill will never grind
    With the water that has passed."

  6. Monday's Dawn
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Monday's dawn brings a brand new week, �
    Opportunities abound for those who seek. �
    Never look back, always move ahead, �
    With any challenge, refuse to be led. �

    Believe in yourself and all that you can achieve, �
    Stay positive and your goals you will receive. �
    Do your best with every task at hand, �
    You'll see great results from where you stand.

  7. Today Do Our Best
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Maybe today is Monday, or maybe it's Thursday,
    The label doesn't matter much, let's just proceed with the day.
    It's essential we do our best, for this moment is all we have,
    To give it any less would be terribly haphazard.

    Each morning is a new chance to show who we are,
    Let's greet it with enthusiasm and set the bar.
    Today might just be the only one we'll ever receive,
    So let's seize the day and find reasons to believe.

  8. Be Grateful For Today
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Monday brings a fresh start,
    Tuesday is full of energy and heart,

    Wednesday we push on through,
    Thursday is so close to the weekend too,

    Friday leads us to fun and play,
    Saturday for adventure all day,

    Sunday�s rest, truly not a workday,
    But no matter the day be grateful for today

  9. You And To-Day
    Poet: Ella Wheeler Wilcox

    With every rising of the sun
    Think of your life as just begun.

    The past has shrived and buried deep
    All yesterdays� there let them sleep.

    Nor seek to summon back one ghost
    Of that innumerable host.

    Concern yourself with but to-day.
    Woo it and teach it to obey,

    Your wish and will. Since time began
    To-day has been the friend of man.

    But in his blindness and his sorrow
    He looks to yesterday and to-morrow.

    You and to-day! a soul sublime
    And the great pregnant hour of time.

    With God between to bind the train-
    Go forth I say� attain� attain.

  10. The Duties Of Today
    Poet: Fred Husted

    Oft we ponder, looking yonder,
    At a duty far ahead;
    Often fretting, and forgetting
    Those about us where we tread.

    The duties nearest are the dearest;
    They are not so far away:
    Sweetest flowers, they are ours,
    Growing at our feet today.

    Be possessing present blessing,
    Wait not for tomorrow's shower;
    There's a beauty in each duty,
    Bringing payment every hour.

    Look not backward, live not forward,
    Grand and glorious is today;
    Let us give it while we live it
    All the honor that we may.

  11. Help Today
    Poet: C. W. Naylor

    I need thee, Lord; I need thy help today
    To guide me onward in my pilgrim way.
    My vision far too narrow is to see
    The rugged path of duty leading up to thee.

    I need thee, Lord; I need thy strong right hand
    To lead me upward to that brighter land.
    Alone I feebly falter on my way;
    I can not do without thee, Lord, even one short day.

    I need thee when the waking sun doth rise,
    And till its last beams die in western skies;
    Still in the darkness would I have thee near
    To hold my hand, to keep my soul, to calm each fear.

  12. My Wish Today
    Poet: Mrs. Butts

    Little one, little one.
    They say life is hard:
    Thou wilt hear this old story
    From preacher and bard:
    Little one, listen,
    My wish is to-day
    To make thy life easy -
    And this is the way.

    Little one, little one,
    Down in thy heart.
    Is a voice true and earnest,
    Unspoiled and apart;
    It speaks to thee always;
    Always obey:
    Then life will be easy
    Through night and through day.

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  14. Day Of The Week
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Doesn't matter the day of the week,
    Wednesday or Saturday, take a peek.
    Your day is a gift, so do your best,
    Opportunities to excel, are manifest.

    Today is yours, make it count,
    No matter how difficult the amount.
    Forge ahead with purpose and zest,
    And you'll find success at its best.

  15. One Guarantee
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    We have one guarantee
    And that is today
    No one knows for sure
    If we will see another day.

    Enjoy each moment
    That the day does bring
    Be happy and
    Let your voice sing.

    On this day
    Brighten other people's day
    By assisting them and
    Helping them in every way.

    On this day
    Give a smile
    To someone you don't know
    It will go many miles.

    On this day
    Share your love
    Give others grace
    As God gives you from above.

    Today is yours
    To do with it as you choose
    Loving and helping others
    Means you have nothing to lose.

  16. Lessons For Today
    Poet: Adelaide A. Procter

    Rise! if the Past detains you,
    Her sunshine and storms forget:
    No chains so unworthy to hold you
    As those of a vain regret.
    Sad or bright, she is lifeless ever;
    Cast her phantom arms away,
    Nor look back, save to learn the lesson
    Of a nobler strife � to-day.

  17. I have no Yesterdays, Time took them away; Tomorrow may not be � But I have Today. Pearl Yeadon McGinnis
    Quotes About Today

  18. A Precious Day
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Today, a precious day, slips through my grasp,
    As I exchange a portion of my life's hourglass.
    Its value immense, for it shall not return again,
    Each moment spent, an irretrievable reign.

    No second chances to recapture its flight,
    The choices made shall shape my path tonight.
    With utmost care, I'll tread upon this ground,
    For what I do today can be defining and profound.

  19. A Road Tune
    Poet: Josephine Preston Peabody

    Oh, there is morning yonder.
    And night and noon again;
    And I must up and wander
    Away against the rain.

    The forests would delay me
    With a thousand little leaves;
    The hilltops seek to stay me.
    And valleys dim with eves.

    The mist denies the mountains,
    The wind forbids the sea;
    But, mist or wind, I go to find
    The day that calls to me.

    For there are mornings yonder,
    And noons that call and call;
    And there's a day, with arms outheld,
    That waits beyond them all.

  20. No One Can Grasp What Tomorrow . . .
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In the mysteries of time, obscured and unclear,
    No one can grasp what tomorrow will soon bear.
    Unfolding as a grand tale, its end unknown,
    Our fates entwined in secrets yet unshown.

    Regretting won't alter chapters already penned,
    For yesterday's echoes, we can never mend.
    But today, an offering of infinite grace,
    Embrace its gift, illuminate your space.

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