4 Poems About Mistakes

Let these poems about mistakes remind you we all make them. A mistake is one of life's learning tools. The only true mistake is when we keep making the same ones over and over. Let these poems give you positive thoughts to think about when you make a mistake!

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  1. Mistakes Made
    Poet: Julie Hebert

    Accidents are made, whether we want them or not,
    And sometimes it hurts so much, running away is our first thought.

    We sit and think and ponder about all the what ifs.
    The guilt takes us over and walks us off a mental cliff.

    We need to stop and remember, mistakes are part of the game.
    If you can learn from them, then there is no shame.

    Human beings are not perfect, and were never created to be.
    Growing up no matter your age, you will forever be a trainee.

    So cut yourself some slack, and thank God no one got hurt.
    Next time you're in this position, you'll be much more alert.

    And don't forget to forgive yourself, you can't change what's already happened.
    But you can look to your future, be courageous, and reconditioned.

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  3. We All Do
    Poet: C. A. Pulsifer

    So you made a mistake
    We all do!
    What's important is what's at stake
    Remember mistakes teach you.

    Learn from it what you can
    If you can fix it then do so
    Or you can make a plan
    So next time you know.

    Don't beat yourself up
    Remember the lesson
    Move on, stand up
    Mistakes are one thing we all have in common.

    You are not the first,
    And certainly not the last
    There is always something worse
    Leave mistakes in the past.

  4. Some men make the mistake of thinking they can never make one. Edgar A. Guest

  5. No One Is Perfect
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    No one is perfect, not even you
    Don't let a mistake made, make you blue.
    A mistake is not a failure, it is a learning tool
    It is what is referred to as life's school.
    So keep your chin up, move forward
    Don't let the mistake make you feel awkward.

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  7. Don't Quit
    Poet: C. A. Pulsifer

    You made a mistake and now you want to quit
    You feel like you could run, or just split
    But running away fixes nothing
    Only more trouble will it bring.

    Take action, fix the mistake, if you can
    Making mistakes, no one is a fan
    But we all make them and survive them we do
    No one is any different than you.

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Always remember, a mistake is not a failure, it is a learning tool! Learn from your mistakes and move on, life is too short to live in the past.

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