6 Dad Poems from Son

In the realm of heartfelt expressions, "Dad poems from Son" hold a profound significance. Often, sons find themselves at a loss for words when it comes to conveying the depth of their love and appreciation for their fathers. These poetic tributes may serve as a conduit, allowing emotions to flow freely and express sentiments often left unspoken.

Within the verses of these poems, a poignant realization emerges - that the wisdom imparted by our Dads often reveals its true brilliance only as we mature.

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  1. My Dad Is The Best
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    My dad's the best, that I can express
    He always tries his hardest to impress
    Showing me love, wherever we go
    No other Dad can truly compare, you know!

    Rides at the park and sleepovers too
    Playing catch in the backyard we do
    The memories made between him and me
    Countless laughs were shared, perfectly just me and he.

  2. Dad You Lead
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    In the dance of life, my dad, you lead,
    A guiding hand in times of need.
    Through every lesson, big and small,
    You showed me how to stand tall.

    With patience and a heart so wide,
    You've been my mentor, my humble guide.
    I can always count on you by my side,
    Always willing to teach me with love and pride.

    From tying shoes to casting dreams,
    You've been there in the in-between.
    A role model strong, kind, and true,
    I'm grateful for a dad like you.

    In your steps, I've learned to stride,
    With strength, compassion as my guide.
    You've shaped my world, broad and vast,
    A father's love, forever to last.

    So in this poem, a token so small,
    I express my thanks, my gratitude's call.
    For being more than words can say,
    Dad, you light up my every day.

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  4. Ironclad Knight
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    My dad is an ironclad knight,
    �A man suave and intensely bright;
    �His face so bold, his heart's aflame
    � He guides us forward like a burning flame.
    � � � � � � � �
    Never shying away from the toilsome task,
    �For his pride and courage, we do bask;
    �His tales of life are woven of valor,
    The very fabric of which he is made to deliver.

  5. My Dad's The Best
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    My dad's the best, I'm one lucky lad!
    His heart is pure, no matter what we've had.
    Never underestimate his comedy,
    His jokes are side-splitting, hilarity.

    Just like a heavyweight champion boxer,
    He can never be knocked down to zero. �
    He always looks spiffy in his hat and suit,
    Whenever I need him he'll never refute.

    A cosmic force of nature tough and strong,
    At the end of it all my Dad is God's favored one.

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  7. Wonderful Moments
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    My father, my buddy, my friend, oh how I love him.
    Wonderful moments we share, like no other can.
    Dad�s tales for me night and day,
    Teaching me life lessons along the way.

    His soft voice and warm embrace;
    His love and compassion have no trace.
    I thank God for gifting him to me
    And will be ever grateful, amen!

  8. My father, my buddy, my friend, oh how I love him. Wonderful moments we share, like no other can.
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  9. Dear Dad
    Poet: C. A. Lynch

    Dear Dad, with words I seek to say,
    What my heart has longed to convey.
    As a son, I was blind and naive,
    Unaware of the wisdom you did conceive.

    In my youthful days, I failed to see,
    The depth of your love, the strength in thee.
    I brushed off your guidance, dismissed your care,
    But now I realize the lessons you shared.

    Through my reckless steps and youthful strife,
    You stood by my side, the rock in my life.
    Patiently, you watched me stumble and fall,
    Knowing that growth would come from it all.

    Your words, like treasures, I now embrace,
    Lessons learned, etched with love and grace.
    You taught me courage when I felt small,
    To rise after failures, to stand tall.

    Through your actions, you silently spoke,
    A father's love, an unbreakable yoke.
    You gave me roots, a foundation so strong,
    To weather life's storms and face them head-on.

    As I've grown older, I've come to discern,
    The depth of your love, the lessons I yearn.
    Your sacrifices, your selfless giving,
    A testament to a life worth living.

    With each passing day, I now comprehend,
    The unwavering love of a lifelong friend.
    Through joys and sorrows, highs and lows,
    Your love remains a steady force that grows.

    So, dear Dad, I offer my gratitude,
    For the wisdom imparted, the love pursued.
    Though my words may falter, my heart is clear,
    I appreciate you, now and forever, glad you are near.

    As a son, I didn't always see,
    But now I cherish the bond we decree.
    You've shaped my life in ways untold,
    And for that, Dad, I'll forever behold.

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