Trust God Poems

Poems like these ones are good reminders of why we should trust God in our lives. To stop worrying or trusting in things that do not bring us comfort and trust only in the one and only God. Let these poems be an inspiration for you and for others.

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  1. In God We Trust
    Poet: George W. Seevers

    “In God we trust,"
    Because we must;
    And yet not altogether;
    We trust not God
    To plow the sod,
    But only for the weather.

    If we would farm,
    We trust our arm
    To plant the corn and tend it,
    And sow the grain,
    But for the rain,
    We trust to God to send it.

    By wisdom’s plan,
    ’Twixt God and man
    The work is well divided;
    All Nature through,
    What man can’t do,
    Is still by God provided.

    But all he can
    Is left to man,
    By labor and invention,
    To bring about
    The filling out
    Of God’s divine intention.

    And it is true
    That man will do
    Still more and more forever,
    And aye improve
    In light and love
    And cease progressing never.

  2. Trust God's Power
    Poet: Henry vanDyke

    Was it long ago, or was it but yesterday,
    that we prayed for strength to perform a
    certain duty, to bear a certain burden,
    to overcome a certain temptation, and received it?

    Do we dream that the Divine force was exhausted
    in answering that one prayer?
    No more than the great river is exhausted
    by turning the wheels of one mill.

    Put it to the proof again with to-day's duty,
    today's burden, to-day's temptation.
    Thrust yourself further and deeper into the stream of God's power,
    and feel it again as you have felt it before,
    able to do exceeding abundantly.
    Remember and trust.

  3. Be Patient
    Poet: Unknown

    O heart of mine, be patient!
    Some glad day,
    With all life's puzzling problems
    Solved for aye,
    With all its storms and doubtings
    Cleared away,
    With all its little disappointments past,
    It shall be thine to understand at last.

    Be patient! Some sweet day
    The anxious care,
    The fears and trials, and the
    Hidden snare,
    The grief that comes upon thee
    Shall with the fleeting years be laid aside,
    And thou shalt then be fully satisfied.

    Be patient! Keep thy life-work
    Well in hand;
    Be trustful where thou canst not
    Thy lot, where'er it be, is
    Wisely planned;
    Whate'er its mysteries, God holds the key;
    Thou well canst trust him and bide patiently.

  4. Trust Thy Father Still
    Poet: Unknown

    When thy heart is cheery,
    Singing like a lark;
    When the way is dreary
    And the skies are dark
    Through life's incompleteness
    Of light or shadow dim,
    Still, in patient sweetness,
    Trust it all to Him.

    When thy faith upsoareth
    In a golden sky,
    When the sad rain poureth,
    And no help is nigh
    Through the tender gladness
    Of the spirit's flight,
    Through thy soul's deep sadness,
    God is still thy light.

    When thy sweet hope bloometh
    Like a tender flower,
    When a dark cloud loometh
    And shadoweth the hour
    Through life's strange enfolding
    Of changes, good or ill,
    Still his face beholding,
    Trust thy Father still.

  5. Trust Divine Power
    by Orison Swett Marden

    It seems strange that when we know
    perfectly well that we are dependent,
    for every breath we draw, upon a Divine Power
    which is constantly providing for us and protecting us,
    we do not learn to trust it with absolute
    confidence and resignation.

    There is only one thing for us to do,
    and that is to do our level best,
    right where we are, every day of our lives;
    to use our best judgment, and then
    to trust the rest to that Power which holds
    the forces of the universe in His hand,
    and which does all things well.

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