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Find quotes about Mom that you can share with your Mother to let her know how loved and special she is. Moms are always there for us no matter what happens and no matter what our age! Let these quotes remind you how special she is to you, send her a text or email with a quote to brighten her day! One of our favorite sayings about Mothers is a proverb that goes like this: "God could not be everywhere; therefore He made Mothers." Also find Mom poems to share.

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  1. My mother she's so good to me, if I was good as I could be, I couldn't be as good-no, sir.- can't any boy be good as her. James Whitcomb Riley, A Boys Mother
    Mom Poems From Son

  2. God may choose your mother, that is true, but your mother chooses who she will be. Julie Hebert, A Mother As Wonderful As Mine
    Mother Poems from Daughter

  3. It never dies, - a mother's love - strengthens with every ill that may betide E. O. Jewell, It Never Dies
    Poems About Mothers Love

  4. Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children. William M. Thackeray
    Mother's Day Poems

  5. A mothers joy begins when new life is stirring insidewhen a tiny heartbeat is heard for the first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone. Author Unknown
    Quotes That Encourage

  6. Your children dont want a perfect mom, they want a happy mom. Author Unknown
    Quotes About Life Happiness

  7. Life does not hold enough of years in which we can repay a mother's love
  8. Life does not hold enough of years in which we can repay a mother's love Unknown, The Ways of Love
    Love For Mom Poems

  9. A careful study of great men's lives will reveal that much of their force of character they owe to their mother. P. H. Murdick
    Motherhood Poems

  10. In a college where one hundred and twenty young men were preparing for the ministry, it was found that more than one hundred had been led to Christ by their mothers. J. S. C. Abbott
    Quotes That Inspire

  11. Hundreds of lambs in the purple clover, hundreds of butterflies on the lawn, but only one mother the world over. Unknown, Only One Mother
    Mother's Day Poems

  12. And still you reign my Queen of Hearts and I'm your Valentine. Christina Georgina Rossetti, A Valentine To My Mother
    Mom Poems for Valentines Day

  13. Being a Mom is not always easy. It is putting others before yourself, it is feeling the pain of childhood disappointments, it is sometimes feeling rejection and hurt, but there is so much more joys than hardship in being a Mom - it is the best thing in the world. C. A. Lynch
    Quotes When Life Is Hard

  14. Mothers are like glue. Even when you cant see them, theyre still holding the family together. Susan Gale
    Quotes That Inspire

  15. We couldn't have asked for a better Mother from you, we would never part C. A. Lynch, We Wish You
    Birthday Poems For Mom

  16. We dont all get our mom, sometimes she has to go away. We do our best to remember her teachings and live as she would Julie Hebert, The One We Call Mom
    Funeral Poems For Mother

  17. I miss you, my mother, my mother - but death will not linger too long. Leila Mae Wilson
    Poems To Mother In Heaven

  18. Oh, the love of a mother, love which none can forget.
  19. Oh, the love of a mother, love which none can forget. Victor Hugo
    I Love You So Much Quotes

  20. If there is aught surpassing human deed or word or thought, it is a mother's love. Marchioness De Spadoro
    Quotes To Make You Think

  21. Mother's love is ever in its spring, mother's truth keeps constant youth. Proverb
    Poems About Honesty

  22. The best place to cry is on a mother's arms. Jodi Picoult
    Quotes When Life Is Hard

  23. The instruction received at the mother's knee, and the paternal lessons, together with the pious and sweet souvenirs of the fireside, are never effaced entirely from the soul. Lamennais
    Quotes About Life Inspirational

  24. A mother's arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them. Victor Hugo
    Quotes About Life Struggles

  25. The mother's heart is the child's schoolroom. Henry Ward Beecher
    Quotes To Inspire Students

  26. If ever I make anything of myself in this world or another, I shall owe it to the blessed influences of home. It was my mother who brought out the best that was in me. Daniel Coit Gilman
    Quotes That Encourage

  27. Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws.
  28. Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws. Barbara Kingsolver
    Quotes About Life Struggles

  29. God know that a mother need fortitude and courage and tolerance and flexibility and patience and firmness and nearly every other brave aspect of the human soul. Phyllis McGinley
    Christian Poems

  30. My mother was the sheet-anchor of my life, and the most perfect lady in all Scotland. The end of the whole matter is, that I think there is nobody like mother in the whole world. Daniel MacMillan
    Poems On Life

  31. Motherhood is priced of God, at price no man may dare to lessen or misunderstand. Helen Hunt Jackson
    Poems On Faith

  32. Think about Moms - they carry us for 9 months and then are there for us to carry us if we fall down. Tom S. Gold
    Quotes To Make You Think

  33. A mother is as different from anything else that God ever thought of as can possibly be. Henry Ward Beecher
    Christian Quotes

  34. A mother comforts by clinging tenderness, by tactful suggestion, and by sympathy. Happy is the child who can come home to mother with his or her first heartache. W. J. Twort
    Happy Poems

  35. For unwearying patience and unchanging tenderness, the love of a true mother stands next to the love of our Father in Heaven. Author Unknown
    Heaven Poems

  36. There is no love like the good old love the love that mother gave us. Eugene Field
    Cute Love Quotes

  37. Mothers are the place that we call home. On them we rest our heads and close our eyes. Nicholas Gordon
    Quotes about Home

  38. A mother's love is honest; she's never mean or rude. Shakira Wilkerson
    Quotes About Honesty

  39. Holy as heaven a mother's tender love, the love of many prayers and many tears, which changes not with dim declining years. Mrs. Norton
    Prayer Poems

  40. Mother - that was the bank where we deposited all our hurts and worries.
  41. Mother - that was the bank where we deposited all our hurts and worries. T. DeWitt Talmage
    Thank You Quotes

  42. Some precious words are born of earth; some others by the angels given; but sweetest of celestial birth, are these: "My mother," "Home," and "Heaven." Author Unknown
    Thanksgiving Blessing

  43. Stories first heard at a mother's knee are never wholly forgotten - a little spring that never quite dries up in our journey through scorching years. Ruffini
    Poems That Inspire

  44. Mother's love is peace. It need not be acquired, it need not be deserved. Erich Fromm
    Love Sayings

  45. One lamp, thy mother's love, amid the stars shall lift its pure flame changeless, and before the throne of God burn through eternity. J. P. Willis
    Poems About God

  46. Dear Mom - without you I don't know what I'd do. But with you I know there is nothing I can't do. Author Unknown
    Quotes To Inspire Students

  47. I like it when my mother smiles. And I especially like it when I make her smile. Adriana Trigiani
    Good Morning Wishes

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