17 New Year Wishes

Oh how the start of a new year brings everyone joy. Spead the joy by sending those you care about new year wishes.

  1. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Merry Christmas Wishes

  2. Another New Years Eve spent with the one I love and adore. How much luckier can a gal/guy get!! Marriage Wishes

  3. I love it when we get to start with a fresh slate and begin in a new way. Almost feels like how a butterfly feels when it transforms from a caterpillar. So hereís to us, starting something great together. Engagement Wishes

  4. Holidays are amazing when we get to be with the ones we love, sharing, toasting and best of all, laughing! Funny Christmas Wishes

  5. May this year end on a high note and next year start with excitement. Irish Blessing

  6. You and I have always been meant to be. Look at us know, proving to all our family and friends that we were right. About to start not only a new life together, but also a new year of wonderful memories to make. Wedding Vow Examples

  7. Bless your growing family, your commitment to each other and the years ahead of you. Wedding Blessings

  8. A marriage like yours is one in a million. For each year that passes and starts again, your love shines through stronger than the last. Wedding Anniversary Wishes

  9. Thank you for the many New Years evenings you sat with me making me laugh and enjoy the start of a new year! What To Write In A Thank You Card

  10. I am so thankful for new years. Each time we start a new year, its like a new beginning. I choose to think of it this way in order to better myself. Thank You Quotes

  11. Spend the new year as you would with the start of anything new. Filled with excitement and joy. Retirement Sayings

  12. Donít get too wrapped up in the novelty of New Years but in the time we still share with those we love. Love Sayings

  13. There are times in our lives when we truly want those we love to be present. The starts of a new year is no different. Wish You Were Here

  14. Spend this day reminding everyone you love them so much and appreciate them in your life. I Love You So Much Quotes

  15. Days like today should not be pondered away. They should be planned, appreciated and enjoyed.  Happy Valentines Day Messages

  16. Each time a new child is born to a mother,
    A new start begins again.
    Just like the start of a new year,
    Our lives continue to change now and then.
    Mom Poems

  17. Spend your days celebrating the simple things. Never let the special days go by without notice. Happy Birthday Quotes

  18. I love it when we get to start a new chapter in our lives. We get to start new challenges and learn from our mistakes. Goodness knows we have many of those! Funny Retirement Quotes

  19. The days seem to start again,
    Yet nothing seems to have changed.
    We continue on with our lives much the same,
    Checking off our lists and getting things arranged.

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