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Receiving Happy Birthday messages is one of the perks of it being your birthday. Find many examples of messages, both funny and sincere as well as messages for a friend.

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  1. On this day, a celebration in the air,
    Happy Birthday, joy beyond compare.
    May laughter dance, and wishes come true,
    A year ahead, radiant and new. - Birthday Poems

  2. Life is sometimes too short, but my wish for you is it is long enough for you to see and experience all this world had to offer.

  3. We can only hope that this day will be as special as you!

  4. The day you were born gave hope to us all, that our lives will always be brighter with you in it! - Happy Birthday Blessings

  5. Getting older only means you are getting better. - Turning 40 Poems

  6. Experience comes with time, and time makes you older. Therefore if you didn't get older, you couldn't be the person you are today - Happy Birthday Quotes

  7. You deserve to have all your wishes come true. - Birthday Wishes

  8. Your birthday is a beautiful reminder that life is a gift worth celebrating. So here's to you, enjoy your special day!

  9. May the best times of your past be the worst times of your future. - Funny 40th Birthday Poems

  10. Hope today will only be the start of the happiness this year will bring. - 30th Birthday Poems

  11. May the happiness you bring to others be doubled for you in the coming years ahead. - Irish Blessing Quotes

  12. No one deserves a happier birthday than you do.
  13. No one deserves a happier birthday than you do. - Happy Birthday Brother Quotes

  14. So let us celebrate each passing year for there are some who never make it here. C. A. Lynch, The Blessing Of Age

  15. May your 50th year be filled with dreams fulfilled and new adventures. - 50th Birthday Wishes

  16. Happy Birthday... I send you cheer, may all your wishes come true this year! - C. A. Lynch, Celebrate You Grandma - Birthday Poems For Grandma

  17. It is a good thing that you know your age as when you start asking to be reminded of your birthday, that's how we know, you're getting old! - Poems About Age

  18. Sit back, relax and enjoy this wonderful day that is tributed to you. - 80th Birthday Wishes

  19. Birthdays are just nature's way of telling us to eat more cake and dance like no one's watching.

  20. Love every birthday not just because it may be your last, but because you are worth every amount of attention bestowed upon you! - Funny 40th Birthday Sayings & Quotes

  21. You deserve wonderful poetic words of wisdom on your birthday and so much more! - Funny Birthday Poems

  22. Birthdays should be celebrated not mourned, so turn that frown upside down and celebrate all the days of our life. And how lucky you are to have each and every one of them. - 80th Birthday Poems

  23. May your dreams take flight, may they soar, guided by love forevermore. C. A. Lynch, A Daughters Birthday - 30th Birthday Wishes

  24. Happy birthday to my wonderful sister! Let's raise a glass to all the amazing memories we've made and all the adventures that still lie ahead.  Author Unknown

  25. Once a year we do agree, that birthdays are meant to be fun - we eat your favourite food and dance to your favourite song Julie Hebert, Once A Year - Happy Birthday Brother Poems

  26. Celebrate and be thankful that you are at the age that you're at!
  27. So on this birthday be happy - don't let your age make you snappy. Celebrate and be thankful that you are at the age that you're at! Samatha C. Ringle, Be Thankful - Poems About Getting Older

  28. We hope this day is filled with many greetings and birthday wishes! - 75th Birthday Poems

  29. On your special day, I wish you a journey into another year that's brighter, bigger and even better. Happy Birthday!

  30. We aren't playing any games when we discussed your birthday! Lets party! - Birthday Poems for Kids

  31. By noting, what today has wrought, perceive with what the morrow's fraught. So would I thus return to thee good wishes now expressed for me Mrs. C. K. Smith, Response - Birthday Greeting Poems

  32. Presents and surprises for you a birthday that shows how much we love you. Samatha C. Ringle, Let The Party Begin

  33. Here's to you, my friend, on a day to celebrate...wishes to you for great things to come, with candles, presents, and friends. Julie Hebert, Until Then My Friend - Birthday Poems For A Friend

  34. But in truth I do wish thee, sincerely, believe me, a path strewed with roses, and free from a thorn. M. E. B., Happy Birthday Sister - Birthday Poems For Sister

  35. May your days be filled with joy and happiness, and may you have many, many more. Julie Hebert, Happy Birthday Mother - Birthday Poems For Mom

  36. Today is your day to shine and let everyone else be dull! Take advantage as tomorrow will be very different!
  37. Today is your day to shine and let everyone else be dull! Take advantage as tomorrow will be very different! - Funny 50th Birthday Poems

  38. You can lie about your age - you can pretend you're at a different stage - but hey Sister, I know the truth - we are no longer in our youth! C. A. Lynch, Another Birthday - Funny Birthday Poems For Sister

  39. Birthdays come and go, what matters is if you are enjoy those years in between. - Milestone Birthday Poem

  40. As you turn a year older, may each day of your upcoming year bring you an extra dose of happiness. To many more birthdays ahead!

  41. As you turn a year older may your dreams come true - may life's journey be one that is good to you. B. R. Clement, The Impact Of You - Birthday Poems for Daughter

  42. How can anyone think that getting older is a bad thing? The wisdom we gain with every year we live is worth much more than turning one year older!

  43. We hope you will enjoy your birthday as much as we enjoy you every day of our lives.

  44. Don't let convention dictate how old you are. If you feel 43 on your birthday, then that's how old you are! - 50th Birthday Sayings

  45. Here is a birthday message filled with love and happiness for the next year of your life.

  46. I am a true believer that the wishes we make on our birthday can come true. We just sometimes have to be patient. So go ahead and blow out those candles!

  47. All celebrations are awesome! Filled with fun and amusement. - 70th Birthday Poems

  48. Celebrate your birthday always! You were born for this very important role. - Quotes About Celebrations

  49. A wish for you is what I hope you get when you blow out those candles on your birthday. Make it a wish for a wonderful year ahead. - 75th Birthday Poems

  50. As you blow out the candles, remember to focus on aging gracefully, but don't forget to embrace the occasional hilarious distraction along the way! Author Unknown - Funny 80th Birthday Poems

  51. I am so happy you are here with us on your birthday and can hardly wait to spend another year in celebration with you. - 75th Birthday Wishes

  52. Don't get caught up in the day to day stuff life throws at you, enjoy every moment, every day and every birthday you get to celebrate another glorious year.
  53. Don't get caught up in the day to day stuff life throws at you, enjoy every moment, every day and every birthday you get to celebrate another glorious year.

  54. Can hardly believe you are the age you are, feels like just the other day you were a baby! We are so proud of everything you have become and can't wait to celebrate so many more! - Age Quotes

  55. I am a strong believer that birthdays are for the strong minded. Just because we are counting up doesn't mean we are losing time. We are actually gaining memories, experiences and many years with the ones we love.

  56. Funny Happy Birthday Messages

  57. You're one of the wisest people I know! (with age comes wisdom) - Funny 30th Birthday Poems

  58. Here's to another year at the same age! - Funny Poems About Age

  59. Cry if you really want to, but I think laughing on your birthday seems like a much better thing to do! - Funny 30th Birthday Sayings

  60. Gotta love birthdays! Wishes galore and attention is all yours!

  61. Statistics show that people who have the most birthdays, live longer! See birthdays are good for you! - Funny 50th Birthday Poems

  62. All your other birthdays were just samples compared to this one! - Funny 70th Birthday Poems

  63. Here's to the forest fire we call, your birthday cake! Let eat! - Funny 70th Birthday Sayings

  64. 	Getting older is like becoming a classic! Classic's are always the nicest
  65. Getting older is like becoming a classic! Classic's are always the nicest - Poems About Middle Age

  66. You know, if everyone brought you one gift for each birthday you've had, wow that would be a lot of presents! - Birthday Poems for Dad

  67. There are many things out there that are better with age, wine for example. Now you can be added to that list as well!! - Funny 75th Birthday Poems

  68. You only get one day that is your own and everyone has to be nice to you. So make sure you make it worth it, cause tomorrow is just another day!

  69. Birthdays are just another way nature is telling us to eat more cake! So eat away!

  70. We have no control over growing old, but how old you act, that is your choice!

  71. Fun birthdays are worth every bit of the hangover!

  72. Don't be one of those people that can't handle an extra candle on their cake, unless of course, the cake starts to look like a forest fire! - Funny 75th Birthday Sayings

  73. So what if you're not as young as you use to be, you're just as smart, that's why you've been using wrinkle cream for years! Knowledge is power!

  74. Grey hair and wrinkles are a part of life, for instance, if you never had them, everyone would still think you were in your forties, seeing that you always lie about your age.

  75. Oh so now you'll fess up to your true age, only because you'll start being paid for it!
  76. Oh so now you'll fess up to your true age, only because you'll start being paid for it!

  77. Birthdays can be hard, but always focus on the good parts of birthdays: fun, friends, presents and cake! Did I mention cake?

  78. Birthday Message For Friend

  79. Happy Birthday my friend. May this day be the best in your last year and the first in a wonderful year to come.

  80. I am so excited to be able to wish another Happy Birthday to a lifelong friend. May we continue to grow old together in the years to come.

  81. To the best and sweetest person I know, I wish you a sweet and wonderful birthday.

  82. We aren't given very many people in this world that we truly and deeply care about. I'm sure glad you are one of those people for me. Happy Birthday to my soul mate, my best friend.

  83. Extraordinary people require extraordinary birthdays! I hope you have an extraordinary day!

  84. We've been saying the same thing to each other on birthdays for many many years now. No more words needed! Have a great Birthday.

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