26 Bridal Shower Wishes

Looking for some awesome bridal shower wishes to wish the bride well? Well, you’ve come to the right place. You will find unique and one of a kind bridal shower wishes here. We’ve written these wishes for you because we know how hard it is to write your own. If you choose to write your own, hopefully, these will inspire you and give you ideas.

Below you will find our wishes for a great wedding and a great life afterward for the bride and groom.

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    You are blessed
  1. Life takes us on these twists and turns and we sometimes feel lost and lonely. It is when we find someone we can share everything with that we know we are blessed. You are blessed.
    Wedding Blessings

  2. Congratulations on this life-changing event. Wishing your lives be rich with things that matter.
    What To Write In A Wedding Card

  3. it's your time
  4. So happy to hear it's your time to tie the knot with your man. You both will definitely live happily ever after!
    Wedding Wishes

  5. We know that weddings can be a hassle, but that's only if you stress about the unimportant things and forget why you are getting married in the first place.
    Wedding Phrases

  6. Continue to love, laugh and be the kind of person you want your spouse to be after the wedding
  7. Continue to love, laugh and be the kind of person you want your spouse to be after the ceremony. Don't let life lead you off track.
    Wedding Card Messages

  8. To two people who were meant to be right from the start. May this only be the beginning of your love story.
    Wedding Toasts

  9. It's your time now to walk the marriage threshold and become the wife and possibly the mother that you've always wanted to be.
    Marriage Wishes

  10. Treat your ceremony like it is the stepping stone to something greater. Just don't go broke stepping over it!
    Wedding Quotes

  11. Bridal Shower: Gives us a chance to celebrate you!
  12. With all the steps we take before we can get to the marriage part, we can sometimes feel like a piece on a game board. Don't lose sight of what you will win when you get to the finish line. There is nothing like the start of your marriage to bring two people together as one.
    Marriage Quotes

  13. Taking the plunge into married bliss is a wonderful and exciting adventure. And more so, an adventure that you will walk hand and hand in together and forever.
    Wedding Planning

  14. May the lives you share today be intertwined in many blessings from now until the day you depart.
    Irish Wedding Toast

  15. He popped the question and now it's time to share your vows with each other. Remember those vows are your everlasting bond. Treasure them, and treasure each other.
    Wedding Vows

  16. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. How exciting it must be to anticipate such a wonderful event.
    Engagement Wishes

  17. Take your love to a new level
  18. Love is so exciting, especially when a commitment like this is involved. Take your passion to a new level.
    Love Sayings

  19. May God bless your upcoming wedding and your life together.
    Christian Poems

  20. This is your new start, just like when we celebrate a new year! Enjoy your new year together.
    New Year Wishes

  21. I couldn't be happier for you on such a special day. May this only be the beginning of your happiness.
    Wedding Speeches

  22. On the day you recite your vows to the man of your dreams, I hope you hold on to that feeling of being able to bear your soul to the one you love. Never let go of that feeling and never stop telling him how you feel about him!
    Marriage Vows

  23. In just a few days now you will be waking up beside your one true love and be able to say good morning every morning from then on.
    Good Morning Wishes

  24. I'm so proud of you!
  25. I'm so proud of you for taking your time, living your younger years with no pressure from the outside world and really getting to know yourself. I can honestly say that you are ready for this next adventure. Make it a great one! Wedding Anniversary Wishes

  26. Becoming someone's wife is a glorious event! Especially when it's to someone you feel passionate  for and know will make you happy.
    Wedding Wishes Messages

  27. If there was ever a time to remind you of all your blessings, today is it! You are at your bridal shower, surrounded by people to wish you and your fiancee nothing but the best. You have an amazing bridal party to share in your celebration and your family and friends wish you nothing but the best. You have blessings galore and I am so happy for you both! Wedding Poems

  28. You are going to be a beautiful bride, and a wonderful wife. _________ is the luckiest man in the world to be making you his wife.
    Marriage Poems

  29. May the feeling of your love for each other grow strong with each year that passes.
    Cute Love Quotes

  30. I'm so excited to be sending you best wishes for your bridal shower. Sharing in your momentous occasion is a great joy for me!
    Marriage Quotes

  31. Today is your bridal shower and very soon it will be your big day. Enjoy today for everything it will be. Today will be the last day that it is only about you!!

When someone is getting married, this is an exciting time for them and also can be a stressful time. When you are sending your bridal shower wishes, why not offer to help with the ceremony or reception in some way. It may be something as simple as offering to bring breakfast on the morning of. Or offering to help put together the favors. Brides to be, especially those that want to do the ‘do it yourself weddings’ need all the help they can get, so when you’re attending the bridal shower, sending a little help available messages can be a great gift.

We hope these bridal shower wishes have been helpful to you and you are free to use them however you decide they will be of assistance to you. Using them in a congratulations card or to help decorate the shower or maybe even as part of your home made gift, we hope they will be of some use.

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