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When someone retires, retirement wishes are bound to flow in. This is an exciting time for the retiree as this is the time we all have been waiting for. This person will finally become free of early mornings, schedules, routines, and a busy lifestyle. They now get to sit back and relax and do the things they never got a chance to do.

Allow us to help you in finding the perfect retirement wishes to send or relay to the newly retiree. Don't forget to be excited for them, it will be your turn soon enough and if you were lucky enough to retire already, then you will have lots of guidance on the best ways to spend your free time.

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  1. Congratulations on your well-earned retirement,
    May each day be filled with joy and contentment.
    May your newfound freedom bring adventures anew,
    Wishing you a retirement that's as amazing as you!
    Retirement Poems

  2. Good morning to your day of freedom, the day you are finally free of routines, offices, and timesheets. Retirement is the start of something great.
    Retirement Wishes For Colleague

  3. There is one thing I must tell you when it comes to retirement that I never really realized until it was my turn. You will have tons of time on your hands. And the best way I think you should fill that time, is to join me for a round of golf! - Funny Retirement Quotes

  4. Wishing a lot for you, at this amazing time. Hope its everything you imagined, by enjoying your favourite past time. Julie Hebert, A Joyous Time Indeed - Retirement Poems for Coworkers

  5. Work will not be the same without you around who are we to blame. Seriously, my friend, you will be missed. We wish you well with new interests. C. A. Lynch, Forever and A Day - Retirement Poems For Friends

  6. We can't believe you're calling it a day, stepping down and stepping away. We figured we have to carry you out of here, you're like a fixture, even if you are a dear. C. A. Lynch, Calling It A Day - Funny Retirement Poems

  7.  May others care for you the way you have cared for people throughout your career!  Enjoy your retirement!
  8. Congratulations on such a joyful day! May others care for you the way you have cared for people throughout your career! Enjoy your retirement! - Retirement Poems For Nurses

  9. Retirement's here, a well-deserved rest,
    Wishing you joy, your very best.
    In this new chapter, may each day be light,
    Enjoy every moment, day and night.
    Retirement Wishes For A Friend

  10. As a teacher, we think you are swell, we say so long, but not farewell. We hope retirement treats you well. C. A. Lynch, Happy Retirement To A Great Teacher - Retirement Poems For A Teacher

  11. Happy adventures, stay blessed with joy forever in life! We'll miss you sincerely now that you move onwards to new adventures in life! C. A. Lynch, We'll Miss You - Goodbye Poems For Coworker

  12. Retirement should be defined as the beginning of the Time of your Life! So go have the best retirement years possible.
  13. Retirement should be defined as the beginning of the Time of your Life! So go have the best retirement years possible.

  14. What a wonderful time in one's life! This is when you get to reinvent yourself into the person you always wanted to be. Retirement is great that way! - Retirement Messages

  15. What can I say, I knew this day would come, the day I could no longer tease you about having to go to work. Well, I must say it's about time you joined me in this fabulous life I call Retirement! - Funny Retirement Messages

  16. May your retirement be a chapter filled with all the joy of pursuing everything you've ever dreamed of but never had the time for. Cheers to checking off every postponed adventure and enjoying the fulfilling journey that lies ahead!

  17. Best wishes for your retirement. May these days be in comparison to the best days of your life. - Irish Blessings

  18. Take this new part of your life and live it to the fullest!
  19. We all know life is short, we have experienced this at some point in our lives, so that just shows us we have no time to waste. Take this new part of your life and live it to the fullest! - Retirement Sayings

  20. For years you have not stopped, working to put food on the table, taking care of your children, volunteering...now you are retiring. Its time to allow others to pick up the slack so you can make the most out of your retirement.

  21. Memories to make, and dreams to pursue, retirement holds the promise of something new. C. A. Lynch, Retirement Expectations

  22. In retirement's joy, you take your cue,
    Happy wishes, we truly envy you.
    May each day be bright, skies so blue,
    Enjoy the freedom, your dreams pursue.
    Retirement Wishes For Teacher

  23. Move forward with a smile on your face. We all wish we were in your place. Happy days are ahead for you. Retirement is not an issue! B. R. Clement, Retirement Is Not An Issue - Retirement Challenges

  24. Retirement means many things but to your life may it bring blessings. We offer a cheer to you this day, we love you and will miss you we must say! B. R. Clement, How Lucky You Are - Cheers To Retirement

  25. Wishes for relaxing days, wishes for happiness always, wishes for hobbies to come alive, wishes for you to thrive. Tom S. Gold, As You Retire
    Retirement Wishes For Nurses

  26. A new journey you now get to take
  27. A new journey you now get to take on this road of life we each will eventually get. God bless you on your retirement.

  28. Though you'll be missed, your legacy remains strong, may your retirement be filled with joy all lifelong. - Retirement Verses For Cards

  29. Retirement is a time for focus and gear, for the chapter of life that's crystal clear with no more rush and demands to steer C. A. Lynch, Retirement Focus

  30. Retirement's dawn, a journey new,
    Wishing joy in all you pursue.
    May each day hold moments true,
    Best wishes in this chapter for you.
    Retirement Poems For Pastors

  31. As retirement nears, a new chapter unfolds
    May joy and fulfillment be what it holds.
    C. A. Lynch, Wishes For A Joyful Retirement
    Retirement Poems For Mom

  32. Retirement is a time we all strive to get to. Now that you have made it, it's your time to shine! - Now Is The Time Poem

  33. We wish you the happiest retirement, filled with love and cheer,
    For you deserve all the happiness the coming years will bring near. C. A. Lynch, You've Always Helped Us Grow - Retirement Poems for Dad

  34. Retirement for adults is just as good as Christmas morning for children.
  35. Retirement for adults is just as good as Christmas morning for children. We get to celebrate, open gifts and then play and do what we like for days ahead!

  36. I hear best wishes and congratulations are in order, as you are about to embark on a new part of your life. Happy Retirement!

  37. So as you embark on this new phase of your life,
    May your days be filled with joy and free of strife. C. A. Lynch, You've Always Helped Us Grow

  38. No more routines, work laid to rest,
    Retirement's freedom, you've passed the test.
    Best wishes for joy, in each moment be blessed,
    May your days ahead be the happiest and the best.

  39. We always think that weddings are the start of our adult lives, but I think that retirement is the start! When else do you get to do only things you want to do with the one you love with no responsibilities tying you down?

  40. Take the time to celebrate life every chance you get.
  41. We celebrate throughout our lives, birthdays and anniversaries more than once. But sometimes we celebrate things just once in a lifetime, like weddings and retirements. Take the time to celebrate life every chance you get.

  42. I send you a wish and a kiss for happy years of retirement, you deserve it!

  43. You've tried this before and it never stuck, make sure this retirement is the retirement that ends all ties to the working world and bounds new ties to all things fun. - Retirement Again

  44. In retirement there are many people we wish would be here to help us celebrate and watch us succeed. Know even though they are not able to be here, they are sending their wishes spiritually!

  45. Your presence will be missed, that's true,
    Yet happiness for you in all you pursue.
    Wishing the very best, skies ever blue,
    In retirement, joy in everything you do.

  46. A retirement party is the next best thing since your wedding! Make it big, fun and fitting for a new life change to receive all those wishes in style!

  47. Take this time to relax and unwind, enjoy the fruits of your labour, so kind. You've earned this retirement C. A. Lynch, My Amazing Dad

  48. There are many new starts within our lives, on our own and with those we love. We have always wished you the best in life, from your engagement right to your retirement. Wishing you nothing but the best!

  49. Two are always better than one in life, in marriage and retirement!
  50. Wishing you a great retirement fitting for a great marriage. Two are always better than one in life, in marriage and retirement!

  51. Love of many things in life makes a great character. It also makes for a good friend, marriage, retirement and many other things that come along in our lives.

  52. Enjoy every celebration and every minute the good Lord gives you because He also wishes you a great retirement.

  53. Dedication and hard work, you've shown the way,
    Setting an example, in work and in play.
    As you retire, here's to joy each day,
    Wishing you wonderful moments all the way.

  54. Wishing you a retirement filled with so much joy and laughter that you'll have to schedule breaks just to catch your breath. Enjoy the ride!

  55. Many thanks for the wonderful wishes you have bestowed upon me on the day of my retirement. How lucky am I to have someone like you to celebrate with.

  56. Many blessings in the next part of your life.
  57. Many blessings in the next part of your life. May this point in your life be everything you have dreamed it would be.

  58. Retirement is like the New Year....a time to look ahead and set new goals in the direction you want to go. -

  59. Retirement will be very different for you, but being able to do what you want when you want to do it, will be right up your alley!

  60. Today is the start of something great! See it for all that it is and enjoy your retirement party and every moment from this moment on!

  61. The day has come, your time to shine,
    You'll be missed, in every line.
    Retirement joy, embrace it fine,
    Visit often, in memories, you're entwined.

  62. I'm sure the question on your mind now is, Now what? But keep in mind, the answer to that question will come in due time. Just try and relax and enjoy your retirement, this is the beginning of something great!

  63. Your day has finally come! But don't forget how much you will be missed! Enjoy your retirement, but don't forget to visit.

  64. Wishing you a wonderful retirement. Retiring is hitting another wonderful milestone. This one will be the best one yet.

  65. Retirement definitely has	its perks!
  66. I can tell you first hand, retirement definitely has its perks! So enjoy every moment!

  67. It's now time to sleep in every morning, sip your coffee without any rush, stay in your pajamas until lunch and golf all afternoon long! Many wishes for an enjoyable retirement!

  68. I�m sure you are in a bit of shock to know this day has finally found you. When we hear the word retirement we often think, old. But that's not the case at all. 65 is the new 55, so get out there and explore the world!

  69. Allow this great event in your life to be picture perfect! Retirement should be filled with great memories to capture.

  70. The countdown's end, the moment's here,
    Congratulations, cheers, and a tear.
    Missing you, especially the support so dear,
    In retirement, may joy always be near.

  71. A huge congrats on making it this far! Now it's time for you to sit back and enjoy life from a different perspective!

  72. I've got to say from experience, retirement is great! And I know you will love every minute of it. Wishes for a Happy Retirement!

  73. It's time to retreat from working life and find that one thing you love. Congratulations on your retirement. Enjoy every moment of it.

  74. Many blessings for the years to come
  75. Retirement is the one thing we couldn't wait to reach. The one good thing about getting older. Now that you're here you must be very excited about starting this new chapter in your life. Many blessings and wishes come true for the years to come.

  76. Motivator great, bringing out the best,
    In retirement, may you find endless zest.
    Happy and healthy, your days divest,
    Enjoy the time, for yourself, be the guest.

  77. Sending wishes to be extra good to yourself like the Queen/King we all know you will be during your retirement!

  78. You are now commencing on the vacation of your life. And the best part is, you can do or go anywhere you would like! Sending you retirement wishes from all of us.

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