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Finding the perfect wedding phrases to describe your wedding or someone else's can sometimes be a daunting task. Although, with some help, it can be done. Below you will find some phrases about weddings, phrases about marriages and also some helpful ways to share your congratulations.

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    Tying the knot

  1. We are tying the knot, let the planning begin!

  2. Wedding bells are coming and marriage bliss will be your lives.

  3. At this reception you can have your cake and eat it too!

  4. Now and forever

  5. I take your hand for now and forever.

  6. Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue are some of the things needed to fulfill the old wedding tradition.

  7. A cake topper is the cherry on top of my wedding cake.

  8. A happy wife, a happy life is a great piece of marriage advice.

  9. Love bears all things

  10. Love bears all things and makes them great.

  11. Fill your heart with what's important.

  12. You belong to me and I belong to you because we belong together!

  13. I love you and I love everything about you.

  14. Thank you for your love, your support and most of all the laughter we share.

  15. I pronounce you, husband and wife

  16. I pronounce you, husband and wife. You may kiss your bride!

  17. Carry the bride over the threshold. It's an old tradition every couple should continue to do on their wedding day.

  18. I hear wedding bells in your near future, congrats!!!

  19. Wishing your hands be intertwined from this moment until far beyond your retirement years.

  20. From this big day on, yearly wishes will come and go. May each year feel just as exciting as it did on your birthdays as a kid.

  21. The father of the bride will be strong, loving and protective of his little girl.

  22. Anyone up for a hen night? Let the Bachelorette party begin!

  23. May I have your hand in marriage? Please say yes!

  24. I am asking for your blessing to marry your daughter.

  25. Choose a seat, not a side. We're all family once the knot is tied.

  26. We're having a white wedding

  27. We're having a white wedding.

  28. To have and to hold, forever and ever.

  29. Two hearts joined in matrimony.

  30. No bridal party is complete without the best man and the maid of honor.

  31. Walking down the aisle bouquet in hand.

  32. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Until now!

  33. For richer or poorer, better or worse.

  34. I am yours for richer or poorer, better or worse.

  35. It was a wonderful ceremony, but the best is yet to come.

  36. I wanna grow old with you by my side every day until we depart this world.

Short Wedding Phrases:

Sometimes short and sweet is the way to go as are these short wedding phrases. If you are looking for short phrases, read these below and see if you might find what you are looking for. Also keep in mind, with a little editting, you could always alter longer phrases to make them exactly what you want.

  1. A match made in heaven.

  2. Set the date.

  3. Popped the question!

  4. Where there is love, there is life.

  5. Some people are worth melting for.

  6. The best things in life aren't things.

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Marriage Phrases:

Wedding phrases aren't the only way to go when it comes to the joining of two people. Their marriage is another great option as that is exactly what they will be left with after their big day. If finding phrases related to their special day isn't quite what you have in mind, try marriage phrases. These phrases are about what marriage may look like.

    A marriage made in heaven for earth.

  1. This is a marriage made in heaven for here on earth.

  2. A marriage of convenience isn't the start of something great! Marriage should be founded on friendship and love.

  3. The sign on the back of their car says, Just Married!

  4. We live in marital bliss and are so incredibly happy!

  5. I married the man of my dreams today!


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Wedding Words And Phrases:

Below you will find some phrases that have been added to wedding words of congratulations to make a wish that incorporates a lot of these well know phrases we often hear.

  1. I usually agree with the phrase, you can't have your cake and eat it too, but with pictures like these, you are going to have a beautiful album and beautiful pictures to go in it!

  2. I always knew wedding bells were in your future! Congrats on finally ringing them.

  3. May there never be a fight that cannot be fixed with a roll in the hay.

  4. On the day you say I do, may it be as merry as the best day of your life so far.

  5. Your wedding is going to go off as easy as a slice of cake!

  6. This union is a marriage made in heaven. Congrats on sticking together for so long.

  7. Enjoy every moment

  8. Today is your big day and you are surrounded by your closest friends and family. Enjoy every moment.

  9. You are going to be the most beautiful blushing bride. I am so excited for you and for the luckiest man in the world.

  10. When the day comes that you will cross the aisle and join your groom at the front of the church, that moment, nothing else will matter except for you and him.

  11. First comes love, then comes marriage, and what happens after that, we are hoping God will bless you with many little toes running around.

  12. I know you love each other for better or worse, but remember, marriage takes more than just love, it takes hard work, patience and lots of understanding.

  13. I can't wait to hear, here comes the bride, all dressed in white... Your day is almost here and we are all very excited for you.

  14. May the warmth of the sunshine on you as happy is the bride the sun shines on, on her big day.

  15. Every marriage has its honeymoon period when everyone is still on cloud nine and the world seems to be revolving around the newlyweds.

  16. Your special day is almost here. Make sure you take some time for yourself and enjoy your last taste of freedom.

  17. As your maid of honor, I am so very thankful for this honour and I hope that I have been able to give you everything you needed in a maid of honor.

  18. There is no better place for you to be because
	together is a wonderful place to be.

  19. The joy I feel right now knowing you two are committed to one another is wonderful. There is no better place for you to be because together is a wonderful place to be.

  20. May the union be filled with love and thankfulness now and forever.

  21. I know I am not the only person who can't wait to hear the words, I pronounce you husband and wife. It will be the highlight of everyone's year!

  22. Congrats on no longer being always the bridesmaid and never the bride. Today, you are the Bride and a very beautiful one at that!


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Wedding Phrases Poems

When we are looking for a nice way to celebrate a wedding, marriage or even bridal shower, sometimes you will find a poem will come in handy. What better kind of poem than a poem with wedding phrases and wedding puns. Feel free to use this as part of your celebration or gift planning. It would also be a nice addition to any card or toast.

  1. Wedding Love
    To the blushing bride,
    And the glowing groom,
    May this marriage be a match made in heaven,
    And continue to blossom and bloom...Finish Wedding Love

  2. Wedding Of The Season
    I hear wedding bells in your future,
    Not too far off now.
    Soon your big day will be upon you,
    It will all come together somehow...Read more of Wedding Of The Season

  3. Let Them Eat Cake
    Later we will have a slice of cake,
    To celebrate a wonderful day.
    Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?
    You sure keep things going that way...Continue Reading Let Them Eat Cake


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Phrases are a fun way to celebrate a union. Use these phrases during your wedding planning or to share your congratulations. We hope your time with us has helped you find many different phrases to choose from. We will continue to add phrases in the near future so feel free to check us out again.

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