The Honest Man

This poem doesn't speak specifically about a father but it does talk about a good and honest man which most of us would say our fathers are. This is a great poem to honour a wonderful man, father or not.

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I love the man who speaks the truth,
And never tells a lie,
Whose honesty bloomed in his youth,
And was not born to die.

I love to see him take his place,
In busy ranks of men,
And love to see his honest face,
Glowing with manhood then.

In office, or in place of trust,
Watching the people's vault,
His ev'ry act is right and just,
And no one fears default.

With soul upright and conscience clear,
And heart in virtue strong,
There is no force can make him steer
In any course that's wrong.

He pays his debts whene'er he can
And never should be prest,
No need pursue the honest man,
He always does his best.

His conscience is his beacon light,
It always guides his way.
His path is blazed with glory bright,.
He does not go astray.

He loves his God and loves his soul,
And knows that both love him;
He gladly yields to their control,
And with them keeps in trim.

Adversity's dread winds may blow,
And carry off his wealth,
And fell disease its seeds may sow,
And undermine his health.

His fortune which is breakable,
His foes may rend apart,
They'll find his soul impregnable,
And can not break his heart.

His soul approves each manly deed.
And cheers him in his race,
And in the time of greatest need,
Wreathes smiles upon his face.

His truest friends endorse his plan,
And admire for his worth,
God's noblest work, the honest man,
As nothing else on earth.
Crocket McElroy

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