52 Quotes To Inspire Graduates

Graduation is a time of celebration and recognition. Include in your card one of our quotes to inspire graduates to give them inspiration after graduation day. As we know graduating is exciting, but it is just the beginning.

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  1. When you have a dream, youíve got to grab it and never let go. Carol Burnett
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  2. Whatever you choose for a career path, remember the struggles along the way are only meant to shape you for your purpose. Chadwick Boseman
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  3. Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye. Helen Keller
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  4. Always remember to take time to show gratitude and thanks to those who helped you! C. A. Lynch
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  5. You're young and you're bulletproof and invincible. But never underestimate the power of other people's love and prayer. Tony Snow
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  6. Our lives are stories in which we write, direct and star in the leading role.
  7. Our lives are stories in which we write, direct and star in the leading role. Some chapters are happy while others bring lessons to learn, but we always have the power to be the heroes of our own adventures. Joelle Speranza
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  8. You define your own life. Donít let other people write your script. Oprah Winfrey
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  9. Every single graduate here today had someone that helped us and guide us. Kendra Wasson
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  10. As we graduate today, almost all of these new experiences have already become old experiences. However, we will all face new challenges and our old challenges will serve as a reference to overcome adversity. Austin Popoff, Graduation Class of 2021
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  11. My dear terrified graduates, you are about to enter the most uncertain and thrilling period of your lives. Lin-Manuel Miranda
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  12. Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway. Earl Nightingale
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  13. It's not your blue blood, your pedigree or your college degree. It's what you do with your life that counts. Millard Fuller
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  14. All those adults that you used to think were in charge and knew what they were doing? It turns out they donít have all the answers. A lot of them arenít even asking the right questions. So, if the worldís going to get better, itís going to be up to you. Barack Obama
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  15. Let us set sail for the future, without fear of failure but rather filled with excitement for what is to come. We are told in Proverbs 3:6 to ďSeek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take." I canít wait to see what each of us accomplish, and I know that no matter our path we will all make the most of it. Kalysta Conley, co-valedictorian, Class of 2021
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  16. In a gentle way, you can shake the world. Mahatma Gandhi
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  17. Everyone has inside of him a piece of good news. The good news is that you donít know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is! Anne Frank
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  18. Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good.
  19. Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good. Minor Myers, Jr.
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  20. Did you consider that graduation could also be a day of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving for your parents who supported you, thanksgiving for your teachers who encouraged you, and thanksgiving for your friends that shared the experience with you! Tom S. Gold
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  21. Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed. Proverbs 16:3 (NLT)
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  22. Be silly, be honest, be kind. Ralph Waldo Emerson
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  23. Each year sees new records set in almost every field. Better songs can be written, better radios can be made, more beautiful paintings can be painted. Someone is going to do these things. Why should not YOU be the one to do some of them? Dorothea S. Kopplin
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  24. Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen. Michael Jordan
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  25. The future is always uncertain, but we who celebrate what you have done, who celebrate all of your achievements, we are certain of one thing on this day: You will not let us down. Tom Hanks
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  26. You are here to contribute and you will change not only your life by finding your purpose, but the change will affect the lives of many others. T Whitmore
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  27. Your education has prepared you for whatever happens. Roderick Paige
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  28. No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.
  29. No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world. Robin Williams

  30. Class of 2021, opportunity comes packaged in many boxes and it often shows up with no return address. The sender is history, and she does not accept returns. Once the package is opened, you accept the gift, and you embrace the demands attached to it. Ruby Bridge, Graduation Speech

  31. You are all capable of taking on any obstacle that may lie in your life in any country in the world at any time of the year. You have all faced a challenging high school experience that has never happened before, and you overcame it, made it worthwhile . . . something that I would like to call: Unprecedented. Aryan A., May 2021 Graduation, EF Academy New York
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  32. Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you have come. Author Unknown

  33. We are all here tonight to celebrate our achievements and victories both individually and as a school, and the journey on which we have set off toward our future destinations. Alivia Montgomery, co-valedictorian, Class of 2021

  34. Be excited about your college graduation and career opportunities! Never let anyone limit what you can do, or be in life; or achieve academically. Paul B. Hudson

  35. What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you. Ralph Waldo Emerson

  36. Stay true to yourself, yet always be open to learn. Work hard, and never give up on your dreams, even when nobody else believes they can come true but you. These are not cliches but real tools you need no matter what you do in life to stay focused on your path. Phillip Sweet

  37. Losers quit when they fail. Winners fail until they succeed. Robert T. Kiyosaki

  38. Whatever you are, be a good one. Abraham Lincoln

  39. Do one thing every day that scares you
  40. Do one thing every day that scares you. Eleanor Roosevelt

  41. I encourage you to make practicing gratitude a part of your daily life ó to think about it, write about it, and share it. With those things in mind, take the adversity life throws at you and build yourself an empire. Jaya Anantatmula, Graduation Class of 2021

  42. You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. Youíre on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one whoíll decide where to go Dr. Seuss

  43. The learning that starts in school and used to end at graduation is now a vital and continual proactive process. Victor Hayek

  44. Life is my college. May I graduate well, and earn some honors! Louisa May Alcott

  45. All that stands between the graduate and the top of the ladder is the ladder. Author Unknown

  46. You have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of everyone you are associated with, sometimes positive, sometimes not, but you will make a difference. Shane Thomas

  47. Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle. Abraham Lincoln

  48. Your life is your story, and the adventure ahead of you is the journey to fulfill your own purpose and potential. Kerry Washington

  49. Often in life, things donít go the way we expect or the way we planned. The true sign of success is when we can push through those hard times, make the best of them, and continue to pursue our goals. Joe Murphy, Graduation Class of 2021

  50. If you remember that there is something to learn in every problem, then you can learn to grow by the storms rather than being crushed by them. Paul and Dan Monaghan

  51. The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.
  52. The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do. Author Unknown

  53. Most graduates have a mixture of emotions at this time. You probably have a tremendous sense of relief and accomplishment for finishing a major course of study. Michael Farris

  54. We need to accept that we wonít always make the right decisions, that weíll screw up royally sometimes Ė understanding that failure is not the opposite of success, itís part of success. Arianna Huffington
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  55. Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you. Walt Whitman

  56. For some of you sitting here tonight, this has been an easy accomplishment, but for others, the road to graduation has been filled with hardships - yet here you all are today. And now, I want you to continue to work hard, follow your heart and follow your dreams. Tami Van Wort

  57. Graduation is a time to nod at the past and smile at the future. And we'd better smile at it because it's quite a bit bigger than us. Noah MacDonald
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