60 What To Write In A Wedding Card

You always want to find the appropriate words to congratulate newlyweds and knowing what to write in a wedding card or say in a speech is important. It is sometimes difficult to know what to write in a wedding card and find those right words that express your heartfelt congratulations to the bride and groom. It is important to use words of congratulations for a wedding card to let the bride and groom know how happy you are for them. Even more so if you are making a speech for them in front of a room full of their closest family and friends. You can create your own words of congratulations for a wedding by getting some ideas from our list below or feel free to use on of ours. Find a quote or romantic saying to add to your card. Tell them how happy you are for them and how lucky they are to have each other. Last but not least, congratulate them and wish them well.

  1. I am so excited and delighted for the two of you to watch you tie the knot. You will understand the excitement I feel when you get your wedding album and can see your special day the way I saw it!
    Wedding Albums

  2. No matter the holiday or occasion, finding meaningful words takes some time. But with you, it's always easy. You are true, with a kind heart, and your mine!
    Merry Christmas Wishes

  3. Sending you warm wishes as you celebrate this exciting event.
    Easter Wishes

  4. Best wishes to you and your better half! Looking forward to watching you grow as a loving couple.
    Engagement Wishes

  5. May God bless you will everything you need, some things that you want, and all the people that will support and love you.
    Irish Blessings

  6. I canít wait to raise a glass to you both on your wedding day and hear all the great things people have to say about the two of you!
    Wedding Toasts

  7. It took me a while to decide what to write on this card. So hard to know how to express your feelings clearly. But one thing I do know is that I admire you both and wish you all the best with your marriage.
    Wedding Wishes

  8. Treat marriage like it is a gift because that is exactly what it is. Donít take it for granted! Enjoy each and every moment.
    Marriage Quotes

  9. I have always known what to write to you on every other card. Birthdays, holidays, graduation, and now I am here this morning writing on your wedding card! How proud I am of you! Congrats!
    Good Morning Wishes

  10. I love weddings and all they stand for. Two people share their love with each other and their family and friends.
    Wedding Quotes

  11. I loved receiving your wedding card and was so thankful to know you were thinking about us on our special day.
    What To Write In A Thank You Card

  12. Many sweet blessings on your wedding day which will follow you 
			through all the days of your marriage.

  13. Many sweet blessings on your wedding day which will follow you through all the days of your marriage.
    Wedding Blessings

  14. Wishing you a wonderful and loving marriage that will last your entire marriage.
    Marriage Wishes

  15. May everything beautiful and best be condensed in this card to show my sincerity in wishing you both happiness and love.
    Wedding Phrases

  16. May the years ahead of you be filled with love and lasting joy. Congratulations to a couple whose match truly seems to be perfect for each other.
    Love Quotes

  17. No matter what I go to write, whether, in a wedding card or a birthday card, I have always been stumped on what to say as soon as I open the card. But here I am writing away at how delighted and overjoyed at your accomplishments!
    Graduation Wishes

  18. I hope you see this card as a gesture of faith in our love. Our love may have its ups and downs but my faith in our love is unwavering. Iím in if you are!!
    Happy Valentines Day Messages

  19. Best wishes to you both on your wedding day. // We hope you have a long and exciting life together. Congrats!
    Wedding Card Messages

  20. Your day is finally here and we couldnít be any happier for you if we tried!
    Wedding Phrases

  21. May your lives together be as sweet as the sweetest song.
    Wedding Songs

  22. Our lives sometimes resemble a checklist but don't think of marriage as one. This isn't something you have to check off, its something you are excited to experience. Enjoy the ride!
    Wedding Checklist

  23. The time has come to say congrats,
    Your big day has finally arrived.
    Many good wishes to come your way,
    May your marriage always thrive.
    Wedding Poems

  24. Your wedding day is 
			here and will be gone too fast, but your love will go on forever.

  25. Your wedding day is here and will be gone too fast, but your love will go on forever. Congratulations!

  26. Congrats! You deserve to be happy and love each other for many years to come.

  27. I am so excited to be able to finally congratulate you both. I've been waiting a long time but am so happy this day has come and gone.

  28. May your love grow each day from here on out. And may you treasure the love you share. Congratulations on this special day.

  29. Congratulations and all the best on this very special occasion.

  30. May this day always be a reminder of the love you two will always share.

  31. Wishing you both a world of happiness as you take your first steps together as husband and wife.

  32. From this moment on, you will be one. A couple who will love and cherish each other. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.

  33. Congrats on this most joyous union. We wish you only the best in your future to come.

  34. We are so very happy for you both and wish you nothing but the best for your marriage.

  35. Today was perfect, just like the two of you are for each other.

  36. The love you both share is an 
			inspiration to all.

  37. The love you both share is an inspiration to all. May we all be so lucky to find someone to love us back just like the two of you.

  38. We hope from this moment on your lives will be filled with love and laughter. Congratulations to you both.

  39. Congratulations on a beautiful commitment! One which the two of you will treasure forever!

  40. On this very special occasion, may you always remember the love you shared on this day. Wishing you a lifetime of love!

  41. Two soles connected by one love, our wish for you is eternal love Congratulations!

  42. Today is a wonderful day, and that is because the two of you finally made your way to each other.

  43. It is so wonderful to see the two of you sharing your vows with one another. Best wishes in your future together.

  44. One can only imagine the way you both felt with you were pronounced husband and wife. Many get married but your feelings are so personal and individual. Know how special this union is between the two of you. And cherish it!

  45. May this day be only the beginning of your happiness! And may you receive from each other exactly what you've always wanted.

  46. To have found your one perfect match is a marvelous thing! And we can only share our happiness for you both.

  47. How beautiful a commitment is, and how special your love must be. Never forget the way you felt for each other on this joyous of days.

  48. Congrats to a wonderful couple who 
			will make each other very happy in the years to come.

  49. Congrats to a wonderful couple who will make each other very happy in the years to come.

  50. May your years together be filled with great love and amazing laughter.

  51. Love is a blessed thing that should never be wasted. And the love we see in both of you shows us, you will never waste this love between you two.

  52. Special cannot explain the feeling we got watching you both share your love for one another.

  53. Today is only the start of something great! You two together are greatness.

  54. Love can conquer, and today the two of you have proven that!

What Message To Write In A Wedding Card

When looking for what message to write in a wedding card, think less formally. A message can be written just as you would have said it if you were congratulating them in person. Feel free to use one of ours or find inspiration in these to create your own personal message.

  1. Best wishes and many happy moments are sent to you on this wedding card. May you both live happy lives together and see the importance of each other often.

  2. My message to you on this glorious day would be to treasure all moments, but especially the little ones. Those are the ones that matter the most!

  3. On your wedding day, you will receive many messages of congratulations. May all those messages be filled with wonderful wishes of a great marriage to come.

  4. I love that we are all here to celebrate the two of you. How wonderful it has been to have this experience. Thank you for including us in your day.

  5. Love is certainly in the air this evening. We could feel it from the parking lot! Wishing you nothing but the best of everything and the happiest of marriages.

  6. Marriage requires love yet love is only the beginning of what it takes to have a good marriage. So love each other but never forget to work at all the other things too.

  7. You have been sending love messages to each other for years and now we are sending you a message of love and excitement for this beautiful union that has taken place. How things have changed. Best wishes to you both.

  8. My love for you both is enormous and I couldn't be happier to celebrate your tying the knot! Congrats!

  9. Congratulations on your wedding. Wishing you a strong marriage filled with all things great!

  10. Hello to my favourite couple in the world. Loving the fact that we get to party with you on this special day! Wishing you all the blessings this world can offer.


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