Wedding Card Messages

Everyone is in need of a wedding card messages when they are sending congratulations to newlyweds. But finding the right words doesnít always come easy. So what are our choices if we are unable to write them ourselves? We find other pre-written messages and make then our own.

We have provided you with some examples of messages for your convenience. Read through these and pick out one that suits your need for messages. When youíve selected one you can then start to make the changes that could be necessary.

The messages you see below have been written in such a way that they are ready for any card. This could be a blank card or a homemade card.

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  1. We can only begin to tell you how happy we are for you both. Our messages of advice for you would be  "To love each other unconditionally." Congrats!
    Advice For A Marriage

  2. Weddings allow us to share our love, ask for blessings from the one and only God and celebrate the union of two people who truly love each other. What could be better?
    Wedding Quotes

  3. Thank you for allowing me to share in your special day. I couldn't be any more excited to see what God has intended for your lives together. He has a plan and many messages to share with you. Be open to listening to them.
    Christian Poems

  4. Today you have married your best friend!
  5. Today you have married your best friend. And how lucky you both are to be able to spend the rest of your lives with each other. Congratulations on your marriage.
    Marriage Wishes

  6. Marriage isnít for everyone. But you two arenít just anyone! Love each other and marriage will love you. Congratulations!
    Love Sayings

  7. May you live happily ever after
  8. When two people fall in love and promise to love each other forever and ever... the only real thing to say is, wishing you live happily ever after.
    Wedding Toasts

  9. You both deserve so much happiness. We share in the joy and love you are feeling today and wish only more for you in the future!
    Wedding Day Poems

  10. Always remember the saying, "we may not have it all together, but together we have it all."
    Quotes That Encourage

  11. May God bless you both this day and in the years ahead.
    Wedding Blessings

  12. congratulatinos on your nuptials
  13. Who knew when you two first met, this is where youíd end up.  Well we did and we are so very happy for you both. Congratulations on your nuptials.
    Wedding Anniversary Wishes

  14. May your future hold as much happiness as you feel today.
    Quotes About Life Happiness

  15. Today is like sunshine and roses, but when the clouds come stay strong in your love for each other and no matter what difficulty you face you will get through it together.
    Quotes When Life Is Hard

  16. Seeing you both now on your wedding day makes me so happy. We know you will be good to each other and from this day forward be at each other's side. Congratulations on your wedding.
    Wedding Speeches

  17. Best wishes to you both on your wedding day.
  18. Best wishes to you both on your wedding day. We hope you have a long and exciting life together. Congrats!
    What To Write In A Wedding Card

  19. First your engagement, then your wedding, on to a future of unknowns but also wonderful surprises!
    Engagement Wishes

  20. Praying your faith to be as strong this weekend as it was the day you choose to marry your significant other! May your faith hold strong throughout all the days of both of your lives
    Poems on Faith

  21. Joining together as one symbolizes the way the morning sun rises along with the moon. Coming together to work in perfect harmony.
    Good Morning Wishes

  22. Wishing this wonderful marriage many blessings in many different sizes.
  23. Wishing this wonderful marriage many blessings in many different sizes.
    Wedding Blessings

  24. With the very best wishes for your happiness together as husband and wife.
    Wedding Phrases

  25. Congratulations on taking the next step in your relationship. May the next steps be even more exciting.
    Wedding Wishes

  26. Wishing you both a wonderful, eventful marriage together.
    Marriage Quotes

  27. May your life be filled with great moments
  28. May your life be filled with great moments,
    May your memory never fail,
    May you live to see many wonderful things,
    May you stay strong and never frail.
    Irish Blessing

  29. May many blessings find their way to you,
    May love overflow from your heart,
    May your wishes be heard and carried out,
    May your union never fail to be strong.
    Irish Wedding Toasts

  30. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness within and outside of your marriage. May you have the perfect balance for both.
    Happy Poems

  31. Wedding bells are coming and marriage bliss will be your lives.
    Wedding Phrases

  32. Back at our graduation we thought our lives were just starting. Now your life is about to begin again, but united with someone who can make your life whole. Wishing you nothing but the best!
    Poems on Life

  33. The two of you found each other in the worst of circumstances yet, you pulled through together. The messages I get from this is how strong and loyal your marriage will be!
    Quotes About Life Struggles

  34. Over the years I've had many messages for you, but today my one and only message is, to enjoy this special day that is just about the two of you.
    Wedding Messages

  35. Of the many messages you will receive, may the ones praying for your commitment for one and other be more important than the others. Commitment is hard but with trust, passion and prayer you can make it.
    Prayer Poems

  36. On this special day, you will connect yourself fully to each other. Never stop doing things for one another, leaving little messages of love for one another and trying to impress one another. Just because you are married doesn't mean you should stop trying.
    Quotes To Make You Think

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If you have a card that has a picture on the front, then you could write the whole message inside the card instead of breaking it up. Make any changes necessary to make this your own and to personalize it. You may even find it useful to take parts from a few different sayings to make one more specific to your needs.

We just hope we have been of some assistance while you are searching for the perfect wish to put in your card or letter. Feel free to use what you find helpful and make it your own. Good luck and I hope you found exactly what you were looking for.

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