38 Easter Wishes

Whether you celebrate a religious Easter, the funny Easter Bunny, or maybe even both, allow us to help you find the appropriate Easter wish or poem to send to your family and friends or apply to your Easter gathering celebration.

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    May this Easter be filled with many blessings

  1. May this Easter be filled with many blessings inside and out and may you be thankful for every one of them.

  2. My day could not have been complete without you there beside me helping me to find all those hidden eggs on Easter morning. Thanks for your help.

  3. Every year we celebrate different holidays like Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving, to name a few. And then there are other anniversaries we get to celebrate like birthdays and marriages. No matter the reason, celebrating these yearly things are what brings our families together several times a year and I am so very thankful for that!

  4. Sending you warm wishes as you celebrate this exciting event

  5. Sending you warm wishes as you celebrate this exciting event.

  6. Easter morning searching for hidden eggs are often the best kind of surprises. I hope you received all the surprises you deserve.

  7. I remember when you were just a young boy searching for Easter eggs on Easter morning. Over the years I've been glad to see that excitement has not faded! Happy Easter!

  8. The Easters of my past have brought me so much joy, with fun and family and friends. Wishing you the same kind of Easters to come.

  9. Wishing you great memories with your children on this Easter.

  10. Wishing you great memories with your children on this Easter.

  11. Happy days are Easter days! Gotta love this time of year with risen kings, Easter bunnies and the feeling spring is on its way!

  12. Many hugs and kisses to you on Easter day and may it be filled with so many more until the next Easter makes its way to us again!

  13. If there is any time of the year that inspires people, it would be spring. So many beautiful pastel colours to signify spring and Easter.

  14. A morning filled with laughter, treasure hunts and family blessings is an Easter not to be missed!

  15. Happy Easter my little ones. May you find more eggs than you can imagine!

  16. Sending many Easter blessings your way for a joyful day with family and friends.

  17. Wishing you an Easter filled with loved ones and many blessings to discuss.

Easter Wishes Religious

Easter first and foremost is about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, so it makes sense that you may be looking for Easter wishes that are religious. These wishes can be found below as well as under our Easter Poems section.

    This weekend we remember and celebrate the one who came back to life for us.

  1. This weekend we remember and celebrate the one who came back to life for us. Something that not many are able to do. Wishing that wasn’t the case as I sit here and wish you were here.

  2. May your Easter bring you closer to God in thankfulness.

  3. How blessed are we that four months ago we celebrated Jesus’s birthday and this weekend we are celebrating his resurrection!

  4. I love Easter, its my favourite time of year. There is no other time when we get to find hidden chocolate, celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and have a nice get together with family and friends.

  5. May your faith be as strong this weekend as it was the previous Easter! May your faith hold strong into the next Easter!

  6. The faith we could have is not even close to the faith we would have to have that Jesus had in God on that Easter weekend long long ago. He is who we all should strive to be most like.

  7. Easter reminds us that life can be taken away tragically and sometimes quicker than we’d have every expected. It also reminds us that thanks to Jesus Christ, we can continue our lives in heaven. Let this holiday remind you of what is to come for those who have passed on.

  8. Today we celebrate our Savior and all that he gave us . Lets be thankful for every single thing.

  9. Spring is filled with new growth and new beginnings. What a perfect time for Easter to be born. Isn't that what Jesus gave to us on that Easter weekend? A new beginning?

  10. Easter is an exciting time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

  11. May this Easter be a blessed time for you and your family.

  12. He has risen and we all rejoice in knowing this. Happy Easter to one of my favourite Christians!

  13. A glorious celebration of the power of love and believing in something much greater.

Funny Easter Wishes

If you are unsure of someones reglious offiliation or prefer to send a wish that is on the funnier side of Easter, then the below Easter Wishes are what you are looking for.

    Time to get up and see what the Easter Bunny has brung!

  1. Good Morning, the day has sprung. Time to get up and see what the Easter Bunny has brung!

  2. The best part of Easter for me is watching Uncle Dave put on that bunny suit and hiding Easter eggs for the kids. Finding eggs is fun for the kids but the adults love to see a middle-aged man hope around as a big furry bunny!

  3. I know how egg-citing Easter can be! Hoping you find all the Easter eggs the Easter bunny hid for you!

  4. Wishing you an egg-cellent Easter weekend and that the Easter Bunny brings you lots of little treats!

  5. Hoping you find lots of Easter chocolates hidden throughout your home and you get to them before your dad does!!

  6. Don't eat too many jelly beans, otherwise you'll be pooping just like the Easter Bunny!

Easter Poems

Poems can be nice in many different circumstances and while celebrating Easter, this is no different. Allow these poems to share in the celebration of Easter and all that surrounds it.

    This is the gladness of our Easter morning

  1. The Day Of Joy
    This is the gladness of our Easter morning-
    That nothing now in all the world is dead,
    The roadside dust is tinted with forewarning
    Of heavenly verdure mortal feet shall tread...Continue reading The Day Of Joy

  2. At Easter Time
    The little flowers came through the ground,
    At Easter time, at Easter time:
    They raised their heads and looked around,
    At happy Easter time...Read more of At Easter Time

  3. An Easter Carole
    Spring bursts to-day,
    For Christ is risen and all the earth's at play.
    Flash forth, thou sun,
    The rain is over and gone, its work is done...Finish An Easter Carole

  4. Song of Easter
    Sing, children, sing!
    And the lily censers swing;
    Sing that life and joy are waking and that Death no more is king.
    Sing the happy, happy tumult of the slowly brightening spring;
    Sing, Children, sing!

    Sing, children, sing!
    Winter wild has taken wing.
    Fill the air with the sweet tiding till the frosty echoes ring!
    Along the eaves the icicles no longer glittering cling:
    And the crocus in the garden lifts its bright face to the Sun,
    And in the meadows softly the brooks begin to run;
    And the golden catkins swing
    In the warm airs of the spring;
    Sing, little children, sing!
    Celia Thaxter

  5. Easter In Poetry
    In every trembling bud and bloom
    That cleaves the earth, a flowery sword,
    I see Thee come from out the tomb,
    Thou risen Lord.

    Thou art not dead! Thou art the whole
    Of life that quickens in the sod;
    Green April is Thy very soul,
    Thou great Lord God
    Charles Hanson Toivne


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