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Allow these love sayings to help or guide you in finding the perfect words. Love is in the air everywhere we look. But during special occasions, it's nice to have a love saying or quote to add to a card or gift. You may also be inspired by these Poems About Love.

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  1. I love you, and only you from now until the end of my life. On this day of love, may we connect in a way we have never connected before.
    Happy Valentines Day Messages

  2. In order to really love someone, you must love him as though he was going to die tomorrow. Arabian Proverb
    I Love You So Much Quotes

  3. Love is a beautiful thing, you are both happy to have found each other. We wish your love will last a lifetime.
    Wedding Phrases

  4. Love is blind so you have to feel your way
  5. Love is blind so you have to feel your way. Brazilian Proverb
    Cute Love Quotes

  6. ... a good piece of advice: the three most important things in a relationship are honesty, trust and respect, and if you don't have those, you don't have love. Neil Strauss
    Quotes About Honesty

  7. The love that surrounded the two of you could be felt from across the room. If I have only one wish for you it would be, even though he/she is gone, may that love still radiate in every room you walk into so that memory never fades from the minds of those who felt it in the past.
    Condolence Message

  8. The love one person feels for another is nothing in comparison to a parents love for their child. On days like today, watching you receive your diploma, the love is just pouring out!
    Graduation Wishes

  9. The finest things in life are ....friends to love - these are indeed well worth their weight in gold Dorothy Bradford, The Finest Things
    Positive Poems

  10. The love we feel on our birthdays is a special gift to us from all those that surround us.
    Birthday Wishes

  11. Romantic love is a mental illness. But itís a pleasurable one. Fran Lebowitz
    Quotes About Life That Are Funny

  12. Loving can cost a lot but not loving always costs more, and those who fear to love often find that want of love is an emptiness that robs the joy from life. Merle Shain
    Best Poems

  13. Weíre all a little weird, and lifeís a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love. Dr. Seuss
    Positive Quotes

  14. The world delights in sunny people. The old are hungering for love more than for bread. Henry Drummond
    Quotes That Encourage

  15. Youíre always the first and the last thing on this heart of mine. No matter where I go, or what I do, Iím thinking of you. Dierks Bentley
    How Do I Love You Poems

  16. Love of many things in life makes great character. It also makes for a good friend, marriage, retirement and many other things that come along in our lives.
    Retirement Wishes

  17. Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies
  18. Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. Aristotle
    Wedding Poems

  19. Being with you has shown me how great a love can be. C. A. Lynch
    Love Poems For Him

  20. I love you, I am at rest with you, I have come home. Dorothy L. Sayers
    Poems About Home

  21. I never loved you any more than I do, right this second. And Iíll never love you any less than I do, right this second. Kami Garcia
    Anniversary Quotes

  22. A daughter brings joy and love and you, our daughter, we are so proud Tom S. Gold, Joy & Love
    Quotes To My Daughter

  23. On this day of giving thanks, I must give thanks to God for all he has given me, and secondly to you for helping me to survive this negative world with love and affection.
    Thanksgiving Poems

  24. I am so thankful for a love like ours. I love you so much and feel so very blessed waking up to you each morning.
    Wedding Poems About Love

  25. Love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation. Kabil Gibran
    Pet Loss Quotes

  26. A true blessing of a friend I have in you
  27. Thank you for your love, your forgiveness and your loyalty. A true blessing of a friend I have in you.
    Thankful For Poems

  28. I love that you know so much about me, I love that you make me smile, but most of all, I love you. I will continue to love you as each year passes by.
    Wedding Anniversary Wishes

  29. A life with love is happy; a life for love is foolish. Chinese Proverb
    Happy Poems

  30. A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love. Max Muller
    Love Poems For Her

  31. To have a love, and to love, is an amazing thing for any life. We are created in love in order to give love.
    Wedding Wishes

  32. Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction. Antoine de Saint-Exupery
    Anniversary Poems

  33. Love is a symbol of eternity. It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end. Author Unknown
    Quotes To Make You Think

  34. Another holiday is here so I can be reminded of the blessing I have right in front of me today and share with you the love I feel.
    All Occasions

  35. Oh, there is an enduring tenderness in the love of a mother to a son, that transcends all other affections of the heart! Washington Irving
    Mom Poems

  36. I love good mornings because most of the time, they are great mornings. For I have woken in my own bed with the one I love, safe and sound and ready to start the day!
    Good Morning Wishes

  37. Love is like a rose, the joy of all the earth... Love is like a lovely rose, the world's delight. Christina Rossetti
    Wedding Blessings

  38. The love we felt 	from family and friends is all we could have ever asked for during our celebration of love
  39. The love we felt from family and friends is all we could have ever asked for during our celebration of love.
    What To Write In A Thank You Card

  40. It is not love that is blind, but jealousy. Lawrence Durrell
    Best Wishes To You

  41. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach. Elizabeth Barrett Browning
    Traditional Wedding Vows

  42. Many wishes coming your way on your special day! Embrace all the love and happiness that will be shovwn to you today!
    Bridal Shower Wishes

  43. A toast to the woman we all love and the love of my life
    Wedding Toasts

  44. Merry Christmas to a family I consider part of my own. May this Christmas be filled with love and laughter.
    Merry Christmas Wishes

  45. When you're in love you never really know whether your elation comes from the qualities of the one you love, or if it attributes them to her; whether the light which surrounds her like a halo comes from you, from her, or from the meeting of your sparks. Natalie Clifford Barney
    Anniversary Poems For Wife

  46. We always return to our first loves.
  47. We always return to our first loves. American Proverb
    A Poem For You

  48. So during this Christmas season, make love a priority. Julie Hebert, Christmas Love
    Christmas Poems About Love

  49. The constant love I cherish, never shall decay. J. S. Ogilvie, Love I Cherish
    Poems About Love

  50. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways, I love thee to the depth, and breadth, and height my soul can reach E. B. Browning, I Love Thee With All My Heart
    Marriage Love Poems For Husband

  51. If life for me hath joy or light, ĎTis all from thee; My thoughts by day, my dreams by night are but of thee, of only thee. Tom Moore
    Irish Wedding Toasts

  52. Saying "thank you" creates love. Daphne Rose Kingma
    Thank You Quotes

  53. Love is missing someone whenever you're apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you're close in heart. Kay Knudsen
    I Miss You Quotes

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