28 Quotes About God's Love

Welcome to our inspiring collection of quotes about God's love. Never doubt that God loves you and me! Within these quotes, we embark on a journey of spiritual enlightenment, where the essence of divine affection touches our souls and fills our hearts with hope and joy. These quotes serve as guiding beacons, reminding us of the boundless love that emanates from God.

The quotes reflect God's presence in our lives, may these quotes offer inspiration and encouragement no matter what you are going through in life. These quotes resonate with the promise that we are cherished, guided, and enveloped in the warm embrace of a loving God. In the hardships we all encounter in life, let these quotes remind you that God loves you and is with you at all times. May you find inspiration as you immerse yourself in this collection of quotes about God's love. You may also be inspired by our collection of poems about God's love.

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  1. O Love, O Friend, Thy name is God! Lord of the unseen and the known!   Lucy Larcom, Divine and Human - Christian Poems

  2. God is many many things, for sure, but ultimately He is and always will be summed up in one amazing word - Love.   Catherine Pulsifer - Poems About God

  3. In Heaven, our true home, we will be where the Lord of love dwells eternally.   C. A. Lynch, The Glory Of Heaven - Heaven Poems

  4. May God bless you with a love you've never seen, a love meant to last.   Julie Hebert, May God Bless You - Christian Wedding Poems

  5. Though comprehension may elude my grasp, I trust in Him, for His love will steadfastly clasp. With every moment that unfolds and transcends, God's boundless love, eternal it extends.   C. A. Lynch, His Love Is Profound - Trust God Poems

  6. God's love inspires us to soar, knowing we're held by infinite wings.   Author Unknown - Poems That Inpire

  7. Christmas - Lo, the Lord of Glory leaves His Father's home above, to fulfil the wondrous story of His great and matchless love.   M. E. B., Joyous Bells Are Ringing - Christmas Poems

  8. Christmas is a time to feel God's love for everyone, as He sent His one and only Son for us all.
  9. Christmas is a time to feel God's love for everyone, as He sent His one and only Son for us all.   Catherine Pulsifer - Christmas Poems About Love

  10. Like rain that falls on barren lands, God's love cascades with tender hands.   C. A. Lynch,In The Light of Forgiveness - Poems About Forgiveness

  11. For God does indeed have plans for us all, let us remember faith, hope, and love will never fall   Julie Hebert, Faith, Hope And Love - Poems On Faith

  12. God's love embraced this world so wide, He sent His Son, our precious guide. In Bethlehem, a humble manger stall, Jesus was born, to save us all.   C. A. Lynch, God's Love - Christmas Poems About Jesus

  13. Through Christ as Savior, we find solace true, His love abides, a gift renewed.   C. A. Lynch, Christmas Brings Joy - Poems About Joy

  14. On your birthday, may you be reminded of God's love and the beautiful journey of faith.   - Christian Wishes For Birthday

  15. Eternal Father, who didst create, in whom we live and to whose bosom move, to all men be Thy name known, which is Love   Robert Bridges, A Christmas Day Prayer - Religious Christmas Poems

  16. Begin the day with God: kneel down to him in prayer; lift up thy heart to his abode and seek his love to share.   Unknown, Rules For Daily Life - Prayer Poems

  17. Let go of worry, let go of doubt, for God�s enduring love, will never run out, in His embrace, find peace and calm   C. A. Lynch, Trust God - Worry Poems

  18. 	God's word written on old time scrolls speaks love to my heart and soul; it gives me peace and erases doubt I would not want a life without.
  19. God's word written on old time scrolls speaks love to my heart and soul; it gives me peace and erases doubt I would not want a life without.   Julie Hebert, God Gives Me Hope - Christian Quotes

  20. Through grace, a chance to repent and find solace anew, God grants us a path to walk, His love ever true.   C. A. Lynch, In His Mercy - Poems About God's Mercy

  21. God is, then, the great Allbeing, in whom all things live and move; all uniting and agreeing, in declaring �God is Love."   Geroge W. Seevers, God Is - Quotes About God

  22. I love to think of heaven's love, so full, so pure, so free; that fount of love, so limitless, that fills the Godhead, Three.   Nellie Olson, God's Universal Love - Heaven Quotes

  23. On Thee our faith and hope and love, on Thee our need and despair, still call. We cannot grasp Thy being or comprehend Thy ways.   J. L. Spaulding, Divine Peace And Joy - Quotes About Faith

  24. Chrismas is a time that reminds us all that God loves us so much, even when we fall.   C. A. Lynch, A Glorious Sight - Christmas Sayings

  25. Your journey together, entrust to the Lord above, trust in His plan with hearts full of love.   C. A. Lynch, Vows Before The Lord - Wedding Blessings

  26. The Lord watches over you, and loves you forever more. He is there to help you through, as God has done before.   C. A. Lynch, Guide You - Trust God Quotes

  27. God's love is the anchor of forgiveness, where mercy and grace intertwine, transforming hearts and redeeming souls.   Author Unknown - Forgiveness Quotes

  28. God's love is the sweetest melody that fills our souls with joy and peace.   Beth Moore - Quotes About Joy

  29. God's mercy is not earned but freely given, a gift of love extended to every soul without exception.   B. R. Clement - Quotes About God's Mercy

  30. Surrender your fears, to God above, He who created heaven and earth with love, trust in His power, have faith in His might, for He will lead you through the darkest of night.   C. A. Lynch, Trust God - Worry Quotes

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