20 Cute Love Quotes

Send the one you love some cute love quotes to brighten their day. Or maybe you are looking for some cute quotes to use in a card or to help create the perfect wedding or engagement decorations. However you find them useful, we hope they are helpful to you.

  1. A single lifetime of love with the person you adore is better than spending eternity alone.
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  2. I find myself dreaming of you all the time. No matter if I am awake or asleep, you are always on my mind.
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  3. When I glance into your eyes as you are looking into mine, our entire life together flashes right in front of me.
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  4. A love that starts strong will continue to be strong if everyone invests themselves into it.
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  5. If I was a betting man, I would bet on the fact that no matter how much I love you right now, I know I will love you even more tomorrow.
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  6. Great love can always be stitched back together.
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  7. The love I feel for you will keep me choosing you without any doubt, every single time, for as long as I am able to make choices for myself.  And even when I'm not, my heart will skip a beat when you walk through the door.
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  8. The love of two people bound together by wedded bliss are together forever.
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  9. If it were possible, I would turn back time so I can love you longer.

  10. If I do not say it enough, know that I am saying I love you everytime I open my mouth. They may not be the same words, but I am so in love with you that my brain is sending mixed signals.

  11. For every second we are not together I miss you. For every day that goes by without hearing from you my heart tremors a little. If I had to go without you for a year, my heart would surely not survive.

  12. The best thing about you is how human you are. I love that you do not hide your imperfections from me, you embrace them and share them with me and the world.

  13. The thought of one day living without you is not only scary, its a terrifying nightmere that I hope to never have. I love you so much.

  14. I will never just say I love you without showing you. Actions speak louder than words is my motto and I live by that 100% in everything I do.

  15. You have taught me everything I need to know about love and more.

  16. I love you more and this is true. For I saw you first.

  17. There is something I have always wanted to say,
    but was too afraid of your reaction.
    I love you more than words can say,
    You have always been my attraction.

  18. I love you now, I love you always, I love you no matter what.

  19. There has been a hundred things that have scared me about loving you, the biggest of them all is losing you.

  20. Your love is simple and rid of complexities. I always think I could not love you more than I do right now. On the other hand, everyday I wake up with you beside me I change my mind.


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