52 Quotes About Memories

Be inspired by these quotes about memories, giving us an opportunity to reflect on the past, embrace the present, and look ahead to a brighter future. Memories can be some of the most precious and treasured moments in our lives. They can also help to motivate us, provide guidance and comfort, and fill us with joy. Celebrate the good memories you've created by cherishing them - and strive to make even more wonderful memories every single day!

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  1. Close your eyes and take a stroll, down memory lane, where victories unfold. C. A. Lynch, Down Memory Lane - Poems About Memories

  2. So many wishes for one special celebration. Wishes for a wonderful wedding with many happy moments making memories to last a lifetime. - Wedding Wishes Messages

  3. What does turning 50 mean? Well to me, it means you've lived 50 wonderful years with so many wonderful memories to look back at! Julie Hebert - Birthday Sayings

  4. Retirement - new roads await your every turn, memories will be made, new lessons learned. Julie Hebert - Retirement Poems

  5. God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December. James M. Barrie - Christian Poems

  6. On birthdays our life stories emerge from the past, memories revisited make our hearts beat fast. C. A. Lynch, Embrace The Changes - Birthday Poems

  7. Sisters are the keepers of our childhood memories, the ones who know us inside and out. They are the ones who always have our back, no matter what. Author Unknown - Poems About Sisters

  8. A healthy relationship requires you to let go of the bitter memories of past and moves on with a new hope. Adam Green - Poems About Hope

  9. Here's to the years that made us grow, and the memories still waiting to unfold! C. A. Lynch, Here's To The Years - Happy Birthday Brother Poems

  10. My friend, they shined a light on my days, these memories will always stay. C. A. Lynch, Thank God For The Time - Funeral Poems For A Friend

  11. Memory is the treasure house of the mind wherein the monuments thereof are kept and preserved. Thomas Fuller - Positive Poems

  12. Memories to carry us, our last gift to know. The frost of winter morning; the summer's long days aglow. C. A. Lynch, Memories To Carry Us - Sympathy Poems

  13. We had so many memories together, laughter and smiles you always embraced C. A. Lynch, Live In Our Hearts - Funeral Poems For Grandma

  14. I would not cause from laughing eyes a single tear to start, nor rouse forgotten memories to shade the sunny heart. Daniel C. Colesworthy, Make Others Happy - Happy Poems

  15. You have given us a harvest of memories, buckets of love, and filled us with encouragement.
  16. You have given us a harvest of memories, buckets of love, and filled us with encouragement. This Thanksgiving we say thank you! Julie Hebert - Thanksgiving Wishes

  17. In retirement's bliss, may your joy expand, as you savor the memories, forever in hand. C. A. Lynch, Your Years Of Service - Retirement Poems For Nurses

  18. A daughter's love, a treasure untold, woven in memories, precious as gold. C. A. Lynch, A Bond Unbreakable - Poems About Daughter

  19. Unforgettable memories will be made, together we'll celebrate Dad today. C. A. Lynch, Celebrate Dad - Birthday Poems for Dad

  20. May this birthday be a joyous one and may it hold great memories when done. You have given so much to us all great birthdays we do recall. Tom S. Gold, You Deserve - Birthday Poems For Mom

  21. As a grandma, you bring magic and joy, creating memories that forever will buoy. Your laughter and stories fill their days, guiding them in life's myriad ways. C. A. Lynch, A Mother's Love, Now a Grandma's Grace - Mother's Day Poems

  22. My soul is shattered but your memory lives on forever. We miss you dearly; gone too soon but never forgotten. C. A. Lynch, Tribute To My Sister - Funeral Poems For Sister

  23. Grandma is full of kisses, hugs, and sweet memories shared - our accomplishments she always declares. C. A. Lynch, Grandma Is An Angel - Poems About Grandma

  24. Friends give us a reason to smile, in times both good and bad; memories of days gone by that never seems to fade. C. A. Lynch, A Reason To Smile - Poems About Friends

  25. Grieve, never forget in touch with pain; hold dear the memories, staunch against the rain. C. A. Lynch, Hold Dear The Memories - Poems For Grief

  26. Everywhere I look, I am reminded of you. You will never be forgotten, for all the memories you have given me. Julie Hebert, The Memorial - Memorial Poems

  27. Laughter and good times we will create, memories to cherish, never to abate - let's make the most of this Saturday. C. A. Lynch, Friday Is Here - Saturday Poems

  28. Time together that we adore, making memories anew. Every day is special, as it is with you! C. A. Lynch, Birthday Wishes For Grandma - Birthday Poems For Grandma

  29. As you embark on this new journey of retirement, know that your presence will be deeply missed - but take solace in the memories we've shared - Retirement Verses For Cards

  30. Your pathway blessed with laughter, camaraderie and tears - in each of these memories you will treasure through the years. C. A. Lynch, Your Schooling - Poems To Inspire Students

  31. But the one thing that everyone has in common is we all write our own story. We all make memories and leave memories with others. Julie Hebert

  32. When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. Author Unknown - Quotes For Funerals

  33. The first Christmas is so difficult it is important to recall good memories and to talk about your loved one. While they may not be with you here on earth they are forever with you in your heart. Julie Hebert - Christmas In Heaven Poems

  34. My mother's voice! Fond memory can no richer treasure bring, no songs are half so sweet to me as those she used to sing. Helen C. Smith, Mother's Heritage - Mother Poems from Daughter

  35. I dreamed of this day, however, now it will be kept in our memories forever. Julie Hebert, When You Proposed - Engagement Quotes

  36. We want you to know that your loved one's memory will always be with you and all the lives they have touched. A memory like that can never be forgotten. Julie Hebert  - Condolence Messages

  37. Now is the time for you to enjoy your days, we give thanks for the memories.
  38. Now is the time for you to enjoy your days, we give thanks for the memories. Julie Hebert, Days of Service - Retirement Poems For A Teacher

  39. The best way to honor someone who has passed away is to carry on their legacy, share their stories, and cherish their memories. Author Unknown - Quotes About Grief

  40. The memories made between Dad and me - countless laughs were shared, perfectly just me and he. C. A. Lynch, My Dad Is The Best - Dad Poems From Son

  41. I am grateful for the years we had even the times where you made me mad, the laughter and the memories I'll treasure - no one will ever measure. C. A. Lynch, Miss You Dad - Funeral Poems For Dad

  42. Don't make this Christmas a ritual, make new memories this year to add to all the great traditions you already have. Julie Hebert

  43. Life gives us so many memories which we will cherish in years to come. C. A. Lynch - Poems On Life

  44. Santa Claus may only come once a year, but the memories of his generosity and kindness stay with us for a lifetime. C. A. Lynch - Quotes About Santa Claus

  45. Grandpas are like a piece of string tied around your finger, a reminder of all the love and memories that come with age. Author Unknown - Grandfather Quotes

  46. His presence made our hearts so full - cherished memories to always recall C. A. Lynch, How He'll Be Missed - Funeral Poems For Grandpa

  47. Trying times are what we are in store for those who are mourning. But with some time and comfort, those times will turn into good memories. It just takes some time for our head to clear and our eyes to open so we are able to see we are mourning over someone who brought us much joy. Samatha C. Ringle - Sympathy Quotes

  48. Memories are eternal and each time you create a happy memory you are filling your memory bank with wondering moments of your lives together. Wishes for you to keep making those memories! Julie Hebert - Wedding Anniversary Wishes

  49. Memories of days gone past - oh I wish they would last but the years have rolled on by Samatha C. Ringle, Rolled On By  - Funny Birthday Poems For Sister

  50. With age memories start to go and slip away, but, we can still celebrate with a happy day!
  51. With age memories start to go and slip away, but, we can still celebrate with a happy day! Julie Hebert, Memory Slips - Funny Birthday Poems

  52. Your spirit lives on deep in our hearts, cherished memories will not ever part. You�ve left us some wisdom to remember and share C. A. Lynch, An Angel - Funeral Poems For Mother

  53. Happy memories from my childhood, flood me day by day. Julie Hebert, A Daddy's Love -Fathers Day Poems

  54. Memories are like a box of nostalgic treats; when you open it, you get a rush of joy and smiles. Julie Hebert

  55. Memories are like a time capsule that take us back to the past, and share them with those in the present. Julie Hebert

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