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Let these worry quotes remind you that worry has no purpose, it poses no solutions, it is truly draining. Worry never solved a problem, it never helps to overcome obstacles, it only creates stress and truly is not helpful. The next time you find yourself worrying read these quotes and reflect on the words of these wise people.

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  1. There will be times when you've come as far as you can, when your heart is broken open and you see no way through. When those moments present themselves to you, sit quietly, courageously feel what you feel, and then, and only then, let go - as gracefully as you can. Cyndie Spiegel, A Year of Positive Thinking
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  2. ...for Christians, peace is possible and worry-free living is within reach. In fact, for believers in Jesus Christ, peace should be the normal condition in which we live our daily lives. Joyce Meyer, Worry-Free Living

  3. Worry predictions arent based on whats likely to happen. They're based on what would be terrible if it did happen. They're not based on probability -they're based on fear. David Carbonell, The Worry Trick

  4. I have learned how to stop worrying about so many things and this has freed my mind to get about the business of living and creating the life I want, rather than worrying about the life I do not want. Bruce Van Horn, Worry No More!
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  5. Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its trials, but it often empties today of its triumphs. Worrying accomplishes nothing. O.S. Hawkins

  6. I used to worry but I gave it away. I gave it to someone who is able to look after and resolve each problem big or small. I gave it to God. Julie Butler

  7. There are two days about which nobody should ever worry, and these are yesterday and to-morrow.
  8. There are two days about which nobody should ever worry, and these are yesterday and to-morrow. Robert J. Burdette
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  9. Worrying may be a natural emotion that all human beings experience, but as with everything else, too much worrying can be bad for your mental and physical state. Dr. David Lee, The Worry Cure

  10. I only worry about things that I can't fix. The good news is that I don't have to worry about these things anymore because I know they really don't need to be fixed. B. R. Clement

  11. You don't have to control thoughts. You have to stop letting them control you. Dan Millman

  12. The best time to help an anxious person is during childhood. Allison Edwards, Why Smart Kids Worry

  13. It might seem counterintuitive, but focusing less on getting rid of anxiety and more on ways to engage in behaviour we value can have the surprising yet welcome effect of making anxiety less of an obstacle. Joel Minden, Show Your Anxiety Who's Boss

  14. Stop worrying about things that you have no control over and concentrate on things where you do have control.
  15. Claim your life. Stop worrying about things that you have no control over and concentrate on things where you do have control. Samatha C. Ringle
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  16. Worry has never accomplished one thing; it has never grown another hair on your head; it has never brought you peace so it is time to recognize that worry should be cast to the furthest corner of your mind so that you can experience each moment of life as it comes. After all, you can't change anything through a worrying vision. Theodore W. Higgingsworth

  17. Positive thinking leads to positive outcomes. Study after study proves this. Researchers have found that optimistic people live longer, live healthier, have more energy, have more successful careers, make better decisions, are more productive, are less stressed, have healthier relationships, and (not surprisingly) are much happier than pessimists. Darrin Donnelly, Relentless Optimism
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  18. You are the only one whose action can lead to anxiousness, meaning no oneand nothing -can make you anxious...You and you alone are 100 percent in control of your anxiety. You are the only person who can activate anxiety within you. Bruce Wilkinson, Prayers for Freedom over Worry and Anxiety

  19. As a consequence of thinking negative thoughts, you feel angry, hostile, frustrated, distressed, anxious, and depressed, emotions that will lead you to respond with negative and destructive behaviors. Noelle C Nelson, The Power of Appreciation

  20. All the perceived barriers in your life are (mostly) imaginary.
  21. All the perceived barriers in your life are (mostly) imaginary. Ayodeji Awosika, Real Help
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  22. By learning how to come alongside your kids rather than at them, you'll discover you can avoid the power struggles that sometimes make interactions with your children and teens feel like dramatic courtroom battles in which each of you is arguing your case like a high-powered lawyer. Susan Stiffelman, Parenting Without Power Struggles

  23. Our fears are like chains around our hearts - they paralyze, entrap, and enslave us. But Jesus Christ holds the key that can unlock and banish all your fears. He's able to do this because His love is more powerful than your fears. It's His plan to teach, encourage, and transform you into a person who trusts Him - even in the face of your deepest worries and anxieties. Elyse M. Fitzpatrick, Overcoming Fear, Worry, and Anxiety

  24. Fear and discouragement set someone below from achieving what he or she is supposed to achieve in life. Mike C Boniface, Overcome Your Fear and Discouragement
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  25. Experience is the determination of realistic anxiety. If you haven't experienced an issue or problem, there is no rational mindset that equates with the emotion of worrying about something that hasn't occurred. Tom S. Gold

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