37 Quotes About Expectations

In every aspect of our life journey, we all have expectations. Let these quotes about expectations give you some thoughts on how to manage your expectations of life and of people! You may also be encouraged by our collection of poems about expectations.

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  1. We all have expectations of what a marriage should be, full of surprises, not tied down, but still feeling free. Julie Hebert, Expectations Of A Marriage - What Is Marriage Poems

  2. The best birthday gift you can give yourself is to let go of any expectations and simply enjoy the moment. Amy E. A. Inder  - Birthday Poems

  3. Expectations ruin the pleasures of life. To overcome every bad and appreciate every good, consider every day your last and take no one for granted. Nael Gharzeddine - Poems About Today

  4. I am so excited for these retirement days, the change and possibilities ignite my soul's blaze. C. A. Lynch, Change Takes Its Course - Retirement Poems

  5. There was a simpler time when giving was less the point. The importance was placed on one another, with fewer ways to disappoint. Expectations were lost in laughter, and gifts were bought for fun. Julie Hebert, Simple Times - Poems About Giving

  6. the basic assumption of hope is in the expectation of better things
  7. Whatever meaning or emotional-shape the word hope takes on for you, the basic assumption of hope is in the expectation of better things R. L. Adams, Have a Little Hope - Poems That Inspire

  8. Focus on the good and strive for the best, seize the day and leave regret at rest. C. A. Lynch, Seize The Day - Encouraging Poems

  9. You nurture and encourage with a firm but caring hand. C. A. Lynch, A Debt of Gratitude - Thank You Poems

  10. Go into this with a plan to not ever take each other for granted. Many go into a marriage, expecting a life that is enchanted. Julie Hebert, Together You Will Not Fail - Poems For Wedding Reading

  11. And now, Lord, for what do I expectantly wait? My hope [my confident expectation] is in You. Psalm 39:7 (AMP) - Christian Poems

  12. I wish you a life, with a happy wife, and a husband who is free from despair. May this union be all you expect it to be, with a little bit of extra flare. Julie Hebert, This Big Day - Wedding Day Poems

  13. Let determination be the strength we shall find, to get around what comes from behind C. A. Lynch, Success Is Sweet - Poems About Success

  14. Be the person you would like to have, on the other side. You can�t expect to get what you want, if you act worse than your husband or bride. Julie Hebert, Love and Support - Advice For A Marriage

  15. As a child, I started to expect certain things, from a daddy, I loved very much. No matter the cost, you never let me down. with your gentle and loving touch. Julie Hebert, A Daddy's Love - Fathers Day Poems

  16. Good friends don't have expectations of one another, they simply appreciate each other as they are. C. A. Lynch - Poems About Friends

  17. Hope is an action word that is all about expectation. When you hope for something, you have an expectation that it will be delivered to you. Charisma House, Everlasting Hope - Inspirational Hope Quotes

  18. Writers often torture themselves trying to get the words right. Sometimes you must lower your expectations and just finish it. Don Roff - Wisdom Poems

  19. Tell yourself often: I am going to tackle my aspirations head on with the passion and dedication necessary to exceed even my expectations. Lorii Myers, No Excuses - Positive Poems

  20. Shame forces us to put so much value on what other people think that we lose ourselves in the process of trying to meet everyone else�s expectations. Brene Brown, I Thought It Was Just Me - Worry Poems

  21. For hope is born in moments of trouble - if you lose hope, your troubles could double. Optimism can fuel your expectations it can help you move forward with preparations. Julie Hebert, Hope Awaits - Poems About Hope

  22. Unrealistic expectations often lead to disappointment, while simple unbiased attention and detachment to outcome often lead to pleasant surprises. Gary Hopkins - Quotes To Make You Think

  23. Endurance. It�s what you and I both need to keep moving forward in this life. Against all odds. Against all opposition. Against all setbacks, disappointments, and disillusionments. When nothing turns out like we expect. Christine Caine, Resilient Hope - Poems On Life

  24. To halve the number of times that other people hurt you: halve the number of expectations that you have from other people.
  25. To halve the number of times that other people hurt you: halve the number of expectations that you have from other people. Mokokoma Mokhonoana - Quotes about Life Struggles

  26. Some people try to have faith, but they have no hope. They don�t have a positive expectation that something good is going to happen to them because of God�s great goodness. Joyce Meyer, Get Your Hopes Up! - Poems About God

  27. Perseverance is the tenacity that refuses to accept defeat as the final outcome. Author Unknown - Perseverance Quotes

  28. In the middle of the week, let go of the pressure of meeting others' expectations. Focus on being true to yourself and finding contentment in the journey. Author Unknown - Wednesday Quotes

  29. My greatest expectation is that I expect more of myself than anyone could expect. Ryan Lilly - Quotes That Inspire

  30. Expectation is a seed of success; nurture it with dedication and hard work. C. A. Lynch - Poems About Success

  31. History suggests that Jesus may be the greatest practitioner of positive expectation that the world has ever known. By his words and deeds, he seems to have personified the powerful force of faith. Ed Roames, Positive Expectations - Quotes About Faith

  32. ....we can clearly say that at each stage of human life one thing is common and that is Expectations and our expectations can either have a positive or a negative outcome. Mohini Nagpal, Expectation vs Reality - Positive Quotes

  33. Disappointment doesn't stem from expectations. It stems from unrealistic or unreasonable expectations.
  34. Disappointment doesn't stem from expectations. It stems from unrealistic or unreasonable expectations. Sue Fitzmaurice - Quotes To Inspire Students

  35. The right to education should be protected, preserved and cultivated. David Sikhosana - Quotes About Education

  36. Expectations inherently �takes� for granted, while Appreciation inherently �gives� praise. Brian Maddox - Appreciation Quotes

  37. Trusting God means living with a spirit of expectancy, knowing that He is always at work in our lives. T.D. Jakes - Trust God Quotes

  38. A wish is a seed planted in the soul, waiting for the sun and rain to make it grow. Author Unknown - Quotes About Wishes

  39. Remember, low expectations trap you in mediocrity; high expectations motivate and propel you to move forward in life. Joel Osteen, Your Best Life Begins Each Morning - Monday Quotes

  40. Serving with love, a kind heart, and without expectations is happiness. Debasish Mridha - Happy Poems

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