Say Goodbye To Your Work Family

Having to say goodbye to people you've come to know and love is probably one of the hardest parts about retirement. This poem allows work families to say their goodbyes and congratulations to their now retired coworker in a comical way.

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Our lives are filled with wondrous gifts,
Many events that make us who we are.
Graduations, weddings all the way to retirement we go.
Enjoying every moment as a superstar.

But I think we all love when retirement comes,
And we can relax more than ever before.
no more alarms, meetings, or getting ready for work,
You can do whatever you want and more.

So best wishes to you from all of us here,
Who are envious of you more than ever.
Hard to believe things are going to change,
This work family is going to be severed.

But we know deep down in our hearts,
That you'll always be a part of us.
You'll use this time wisely with no waste at all,
If you do we will most likely make a fuss.

Why you ask would we make a fuss,
When it's your retirement come true.
Well, you see it'll be a while before we can retire,
We will be living vicariously through you!
Julie Hebert

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